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The Moro's and the Birth of the 45 A.C.P

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   After the Spanish War of 1898. America found itself in control of most of Spain’s former Empire.  (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands) For which we / They paid Spain a nice chunk of change for.
  Now we almost immediately gave Cuba its freedom. (Just do not mention the United Fruit Company or the Sugar Trusts to any Cubans by the way)
But we decided to keep the rest of them for various reasons.
  So as you can guess. The Filipinos were not very happy about this. Especially since they had been fighting the Spanish for a very long time. Plus they had helped us a lot in boxing in the Spanish Army in Manila during the war.
  But that is the way it was during the height of Imperialism. So the Filipinos turned there guns toward the American Army / Marines. It then turned into a very nasty little war. Which did not bring much credit to the US.*
  Anyways after a couple of years of some very hard fighting & soldiering on both sides. The Major Islands of the P.I. were under US control.
  The US then moved south to the island of Mindanao & the Muslim Moros. Some very tough, hardy & hard nosed Muslim tribes. That were not going to just bow down and be happy new members of the Americas overseas empire.
  Now these folks were the Arch Enemy of the Catholic Northern part of the Islands. They lived a very primitive and war like life of raids, slavery and Piracy.
  So when the Us Army showed up. They just considered them to be just a another group of Christian folks to fight.
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 Okay now here is where the story of the 45 A.C.P. comes in. The Army having just basically having finished the fight with the American Indians. Had finally got Congress to pay for new guns. Like the Krag-Jorgensen & the new Colt Army Double Action Revolver to be the standard guns of the Regular Army.
  Now considering all things. These were good, well built & solid guns of the period. If they had gone up against a European Power like it had against Spain.
  They had done all right but it was not spectacularly either. Especially the Krag when it went up against the quick loading Spanish Mauser at San Juan Hill.
  The problem was that they were under powered for the job at hand. The 1892 Colt being chambered in 38 Long Colt. Which was not a real power house of a round to start with.

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or the

Krag–Jørgensen in 30-40 Krag

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  Now from what I have read about this war. The Moros did either of these things.
In that they had their genitals bound down tightly. Which caused extreme pain, then they were blessed by the local Holy Man. Then they went out and attacked any non Moro they ran into.
  That or they got really drugged out of their minds & then went out to slaughter folks with their fearsome Kris swords.
  But the bottom line was that American Soldiers and later on the Philippine Scouts were seriously under gunned for the job at hand.
 So the  Army quickly re issued their old 1873 Colt Single Actions in 45 Long Colt which is a fine man stopper. That and also began issuing Riot Shotguns.
Otherwise the Army could not function properly in the field.
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 I am willing to bet they used the 1897 Winchester Shotgun with a sawn off barrel. I know Thats What I would of used.
  They also got Colt to make some Colt New Service Pistol in 45 Long colt as a stop gap until some thing better came down the pike.
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  That and the powers to be. Also launched an effort to up grade the Army’s
small arms. Which in turn brought about the 1911A1 in the excellent caliber of 45 ACP. Thanks to the Genius of John Browning.
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    This fight also helped bring about one of the finest rifles that the US ever had. The 1903 Springfield in 30-06.
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  Since either one of these guns, With the proper placement of the bullet. Would be able to stop any body for the most part. Then the Army got itself some new Commanders and in a few years time kicked the Moros butt.**
  So in closing this is how the 45 Automatic Colt Pistol round was born. Its long service with American Armed Forces. Having come about from a long forgotten war. It that went on to serve for almost 75 years in all of Americas Major Wars of the 20th Century.
Here is also some other sources that you might want to read about this period of time.
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* This is where we learned about water boarding & other dirty tricks.
   As there was also a lot of massacres on both sides, treachery and other not so nice stuff. Like the phrases that the US Soldiers used at the time. “civilize ’em with a Krag”  Basically it was hell on earth for all involved.
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** By the By The Moors as still there and they are still are a pain in the Ass for the National Philippine Government. That and US Army still have Advisers down there in the War against Terrorism.
I guess some Folks just do not get the message!