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One of the Better War Movies out on DVD -Fury

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Now generally I am with most Veterans. In that when we watch a war Movie. We usually criticize the Hell out of it. For all the Mistakes that Hollywood always seems to make.
Like how they is always some gentle & tormented soul that should not be in the Service. I never saw one did you?Image result for Fury film
Or my all time favorite. How the typical squad is always has fighting between themselves. Yeah there is some grumbling and grab ass / horsing around during downtime.
But really not that much of it happens.  Most of the time you are just too busy for that stuff.
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Especially if you have a hard ass Squad Leader & or a Platoon Sgt. (All of the Platoon Sergeants that I have seen are some REALLY Tough Mothers by the way)
Anyways here is a little taste of the Film and the story of the Tankers in WWII ETO. Enjoy!

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