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What to look for in a Gun Range

Now for some of folks trapped out here in the Peoples Republic of California like me. One has to make due with what they have.
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 Fortunately for me there are a couple of not too bad ranges. But there are some real losers also that I shun as much as I can.
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  But as usual I am going out on another tangent. So let us get back to the point of this article.
My Check List of what to look for in a Shooting Range
  The first thing is that I look for is to see what the condition of the Range looks like. If there is a lot of trash and the overall area looks like it has seen better days. Then I do not even get out of the car.
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  Because that tells me a lot about how this place is run. I.E. very sloppy and loose.
  Which equals in my mind a place where the chances of me being shot are way above average. Yeah I know I am a pussy! But I am willing to forgo the experience of going to the ER with a gunshot wound.
                                 *****Trigger warning *****
  Next thing I do is the following. I.E. talking to the Staff for a while. Now do not get me wrong. But I judge a person by the way they talk , walk and conduct themselves.
  If they do not seem to have their shit together or they are flaming assholes. I am leaving here asap.
  As I have  seen way too many Range Nazi’s in my life. Who go on full power trips for no reason at all in my time. As they all seem to think that they look like this. (My Apologies to all of the D.I.’s Of the USMC.)
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  But on the other hand I do not want some staff guy who is gone ROAD = Retired On Active Duty.
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  But let us move on Dear Reader!
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  Now you would think that I will start crying about the high cost of shooting at Ranges. Well my Brothers & Sisters, I think not.
  As these folks have to eat also. Plus it takes a large chunk of change to keep these places going. (The Insurance Rates alone must be huge.)
  So I do not begrudge them the couple of extra bucks for me to shoot there.
  Because it’s all the price of doing business. That and sadly shooting has always been a very expensive hobby.
  As I do not care what the Old Timers have said. Its always has been & always will be costly to own a gun.
  But enough of that. So let us endth the lesson here. I hope that you have found this useful. That & Thanks for your precious time that you spent reading this!

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