What I consider a REALLY Bad Idea Rant!

Now besides the obvious sexism of the Picture below. It also does not make me a happy camper. Since it could give some not too bright folks. A lot of really dumb / potently tragic ideas about handling a gun.
Inline image 1
Or this one! Especially since Col. Mikhail Kalashnikov should know better than to have his finger on the Trigger!Related image
or how about this one! I am sure that Handgun Control will have this one on their Website soon!
Image result for horrible ways of handling a gun
Or Do not get me going on these Videos games! Talk about desensitizing folks about violence.
Image result for horrible ways of handling a gun
If you have any other pictures about dumb gun stuff / stunts. Please forward them to me and I will share them!
Thanks Grumpy!
(I feel better now)
Image result for really ugly old man smiling

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