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The Fine & almost lost Art of Pistol Whipping

 (By the by this article is for entertainment purposes only)
Inline image 1Almost of this stuff by the way is Illegal in most areas by the  way!
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Let us imagine the following situation. You have entered into a vigorous discussion that has slightly degenerated into a Gun fight and you have just run out of ammo.
 At this point your fellow debater is coming at you to close the argument.Related image
What to do at this key period of your life?
  Now a lot of folks will just give up or try and run away. Which most of the times, running away is a sound idea.Image result for coward running away
But on the other hand if your ex friend has ammo still on them.Your back will make for an excellent & large target for them.
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  Or on the other hand if you can not do either of these tactical options. Then its time to find out what you are made of.
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  Now just because you have run out of ammo does not mean that you are unarmed. Since you still have your gun. Which can still hurt somebody pretty badly.
If you know how that is.
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  The key elements is to keep your head focused and on your primary mission. I.E. Be able to get home safe.Image result for stay calm and carry on
  Now if you decide to go down this road, There are some things that you will have to practice a bit.Image result for pistol whipping
Since I have found that muscle memory and proper training will help save your butt in a situation like this.Image result for butt strokes
  All  forms of pistol whipping consists of the following.Image result for butt strokes
Swings, thrusts & hammering.
 Swings – just like a sword or a knife. This move can make somebody move out of your way. Or if you can hit something important. Think, eyes, chin, collarbone, genitals. Hit any of those hard enough. Most Folks will then rethink their position on this debate.Image result for longsword warrior art
Just try to swing up and not down if you can help it. As a downward swing can be blocked by a quick witted personImage result for hold a two handed sword
Thrusts – This is when you take your gun and put a lot of your weight behind it. Pushing it towards your friends sternum, genitals or what ever is available at the moment.Image result for thrusting  a sword
Hammer – This is a really self explanatory phrase. In that you basically take the butt of your pistol and bring it down with as much force as you can muster.Image result for hitting with the pommel of the sword
Bottom line – If you have to do such a thing. Remember this, You are not pussy footing around any more at this stage of your life. As things have really & seriously escalated out of complete control.
  So if you launch such an attack. Go whole hog and with all of your rage. Otherwise you will lose and lose big.
Last piece of advice – If you survive this incident. get the hell out of there and get to a place of safety. Then calm down, get a good lawyer and have them handle the clean up.Image result for boston legal
  As you are probably going to jail for a while. Even if its completely justified. Image result for jail
Remember this also when in Jail. SHUT UP & TALK TO NO NONE EXCEPT YOUR LAWYER!
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 Another tool of the trade which is a good thing to have on you
Dummy cords – As it is real easy to lose possession of your weapon in a brawl. Especially if your basic bad guys gets a hold of  it. You can hopefully yank it out of their hands.
Dummy cords usually come either as factory made or field expedite. They are also very cheap and a very good health insurance to have.
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  Now below is a couple of u Tubes that do not seem too far away from the the truth. You might want to peruse them if you have time.
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