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Why I keep on buying Sporterized Bolt Action Rifles
Why I keep on buying Sporterized Bolt Action Rifles – You Will Shoot Your  Eye Out

    Some how it seems that I have never been really loaded down with bags of excess bags of cash. Not I am not complaining about it.
  I also really respect those folks who thru hard work and even harder thinking have done so. More power to them is all that I will say.

  So while I have a couple of Model 70 Winchester locked away. I even have a Pre -64 one too. Which I can honestly say that they are very fine rifles and always shoot true for me.
  But the majority of my rifles in the safe are either modified Mauser 98 or the modified 1903 Springfield’s Rifles . So why do you ask is this so?
  Well here goes the old fool again.
  As the Sainted Col. Townsend Whelen* said once a long time ago. “The only interesting rifle is an accurate one”.
  I also know for a fact that he owned a piss pot full of Sporterized rifles. Before he sadly passed away long ago to a well earned trip to Gun Writers Valhalla.
 Even today if one keeps a sharp eye open. It is still possible to buy a nice sporterized 1903 Springfield or Mauser 98 for under say $600 U.S.D. Sometimes even less if the Gun Gods are happy with you.
  Now try doing that with any of the modern bolt actions that are up for sale lately.
  Like for example  a Browning or say a Model anything Winchester or even a Ruger. If you do so then well done my boy & the first round is on you!
  As it seems that most of these new rifles are now being price at over $1500 or better. With no frills or whistles and with a plastic almost everything on it nowadays.
    Now since I do not know how its is in your neck of the woods. But where I come from. That is one hell of a pile of money & not a good deal for Joe six pack.
  Now this is what I have done in the past. I also hope that it can continue for me & you also.
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 As usually I have to do the following things to it for it to become a solid shooter.
1. Give it a good cleaning.
  I do not know why! But a lot of  folks never clean their guns. But then I use this against them. When I am bargaining with the seller. Yes I am shameless whore when it comes to money at times.
2. I almost always have to replace the recoil pad.
  As you can guess by now.  I am very allergic to steel butt plates for some silly reason.
3. I put in a Timney trigger in place of the original trigger system.
  It just amazes me how much of a difference this makes at the range. Bottom line it’s usually money very well spent.
4. Up grade the scope and have it bore sighted.
  This is service is usually free if I buy it at a shop. It will also save you a lot of time and ammo when you zero in.
  Now there are some good outfits that put out some fine rifle scopes. I myself am partial to BSA. But to each his own. But then I myself just cannot afford Leupold Scopes or Zeiss ones either.
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 Now if you want something a bit different. Like say another caliber.
  You can do this with a sporterized 1903, 1917 Enfield or 98 rifle. As I have either owned , shot or seen many variables of calibers in a custom rifle.
For Example – 22-250, 220 Swift, 243 Win,. 7×57, 35-06, 308, 6.5 Swede. And a lot of other calibers that I can not remember right now.
  Now if you really have some desire to build a real muscle gun. A 1917 Enfield has one of the strongest action ever made.
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  So you can rebarrel it for some mighty big calibers. If you want to go down that road.  Like the 458 Win Mag for example.
  But hopefully someone else has done the deed beforehand and now you can profit from this.
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   This is where some serious cash can be spent.In my experience I have spent a thousand dollars on one barrel redo alone.
  Should I have done it? God alone knows. But now I have a 6.5 Creedmore, a 220 Swift and a 243 Winchester that will shoot better than I ever could.
How about you?
  Well that is between you and your wallet. So I shall leave it there for you to decide.
Bottom line – If they are well taken care of. These rifles will be on the firing line for the next century or two. Since their are made of good Steel & Wood.
  They also have the Mauser extraction system built in them. So that you will never really worry about ejecting a spent cartridge.  They are also very tough and reliable.
  Plus it is a one of a kind rifle. That will get the job done and done right. If the person behind it has the right stuff!
  The only major problem might be in getting ammo for them. But that is not an insurmountable one to a motivated Americans.
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* The Good Colonel was a real Wild man in his times. My Uncle gave me his Magus Opus Book “Mr. Rifleman” to me back in Xmas 1969. I still have it and I am still learning things from him and it.
  Which probably means two things . I am not too bright and two it’s one hell of a book.
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