N.S.F.W. Well I thought it was funny!

What the Fashion Conscious 3rd World Soldier is wearing today!

***Trigger Warning to the Max!***

*** Some really offensive material is coming up!****

Now I am willing to bet that this will highly urinate off a few folks. If so. Well I am almost sorry! But for the rest of the world enjoy!
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Notice the very comfortable Tank Top. Which makes it easy to blend into the crowd after shooting up the area.

“Who Me? No I love The American / UN/ Anybody else’s Army!”

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Now this youngster is obviously well prepared in case it snows in his area of operations.
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This brave lad is obvious not very happy about his Squad mates idea of a little humor. Or about their shortage of KY or any other kind of personal / intimate lubricates.
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Don’t you just hate it. When your Squad leader dings you on a Uniform Infraction?
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Now this upstanding Soldier has it down to the max! As he knows that if you are going into combat. Then you might as well have a sartorial clash! Pity that you can not see the wonderful set of pearls.

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