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The case for pistol & rifle combos shooting the same rounds

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Now for some folks out there right now. I am willing to bet that they have either thought about this idea or better yet. Gone forth and set themselves up with such a rig.
Frankly I am having a very hard time coming up with any really good ideas to argue against such thinking. But here goes.
The major issue that I can come up with is this. If you are one of those Brave, Hardy (Crazy folks) that live near the Arctic Circle. Like say near Churchill Canada.
Image result for polar bears in churchill
I am sure that 357 Magnum combo of yours is going to do a great job. (In making that very hungry bear extremely pissed off at you.)
I am also sure that Junior here is also going to need his diapers changed soon.Image result for polar bear eats person
But for the rest of us. This makes a lot of sense. As you will get a lot more shooting in with your toys. Especially since Pistol ammo is a LOT cheaper for the most parts than Rifle ammo.
Just look at the long term price of 22LR versus 308 Blue line versus Purple Line below
Image result for prices between 22lr vs 308
Which means more and cheaper shooting practice. With increased overall shooting skills increasing. Hmmm!
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