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I never saw this at School! Did you?

Yes they did. It was a real education. They taught if your parents had guns at home to NEVER touch them, NEVER!!!!
But then I went to School in the People’s Republic of California!
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More Diversity

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Well I thought it was funny!

Some of the Reasons on why the Axis was nuts to go up against the USA

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All About Guns

The Bren Gun

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One of the only guns that I know of that had its own designed in mind vehicle. The Bren carrier
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**Trigger Warning, Some serious bragging is coming up**
Now I have seen this machine gun a couple of times. Once at the Imperial War Museum in London. Where I was allowed to pick it up.Inline image 1 Somebody trying to & did win a Victoria Cross in WWII Burma
At 22 pounds, I really feel sorry for the poor guy who had to hump this on a route march of any distance. The other time at a Machine Gun shoot at a very hot and nasty place.
From what I saw about it was that it was a pretty good squad machine gun for its time. Frankly I think that it was almost as good as the M-60 MG. That I served with in the Army.
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Now here is a couple of strange things that I noticed about it. Because the British / Commonwealth / Empire  Army was stuck with the 303 Enfield Rimmed Round. It had to use and curved magazine that is mounted on top.Image result for bren gun magazine
Image result for 303 enfield ammo So when you cranked off a round. Gravity would help in both ejecting and feeding it another round. Pretty smart thinking says I.
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I am  also willing to bet that it was mighty useful that both the Rifleman and the Bren Gunner used the same ammo. Always a good thing when high speed metal is flying around.
The other thing that struck me about this gun. Is the sight system that it uses. Because of the magazine blocks a straight view across the barrel. The sights have to be offset on the right hand side. Image result for bren gun ejecting
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Now for some good news! First off way the Troops found that the Bren was too accurate! In that a good man could literally & consistently put a round thru the same hole. Again & again.
So a smart Trooper would hold on to a worn barrel. In order to get a better pattern when time came for suppressive fire.
Also after the war. The British Army wisely kept this gun inservice right up to the Falklands War in the early 1980’s. But wisely had it rebarreled in the 308 NATO round. I am told in this form it also gave the Crown great service.Image result for bren gun 308Notice the straight magazine compared to the earlier model. As the 308 round is rimless.
Here below is some more good stuff about this stout Warrior

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WW2 Weapons: The Bren Gun

One of the most iconic British WW2 weapons today, the Bren Gun was in short supply in 1939 but quickly became the backbone of the British infantry.

One of the most iconic British WW2 weapons today, the Bren Gun was in short supply in 1939 but quickly became the backbone of the British infantry.

by Arnold Blumberg

While all the combatant nations engaged in World War I fielded machine guns during the conflict, the British Army’s Vickers was arguably the best medium machine gun of the war, while their Lewis gun—an American design but perfected by the English—was the most effective light machine gun.

However, both weapons had their problems. The Vickers Machine Gun was a heavy Maxim-type weapon. Water-cooled and belt-fed, it was very reliable. But it was also a very complex war tool requiring a specially-trained crew, and the weight of the gun and the prodigious amount of water and ammunition it required meant the Vickers was restricted to a purely static defensive role.
One of the most iconic British WW2 weapons today, the Bren Gun was in short supply in 1939 but quickly became the backbone of the British infantry.
The Lewis gun had been adopted during the Great War to provide close support for advancing troops. It had an air-cooled barrel and fired .303 caliber bullets from a 47-round pan magazine mounted on the top of the piece. Unfortunately, the Lewis gun was still relatively bulky, complicated, suffered from a high rate of stoppages, and could not maintain sustained rates of fire due to its barrel overheating, causing the gun to simply stop working.

Replacing the Vickers & Lewis

Faced with the shortcomings of their standard medium and light machine guns, the British Army sought to replace both in the 1930s. That year, a contender to replace the Lewis gun appeared in the form of the Zb 26: a light, air-cooled, magazine-fed weapon produced by the Brno Firm of Czechoslovakia. Modified to shoot the standard British Army infantry and machine gun .303 caliber ammunition (or 7.7x56mm), the gun—now designated the Zb 30, with a 30 round curved magazine—caught the attention of the Small Arms Committee. After a few minor alterations, the Czech fire arm-called the ZBG 34, was adopted by the Army. Referred to as the BREN, from “Brno” and “Enfield”, assembly lines were set at the Royal Small Arms Factory in 1935, with the first finished product appearing in September 1937.

Introducing the Bren Gun

The original Bren gun was designated the Mark 1. It was capable of semi or fully automatic fire from a distinctive curved top-mounted 30-round magazine. It was 45.5 inches in overall length, and employed a quick-change 25-inch barrel, which could be replaced in seconds, allowing it to keep up a sustained rate of fire. The Bren gun used a magazine rather than the better belt-fed system due to the theory (proved incorrect by the Germans with their MG 34 and MG 42s) that the former made the weapon more portable. The piece weighed 22 pounds and 3 ounces, and fired 500 rounds per minute.
Throughout the Second World War, the Mark 1 Bren was modified three times to include the models Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV. The same .303 caliber ammunition as the Mark 1 was used, so the differences between these patterns were a few pounds of weight and inches shaved off the later model’s overall length and barrels. In mid-1944, the Bren was standardized as the Mark III with a full length of 42.9 inches, barrel length 22.25 inches, and weighing 19 pounds and 5 ounces. Its effective range was 600 yards. It was essentially a lightened Mark 1, but fitted with a simpler ladder back sight of the Mark II, a shorter and lighter barrel (which reduced accuracy) and simpler butt. Over 57,600 Mark IIIs were produced during the war.

Backbone of the British Infantry

One of the most iconic British WW2 weapons today, the Bren Gun was in short supply in 1939 but quickly became the backbone of the British infantry.During World War II, the Bren gun became the backbone of the British infantry. Every infantry section of ten men (equivalent to an American rifle squad) and its combat tactics were built around the Bren light machine gun, with the section’s riflemen tasked with augmenting the firepower of the Bren. Each infantry section contained a seven-man Rifle Group, and a three man Bren gun Group. In addition to carrying extra Bren gun ammunition, the Rifle Group would provide security and replacements for the Bren gun crews, while the Bren gunners provided the main killing power of the infantry section.
In addition to the Bren in each infantry section, every infantry battalion included a carrier platoon made up of 13 Universal Carriers (unofficially called “Bren Gun Carriers”) in four sections of three vehicles each. Each conveyance carried a Bren gun and a three-man crew. Further, support units (ie,. supply, artillery) carried on their rosters Brens for close defense and anti-aircraft protection.
Bren guns were integral in anti-tank warfare. Although not able to knock a tank out with their small arms ammunition, their fire would cause the enemy tank crews to “button up,” limiting their fields of vision, and dispersing opposing infantry supporting the tanks. Anti-tank weapons could then be brought to bear on the steel monsters with less risk to the attackers.

Useful in the Far East and Western Front

When war broke out on September 1, 1939, the Bren had only been recently adopted by the British Army and was in short supply. After the British evacuation of France in June 1940, only 2,300 Bren guns were available for service. A chronic shortage of the weapon persisted until late 1942, when production of the gun by the UK, Canada, and Australia made up the shortfall. By war’s end Bren guns were in plentiful numbers with all British combat divisions: 1,262, 1,376, and 966 in infantry, armored, and airborne, respectively.
In the Far East, Commonwealth soldiers appreciated the Bren’s portability, as much of the fighting took place in swamps and the jungle and where the armament’s heavy caliber rounds could easily penetrate the thick vegetation. The Australians took to the Bren very quickly, using it as a heavy automatic rifle rather than a machine gun.
When the Allies landed in Italy in 1943, and then in France the next year, the Bren was not affected by the bitter winters found in those theaters of the war. More importantly, it allowed the British infantry, still equipped with bolt-action Enfield Rifles, to maintain a respectful rate of fire compared to the Americans’ use of the semi-automatic Garand Rifle, and the Wehrmacht’s employment of the excellent MG-42 Light Machine Gun.
The Bren gun, in its last incarnation—the post-World War II L4A4—was effectively removed from active service in the mid-1980s being replaced by the L86 Light Support Weapon. While never completely replacing the Vickers, the Bren did serve as the primary support arm for British and Commonwealth troops through World War II and Korea, and set the British small-unit infantry tactics on a path they would follow until the 1980s.
Originally Published January 20, 2015


Makes sense to me!

Victims that shoot back... | STATISTICS SAY VICTIMS THAT SHOOT BACK... TEND TO LIVE LONGER | image tagged in girl with gun,aim,shoot back,kill,hit | made w/ Imgflip meme maker


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Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Some things that I learned about Teaching

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Now that I have finally escaped & gotten my Pension. Here is a few things that I have observed about the Job.

  1. It is one of the toughest jobs that you will love & hate at the same time.
  2. There is no magic tricks to make it easier!
  3. There are may folks getting paid to be a teacher. But there are actually very few of us.
  4. The Kids stay the same. You however get older every year.
  5. The Administrator is not your friend
  6. There is a lot more to the job than most folks think there is.
  7. We get blamed for all of Society’s problems
  8. A lot of us have a SECOND Job so that we can pay our bills.
  9. A lot of us die soon after retiring
  10. You need to have the Patience of Job, The toughness of a Drill Sgt and the sense of humor of Robin Williams.
  11. The clock starts to go backward near final class time
  12. You will always not have enough work for the kids to do! For the last 20 minutes of class.
  13. Your Supervisor will always show up when your class is at its worst.
  14. A Real Veteran Teacher knows when the next School Holiday is coming.
  15. Sadly quite often you are the only Responsible Adult that your students know.
  16. You will know that you are doing a good job. When one of your students ask for your advice on something outside of School time.
  17.  You will know also that you are doing a good job. When your classroom is not trashed but other teachers rooms are.
  18. You will see some really wonderful stuff and some other things that will burn your soul.

But the last thing that I shall leave with you on this subject. Was the biggest surprise to this Cynical and very Skeptical Old Fart of a Teacher.
Was that now that I am retired is that I kinda miss my Thugs. Crazy huh?


Updated news about Concealed Carry Bill Pending.

I just got this article from Gun about the progress of  the CCR Act of 2017. I also know this is of great importance for some of our Folks. So I thought you might like of read it.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

guns, handgun, 9mm, kimber, kimber micro 9
Kimber offers the Micro 9 in a variety of configurations.

Does our Second Amendment right disappear when crossing state lines?

Crossing state lines with a legally registered firearm can equal prison time due to lace work laws and poorly written legislation.
Currently before congress, this bill would permit legal gun owners home state coverage to continue regardless of boarders and does not prohibit concealed carry laws.
Some 40 states already offer some form of reciprocity with other states.
Conceal & Carry Reciprocity

Hard Data:

Concealed carry permits increased 215% between 2007 – 2015. Concurrently, the murder rate dipped by 14% & Violent Crime rate plummeted 21% during this period.
In other words, more guns being carried for self-defense correlated with fewer murders.
You can find concealed carry products, including firearms, holsters, ammunition and accessories, at

Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Some more stuff on Teaching & how to survive it!

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Now if you are in the game as I call it. Or you are seriously thinking of it. Here is some unsolicited advice. Here are my credentials and background.
In that I taught in the Los Angeles Area with both Los Angeles Unified School District for 3 years. Then I went over to the Dark Side. When I became a Juvenile Hall Court School Teacher for over 20 years. (I taught the Guys you really do not want in your classroom)
Image result for Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall Court SchoolWhat my classroom sorta looked like. By the way the opinions put forth are mine and not the districts that I worked for.
Related image
This was the School Uniform looked like
So here goes nothing!

  1. You have to like kids and want to work hard.
  2. The Kids have a built in Bullshit detector & will call you on it.
  3. You really can not be a Racist. As kids come in all shapes, sizes, colors and silliness.
  4. To get respect to you have to give respect.
  5. The most powerful things that you have are your ears & your mouth.
  6.  You have to know your stuff. If you do not. Be honest and admit it! That alone will astonish the kids!

            Moving right along!                                                 Related image  Some advice for yourself

 When I was a lot younger and more skinny than today. I went up and joined the US Army. (It was one of my better ideas by the way)
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Where on the first day. I got this advice from one of them. “You can’t help anybody until you take care of yourself first!”
Now when I heard this. I thought that it was the most outlandish thing that I heard in awhile. But as the program started. I found it to be very true. It also applies to the job of being an Teacher.
Below here are the major reasons. On why Teachers quit or be forced to quit in such vast numbers. While in the early stages of their career.

  1. Money
  2. Booze or drugs
  3.  Illness
  4.  Sex
  5. Family Problems

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Money – Yes it is true that Teachers at first get paid beans. Plus you have a lot of expenses even before you get into your classroom.
Like for example -Student Loans, getting a car, a decent place to live, professional looking clothes. Plus quite often you spend your own money on getting stuff for your classroom. Crazy huh?
Now for some good news. A lot of this stuff you can write off on your taxes. So get a good CPA ASAP!
Also if you can start putting away a little cash in a TSA. (Tax Shelter Annuity)
Congress passed years ago this program that actually helps the Teacher save up for their retirement. Trust me on this one. Retirement comes a lot faster than you think!
Buy a House! Banks love Teachers as they have a steady government backed income.
Loan Forgiveness – As A Teacher there are Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers. It’s a lot of paperwork. But its FREE Money in your Pocket!
Get Married to a good steady partner who has a different job than yours!
Also you can get A Pension! AS long as you do not borrow against it or withdraw the money from it.
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___________________________Image result for Pension funny memes
Booze / Drugs
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You would be amazed on how many Teachers are very familiar with Adult Recreational / Stress Relief Toys.
So be very careful in this area! As I have seen a lot of fine Teachers basically crash & burn their careers because of this stuff.
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Image result for teachers & illness
As a Teacher you are going to be exposed to every sickness that your kids have. That and you are usually under a lot of stress to do the right thing for your students.
That is why a lot of Districts give out  a fairly liberal amount of sick days. Mine gave me 10 days a year for example.
Here is some tricks that I learned the hard way.
Get plenty of sleep. Especially naps after you get home.
I myself had the Half Hour Rule.
Which was that when I got home. I sat down was handed a Dr Pepper and left alone for a half hour. Unless of course the House was burning down or something like that.
(For me at least it worked)
But the Bottom line is this.
Eat Properly and at established regular times.
Do not consider sleep a luxury
Listen to your body. Its trying to tell you some important stuff
Set some fun time for you and your loved ones. It really helps! As does getting some hobbies.
A little exercise will do wonders. Like walk to the end of the block for example. Just do not over do it.
Have some good & trusted friends that you can talk to.
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Image result for SEX and the teacher
I can not think of a quicker or more effective way to TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE YOUR CAREER OR SOUL!
I myself just can not understand this stuff. I also think that the Bottom Pit of Hell is not HOT ENOUGH for these folks!
Family Problems
Image result for breaking bad teacher joke meme
Now nobody escapes from this one. Especially if it’s the nearest & dearest. If this does happen.
This is also when you find out who are your friends are. Also it is always wise to tell your Supervisor & your Union. Because if they do not know. They will start to think that you are messing up.
As for me. Somehow my Students found out that I had such problems. It was really amazing & touching to me. On how kind and supportive they were to me. Go figure!
There are also a group of folks that can really help out at such times. They are called Social Workers. A good one is worth their weight in gold. When it starts raining shit.
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I think that somebody forgot her meds myself! That or somebody just got caught cheating !