FN Issues Recall on M249S Rifles

The 5.56 M249S from FN America is a semi-auto version of the battle-proven M249 SAW light machine gun.

FN America announced Friday the mandatory recall of its M249S rifles, both the standard and PARA configurations.
“A recently identified design issue within the hammer group of the rifle may adversely affect the rifle’s reliability,” stated the Virginia-based company in a press release.
“Under certain circumstances, a reset failure within the hammer group may cause the M249S to cease to function, causing an unsafe firing event,” it continued.
Not all rifles are affected by the recall.  FN urges purchasers to visit the FN M249S Safety Recall webpage and input the serial number on their rifle to determine if it is subject to the safety recall.

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If the rifle does have the issue, FN will replace the hammer group at no cost.
FN told customers, “Please do not ship any affected product to FN until a FedEx label has been generated and sent. If the firearm is not affected, a message stating such will be displayed. In the interim, FN asks that customers not operate their FN M249S standard or PARA until the hammer group has been replaced.”
The company urges purchasers to be patient with the process.  But it will work to fix and return the rifles back to customers within 30 days of receipt.
If you have questions about the recall or need assistance, contact the FN M249S Recall Support team at 1-800-635-1321, extension 145. Or by email at . Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

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