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Some of the Art of the Wars of the British Empire

Something interest that I would found out/ Was the fact that most British Army Officers were encouraged & taught how to draw. I think that they could then draw up maps and other things. Like the above and the War that the British had in the Sudan.
Now I will be amongst the first to admit that the Old Empire was not perfect. But all in all. I think that it helped the 3rd World more than it would like to admit.
Anyways, here is some of their better art for you to ponder upon. I myself can not imagine fighting in some of those Uniforms that Tommy Atkins had to wear.
Bunker Hill 1775 American RevolutionRelated image
The Battle of Quatre Bras & Waterloo 1815 Napoleonic  WarsImage result for An Australian scout by W.B.Wollen
Image result for The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras
The Last Stand at Isandlhula (Zulu War 1879)Image result for war art of the british empire
Last Stand of 44th Regiment near KabulImage result for Last Stand of 44th Regiment near Kabul
Remnants Of An Army by Lady Butler (1st Afghan War)Image result for war art of the british empire
Roll Call (Crimean War)
Roukes Drift (Zulu War)Image result for battle of rorke's drift
Storming the Heights 2nd Afghan War
Battle of Abu Klea 1898 Sudan
There will be some more later on!
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