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Sir Winston Churchill's Guns

Now a lot of folks think that Churchill was just a Politician. Who stood up to Hitler in Democracies Gravest Hour. Which is true enough.
But there is a lot more to the man than just that. He was a Profession Soldier of the British Army . Also like most folks of his class, He was a avid shooter. So I hope that you like this stroll down memory lane.
his Most Famous Gun Portrait
Inline image 1
here are a few others from his earlier life.
Inline image 2
here he is trying out the New M1 Carbine with Ike and the rest of the high brass.
Inline image 3
and other toys
Inline image 4
The Sten gun
Inline image 5
Crossing the Rhine with Ma Deuce
Inline image 6
His personal shotguns
The Boer war with his broomhandle MauserInline image 9
Out Grouse ShootingInline image 11
African RhinoInline image 12

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