Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Some things that I learned about Teaching

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Now that I have finally escaped & gotten my Pension. Here is a few things that I have observed about the Job.

  1. It is one of the toughest jobs that you will love & hate at the same time.
  2. There is no magic tricks to make it easier!
  3. There are may folks getting paid to be a teacher. But there are actually very few of us.
  4. The Kids stay the same. You however get older every year.
  5. The Administrator is not your friend
  6. There is a lot more to the job than most folks think there is.
  7. We get blamed for all of Society’s problems
  8. A lot of us have a SECOND Job so that we can pay our bills.
  9. A lot of us die soon after retiring
  10. You need to have the Patience of Job, The toughness of a Drill Sgt and the sense of humor of Robin Williams.
  11. The clock starts to go backward near final class time
  12. You will always not have enough work for the kids to do! For the last 20 minutes of class.
  13. Your Supervisor will always show up when your class is at its worst.
  14. A Real Veteran Teacher knows when the next School Holiday is coming.
  15. Sadly quite often you are the only Responsible Adult that your students know.
  16. You will know that you are doing a good job. When one of your students ask for your advice on something outside of School time.
  17.  You will know also that you are doing a good job. When your classroom is not trashed but other teachers rooms are.
  18. You will see some really wonderful stuff and some other things that will burn your soul.

But the last thing that I shall leave with you on this subject. Was the biggest surprise to this Cynical and very Skeptical Old Fart of a Teacher.
Was that now that I am retired is that I kinda miss my Thugs. Crazy huh?

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