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A Few Thoughts & Warnings about joining the World of Gun Ownership

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*****Trigger warning – An Adult Conversation below!*****

So you are thinking of buying a gun(s) huh? Well good for you! I have had a lot of fun and enjoyment from it for the past 40 odd years. I hope that you have the same great experiences as I have had.

 Okay we got that part done with. Time now to move on. Now like any other human activity. Owning or just wanting to learn about shooting is a mix bag of things and issues. Both good, bad and indifferent.
  So here goes. When one learns how to handle themselves with the use of arms. It will change you in some ways.
   Because after you have learned the basics of how to safely use and operate a firearm.
  You have just taken a huge big step. In that from now until you step into the Rest Home for Old Farts. You have now become a citizen in the truest meaning of the word.
  For example. In Ancient Greece and during Republican Rome. Only those who knew how to fight were deemed worthy of citizenship. While some may consider this a a very hard nose view today. It still holds water today in my humble opinion.
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  Because sadly. I believe that man has not really changed that much. That is why, we have some really tough and scary folks out there on the public payroll.
Who are always out there training & planning to do some horrible things to other folks. If need be.Image result for rough men guarding so that others may sleep at night
  I also like the idea. That of instead of the people being afraid of the Government. In this country, The Government is slightly afraid of us. Maybe this is why it is always looking for ways to limit our right to bear Arms?
  Next when one gains this knowledge and their level of skill increases. It also imposes a discipline and ethical burden upon you. Since now you literally have the power of deciding life and death or serious injury upon yourself, others and property.
  This is some very serious stuff to think about. So before you start down this road . One needs to have a very tough & realistic discussion with yourself on this very issue.
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  Because God forbid if you have to fire one off in dead earnest. Somebody or something can and probably is going to get seriously hurt.
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  Or killed. You know that thing where you do not get up again ever. Where also you find out if there really is a God or not.
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  Also if you have kids that you come into regular contact with. You know those little folks. You will have to take that into consideration. Since they can & will do dumb things all the time.
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  Obviously somebody did not train this kid up right. But more importantly you did not secure that pistol properly.
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  You also will run a good chance of going to jail. “NO SHIT” as my Old Drill Sgt. would say at Ft. Dix. “So think real hard on this one Rookie.”
  Okay now if I have not scared you off yet. Or you have finally left your safe place. Here is something else to think about.
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  Most guns in America will never shoot anybody in your lifetime. barring the collapse of American Civilization. (Sorry Preppers / Survivalist, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen soon!)
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   By this what I am trying to say. Is just think for a minute about it. Related image
  Now let us assume. That there is say about 90 million guns in the USA that actually work. From this then lets us say this. If they killed just one person each. Related image
  Then that would be more than the combined Honored Dead of all of our various wars, Car Accidents and other forms of death in this country. So all I have to say is “Really”?
  All right let us proceed from this to other things about the shooting world.Related image

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