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Another Fine Gun shop to see if you are in Glendale California (The People's Republic of ) American Gun Works

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Address1837 W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 10AM–4PM

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Now I have been trekking over to this Excellent Gun Shop for more years than I want to admit & for some very Simple Reasons.
So here they are!
1. They have the right idea about customer service.
2. They have always been squared away and VERY HONEST with me.
3. They do not have the Virus of a Shitty Attitude that most Gun Shops sadly suffer from.
(We all have our own Personal War Stories on that issue!)
4. They have an excellent & changing inventory of guns at reasonable prices. Plus a good stock of the various calibers of ammo for sale.
5. They have a really good Gun repair program. Willie is a Maestro of  fixing our mistakes.
6. It usually is a very pleasant experience for me and more importantly for my wife. Thanks Laura!
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Here is some more information about this Model of a Great Gunshop!
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