Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom Well I thought it was funny!

Stuff they never taught me in my 5th Year (Student Teaching)

Now I do not know how it was for any of my Fellow Teachers out there. But My 5th year as Student teacher was a very bad joke.
How to Handle an Angry Customer
In that I went thru ***** University Masters Program for Education. Where the only things that I really learned really well.
A. Was how to write out some really big checks to them.
B. That Education Degrees are a joke.
(My undergrad GPA was a 2.75 & then all of a sudden. I had a GPA of 3.5 for grad school)Image result for animal house bluto
But that is for small minds to ponder upon.
Now for the really great part!
So I somehow made it thru the complex maze of Classes that I had to go thru after working a full time as a Substitute Teacher at Juvenile Hall.
I went and saw my Academic Advisor.Image result for academic advisor meme
Who then told me that I could not do my Student teaching at Juvenile Hall. But instead go over and teach at her Husband the Principal’s School for FREE!
Image result for student teaching for free memes
Needless to say, I was a very happy camper about that one. So after a lot of crying, screaming and other unprofessional things and incidents. Off I went to Hubbys School.
Where I met my Mentor Teacher “Mr. B**E. Where upon he showed me the classroom and then disappeared for the next 5 weeks.
Image result for empty classroom memes
So what does one do? Well I took roll and put the kids to work. For the next 5 weeks.
Until the day the Principal showed up and asked “Who the Hell are you?”. I then asked “Who the hell are you”back.
Image result for who the hell are you? memes
After that somewhat lengthy verbal counseling session given to me was finished. My Mentor Teacher for some reason came back ASAP. Then the good times showed up. (Not really)Image result for not so good times roll memes
Bottom line – I still do not know why “they” let me into a classroom. But I guess that I fooled them all. Maybe I should’ve gone to Truck Driving School instead! NAH!Image result for teachers pension memes
Here are some memes that might or might not help you in the “Most noble of Professions”.
Image result for student teaching memes ____________________________________
Image result for teacher grading papers memes
You will be amazed on how many trees / lined paper an average Teacher will go through!Image result for wasted forest
Image result for teacher grading  memes
IEP’s the world’s greatest waste of time!
Inline image 1
Most Teachers are frustrated artists
Image result for art teacher  meme funny
I never had that problem in Juvenile Hall Court Schools
Inline image 1
But all Teachers have this one.
Inline image 1
Especially with really boring subjects!
Related image
I myself have been called Dad though!
Image result for teacher demotivational memes
One of the things that was really hard for me to accept. Was the fact there are a few folks who just do not want to learn!
Image result for lazy students
Been there & said that!
Image result for crazy teacher
They actually believe that we will buy this!
Inline image 1
This one actually worked for me!Inline image 1

Every day, all the day for me!
Inline image 2
Especially in today’s world, this is was a problem for me!Image result for teacher i don t want to go back to school
I still have Flashbacks even after several years of retirement!
Image result for school administrative district humor
The Black Hole of Education is when:

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