Well I thought it was funny!

My Addiction

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“Hi my name is Grumpy & I am a gun addict. Hi Grumpy! “I also have not thought about a gun now for almost 20 seconds! Way to go Grumpy! Get the man a coin!”
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(Sorry AA!)
So there you are running around minding your own business. Then it happens! All of a sudden you are in a Gun shop.

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  I think that it is some sort of time / space warp that happens to us gun lovers.
(Yeah, My Wonderful Wife doesn’t buy it either!)

  Anyways this is my story, so here goes!
  So you decide to look around the local gun emporium. Mind you, you are not really in the market for another gun.
(I believe that one as much as I think Jimmy Hoffa* is going to show up soon)
  I mean the kid needs to eat, The wife needs to see the dentist. etc etc. The usual noise of being an adult here in the greatest country in the Universe.
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  But then you hear that little voice, “Hey you! Oh no! Not you, you say!
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Come on over and look at me! Save me from that other jerk who wants to abuse me!”
  Now all Gun Lovers have heard that voice right? Or maybe I forgot to take my pills again today.
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  Anyways, you see an interesting gun. Whom that Evil Gun Shop Owner knows that you want so bad. Who has also laid out that clever financial trap of pricing it just within reach of your gun allowance.
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(Not this guy! I am just using the picture. So sorry about that!)
  Now I admit that I have a problem. I have too many guns & I need more of them. As my Best Principal once told me.
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                             (I wish I had this many!)
  But it could be worse. Guys, remember that those Hounds of our youth. Those so called men. Who having seen any kind of woman. All they can think of is bedding her, Until the next one?
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  Or the drug addict. Who lives just for the next fix? or other folks like them. Etc etc.
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  Well one of my many failings is gun collecting. But at least I can rationalize it by saying its an investment.
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  Actually I have not lost too much cash from my trading & selling of guns over the years. To tell the God’s honest truth.
  But to be really honest I do not want to be cured. I am just having way too much fun!
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* For the Young Folks out there who do not know who Hoffa was.
James Riddle Hoffa was an American labor union leader who served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union from 1958 until 1971. He vanished in late July 1975, at age 62. Wikipedia
BornFebruary 14, 1913, Brazil, IN
DiedJuly 30, 1982, Bloomfield Township, MI
Full nameJames Riddle Hoffa
SpouseJosephine Poszywak (m. 1936–1982)

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