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Some of the Guns that I would like to own & shoot one day!

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If and when I win the Lottery or something. This is what I am going right out & buy. That if it is still legal to so. So here is my list of what I would buy 1st. If you have a better idea post a response below.
Ohio ordnance BAR Semi Automatic Rifle

Inline image 1
A Ruger #1  405 Win Tuned up heavy duty recoil pad & recoil system in stock with scope on it
Inline image 2
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50 BMG Barrett with a High End scope on it.                             (I would be the first on the block with this one)
Inline image 4Inline image 5
The Next couple of rifles would be the following.
Winchester 1885 High Wall (223, 220 swift, 243 win, 38-55 & a 257 Roberts)
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Inline image 7
Inline image 8
Then for the next day………

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