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Trigger warning! Some Serious Bragging coming up!

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     About 10 years ago. My wife up and told me that we were going on a tour of Israel. Okay says I and off we went.
  To say that it was a trip and a half would be an out right lie. It was easily one of the best vacations that I ever took in my life period.
Now after taking one of the longest flights ever in my life. With a lay over at the Paris Airport. (Where I was very careful to not make any Frog Jokes. The Wife was impressed by my self control for once.)
  We got there in the middle of night at the Tel Aviv Airport. Now I was expecting a very serious hassle to get into the place. Instead all we got was having your passport stamped and out the door to the Cab.
  On the other hand, getting out of the country can be a real experience. As they take their security real seriously. It took us 2 plus hours just to get on the plane home.
  Now I am not going to give the usual blah blah about the place. Or go into the incredibly complex political problems.
  But instead here is what I saw as a Gun Lover.
  In that it seemed to me. That everyone had a gun on them. It was like here with us & our Cell Phones. That and the large variety of weapons carried around was huge.
  From standard issue Gali Assault Rifles, a whole lot of M-16′ s, a M-1 carbine at Masada, To a Browning Hi Power, a whole lot of Berettas and even a Glock or two.
  But strangely enough I never did see an UZI Submachine Gun while there. Go figure!
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  The other thing was the total acceptance by society of having folks carrying guns. But then Israel is still kind of a Frontier Society. Because it is located in a very tough neighborhood.
   Some other things I like to share with you. Since almost every one was really nice to me & the Wife.
   Since I pretend to  being a “Veteran”. (I still wear a high & tight) The locals once they knew this were very friendly to me. As almost everyone there is drafted into the Army after High School for a couple of years. Even the women!
  The also asked a lot of questions about the US Army. So it was a real ice breaker. Since we were able to have a common experience to share. Then things could branch out from there.
  Also the Israelis that I met were a lot of fun to be around. They are not as hard nosed as some folks believe. They can even be some real jokers at times. Once they know you.
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  But when push come to shove they can be as hard as nails. Which can happen in a New York second.
  Another couple of hints if you go. As an American you can join the Israeli Defense Force. A lot of folks have & I have not heard anything bad about it either.
    Also do not go there like we did during the Summer time. It’s like the Hottest & most Humid place. I have been to outside of Mississippi. You just have to feel it to believe it.
  Also do not order a Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich for obvious reasons. But they do have some great beers there. They even have Coronas Beer.
  The food is pretty good too. The only strange thing is that you can have a salad for breakfast there. (There are a lot of vegetarians there)
Again go figure but it’s their country!
Here is some stuff that helps you get a feel for the Gun Culture of the Place.
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I am willing to bet that is one Teacher who has no discipline Problems with her Class
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You will see this a lot over there!
As a lot of the kids are on leave and the Army encourages them to take their guns with them.
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This place has some of the best beaches that I have ever seen by the way. As they also have some great views!
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Bottom line about this place.
I would go back again. But not during the Hot Season.
Hopefully I will be able to soon.