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M30 Luftwaffe drilling

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Say what you will about Old Fat Hermann Goering & he deserves every bit of it!
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Rest in Hell old boy!
He did try and take care of his pilots. But as you can guess due to its cost and wartime shortages. Not too many of these excellent guns were issued out to the Grunts.
Most of them becoming booty that was brought home by the GI’s & Tommy’s of WWII.
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M30 Luftwaffe Drilling[1]
Type Combination rifle/shotgun
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Service history
Wars World War II
Production history
Manufacturer Sauer & Sohn
Produced 1941–1942
No. built 2,456
Weight 7.5 pounds
Length 42″
Barrel length 25.625″

Cartridge 9.3x74mmR12 Gauge[2]
Barrels 3
Action Blitz lock system
Feed system Manually loaded
Sights Fixed

The M30 Luftwaffe drilling (“triple”) was a survival weapon issued to Luftwaffe pilots during World War II. It was intended to be used in the event that a pilot was shot down, for defense and for hunting game to stay alive until rescue.
For maximum versatility the M30 featured two 12 gauge shotgun barrels, and a 9.3x74mmR rifle barrel. They were manufactured by the German firm JP Sauer.

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