The Winchester 30-30

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  I have to make an confession here. In that this is my first rifle that I “bought” with my Dad. What that means in Queens English is this. I was not even a teenager. When my Dad told me to give him my weeks allowance.
  Which was about 4 or 5 bucks back then. He then told me to get in the car. Were upon we went down to the Local Sears Roebuck Store. Where he up and bought us a Winchester 94 in 30-30.
  Yeah I know this was back in the Dark Ages. (Circa 1965 I think) When honest citizens could do such things. Lord how I miss that! But that is just the way it is now a days.
 Here is what some of you younger folks missed below.
                             ****FAIR WARNING ***
Now some of you folks should not look at the prices. As you just might get sick about it. As this was before the Government figured out how to use inflation as a tax.
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   But let us get back on track able the Rifle Dad bought. After we got it home and Dad had checked it out. We then went out and put it thru its paces with my Moms Dad. (Grandpa).
  Needless to say both of the Older Guys got to shoot it first. As is right & proper. Then I came up to base. It was at this point that I got a basic lesson about shooting. That & the Laws of Physics.
  Since up to then. All I had been allowed to shoot were BB Guns and 22 Single Shot Rifles. So I foolishly thought this should not be a problem.
  So up it goes into the off hand position. I line up on the Target (a large can). Take a deep breathe & let out half of it. All the while trying to keep the sight on target. Then give it a good squeeze and boom.
 Well things did not work out quite the way I wanted to on that shot. Since I thought that somebody that hit me with a meat tenderizer.  As my should was hurting pretty bad.
  But to make it worse. These two refugees from the nursing home. Are laughing their asses off at me. Now do not get me wrong! As I do love these guys. But come on!
  At least I did not start crying in font of them and really disgrace myself.
Then I learned another little lesson in shooting.
  When you are shooting anything bigger than a 22. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE BUTT OF THE RIFLE UP HARD AGAINST YOUR SHOULDER!
  It was also here that I really learned to appreciate recoil pads. That & to avoid Steel Recoil Plates if at all possible.
   Rant about Steel Butt Plates using Adult Conversation coming up!
  The only reason why you would have one on your rifle. Is if you intend to bash some poor souls face in with it. And then only after you have run out of ammo & your bayonet is missing.
  You then write to your Draft Board to tell them. That they are the only & sole reason. As to why you are going to stay alive & come home. Since you want to talk to them about your unwanted experience with the Military in great detail.
  Now here is what I have found about this fine round. It is a really but popular one. Especially since it extremely effective on Deer Size Animals.
  Also most of them come in the carbine mode.  Like the lever action Marlins and Winchesters . Which basically means this. They are a smaller, lighter rifle/ Than say compared to a  full sized Winchester, Remington or a Mauser.
  In plain English translate to this. A light, walking about gun that can be thrown in the back of the ruck and car. In case something shows up that needs killing.
  There are also some made By Ruger in the Number One series. (I have never seen one yet) Also a few were made in the Re-barreled Remington Rolling Blocks. They also are few and far between.
  As to Bolt Actions. Savage mad a series, But they stopped making them a long time ago. See Below.
  Now for the not so good news as my Principal use to say. The 30-30 will probably never win the Palma Cup. As this round is a classic brush round. Where it gets up close and personal.
  Just forget those very long range shots. That come up once in awhile out in the Mid West and Western Half of the Republic. If you are headed out there. Then go get yourself a 243, 25-06, 308, 270 or to be really safe a 30-06.
  You will have to trust me on this one. As Bambi is a pretty smart critter out here.
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  The another issue use to be the bullets. As you could not use Spitzer or sharp pointed bullets in the Lever Actions. Which reall
  Because if you did. The recoil could cause the point of the bullet to hit the primer of the round ahead of it. When that happens.
  You generally will NOT win any Brownie Points at that range. Also a lot of folks may get hurt and not be terribly amused at you. Plus your gun will be FUBAR. (Look it up)
  But then the really smart guys at Hornady. came up with a brilliant solution if I say so myself. In that they combined a soft tip on the bullet. While retaining the Spitzer shape.
Now you it seems that you can have your cake & eat it too! So its Xmas in July and well done to all hands involved!
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 The only other problem with the 30-30 is with the Winchester 94. The problem being that you can not really mount a scope on it. That & frankly the rear sight on them is a joke.
  If you really want to get a sound shooting rifle. Then you are going to have to replace the factory rear sights. With either one of these.
Lyman No. 2 Winchester 94 Tang Sight
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or a

90Mjt Rear Target Sight



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Have a good gun smith handle this job. I know that my old 30-30 left me shoot a hell of a lot better now. Especially with its recold pad on it.
Winchester Model 94 with an add on adjustable rear sight
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The Savage Model 340
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Here is a couple of good videos. So enjoy!
Gun Porn
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