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Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends"

But remember that even the Apostles carried Swords on them

Texas to Allow Guns in Churches Unless Expressly Forbidden


Texas concealed carriers can bring firearms into places of worship, provided it is not strictly forbidden. (Photo: Shelby Knowles/The Texas Tribune)

Anyone with a Texas concealed carry permit may bring a firearm into a house of worship unless expressly forbidden, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ruled last week.
The ruling comes in the wake of a mass murder at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church that saw the deaths of 25 churchgoers one Sunday last month.
“If a church decides to exclude the concealed or open carrying of handguns on the premises of church property, it may provide the requisite notice, thereby making it an offense for a license holder to carry a handgun on those premises,” Attorney General Paxton wrote in his opinion.
“However, churches may instead decide not to provide notice and to allow the carrying of handguns on their premises. Unless a church provides effective oral or written notice prohibiting the carrying of handguns on its property, a license holder may carry a handgun onto the premises of church property as the law allows,” he continued.
Rulings from the attorney general have the force of law in Texas unless the state legislature passes contrary legislation.
Earlier this month Lt. Governor Dan Patrick asked Paxton to clarify the issue as congregations and church members work to mitigate another shooting. Patrick and other state leaders have been putting a spotlight on church security in the last several weeks, according to the Texas Tribune.
“I think that Texans have a history of taking care of themselves, a history of responsibility and freedom at the same time,” former Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan told the New York Times. Sullivan said he was considering bringing a concealed firearm to church on Sundays following the attack in Sutherland Springs. “There is no wrong place to carry a gun any more.”

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Texans who carry concealed handguns must already look out for signs posted outside businesses that ban firearms. Texas Penal Code 30.06 signs ban the possession of firearms. And Texas Penal Code 30.07 signs ban openly carried firearms. All signs must be posted conspicuously and printed with one-inch letters using the exact same language.  Which results in signs that measure roughly four square feet.
While the signs are not difficult to print or obtain, Paxton’s ruling does shift the responsibility to churches who do not want guns on their property, Ed Scruggs, vice chairman of Texas Gun Sense, told USA Today.
“Some churches might not have wanted to do that because the laws says the signs have to be a certain size and that could detract from a church’s appearance,” Scruggs continued.
Paxton’s ruling goes into effect immediately.

Well I thought it was funny!

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Allies The Green Machine War Well I thought it was neat!

I have got to get a copy of this ASAP!

WWII artillery being fired. From Peter Jackson’s restored footage project.
by ininterestingasfuck


Shooting the Model 1890 Winchester slide action rifle


Must of been one of my former students

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Preview YouTube video Robbery Attempt in Houston Texas || ViralHog

Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

More Ideas about Classroom Discipline

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Right, Now moving on smartly!
Here are somethings that worked for me & who knows? They might work for you also.
Faces / Masks
Now I am sure that you are thinking “What is the Old Duffer going on about this time?”
As a Teacher or Leader for that matter. Since I most firmly believe that all good teachers have to have Leadership Traits or habits.
One must learn to have a mask to hide behind.  By this I mean the following. That you have to develop a sort of Poker Face when you are in the presence of Students & others.
Where you seem calm and collected even though you are on the verge of blind panic & or rage.
Because of the really dumb things / outrages that one of your so called students have just committed.
“Why did you just crucify the Class Hamster? Uh huh! Okay go to the office and we shall talk about this later. All right class let’s get to work!”
This was one of the hardest things that I had to learn. But if you do not learn it. The kids will run roughshod all over you!
Now I mean the following in the nicest way possible.
But for a lot of our students. They are savages that have no clue on how to behave in civilisation. So it is up to the teachers to show them the way. By our actions, behaviors and examples.
And if you think that they are not watching you very closely. Then brothers & sisters are you in for a surprise!  As they note all your mannerisms, habits, dress, deportment, views, opinions and prejudices.
Plus if you lose your composure / cool, then you have lost face & the respect of your kids. And there a lot of kids & “adults” who just live for that by the way.
So do not kid yourself ! Especially since there is no such thing as privacy or secrets at school. By the by. The biggest bunch of gossips by the way are your fellow teachers.
This is why I avoided the Teachers lounge like the plague when I was still in the game.
That and teachers are some of the most depressing folks to be around at times. Plus some of them are the biggest booze hounds outside of the service.
Also now that we live in the age of the Cell Phone. One has to conduct themselves knowing that that they are under constant surveillance. Which will never go away either!
So try and remember that and conduct yourself accordly. Like from the minute you step out of your home and until you get back to it from work.
As Big Brother is alive & well out there.
God am I ever glad that I am retired!


A good article about the AK-47 That I want to share with you.

100% American Made AKs: Century Arms RAS47 & C39V2

I am not generally a fan of the AK-47 family of weapons; I have spent too much time on the receiving end of them. But I am a fan of all things American made, so I was more than happy to review a couple of offerings from Century Arms.  Anything Commies can do, we can do better. And the boys from Vermont have set out to do just that. 

A Little Background

For testing, I received the RAS47, Century’s most popular rifle, as well as the flagship C39V2. Both weapons are completely American made, so at least we can be sure the parts aren’t heat treated in Vodka. I had to look twice at the receivers, they do say made in Georgia. But they mean Georgia, Vermont, a small town upstate. Despite my initial skepticism, both weapons are beautiful. The fit of the parts doesn’t resemble a smooshed turnip, which is also a novel concept in Kalishnokavs. These carbines are not AK-47s because they lack the selector switch and true AK-47 rifles differ from these replicas because their receivers are milled from solid blocks of steel and their furniture is substantially different; they also feature a different pistol grip and gas block.
The RAS in RAS47 stands for Red Army Standard. It is designed to be a copy of the ’50s era AKM at least on the surface; it’s a tip of the hat to Cold-War era Soviet Union. The furniture is a beautiful blonde wood, unlike any other, I have seen. Fingers crossed it is a Vermont native tree and that maple syrup was used to finish it. No one from the factory would confirm that for me though. It’s a gas-operated semiautomatic chambered in 7.62x39mm and the rifle’s receiver is stamped from a 16-gauge 4140 sheet steel treated with a black nitride finish.  The fit of the parts is extraordinary by AK standards. Most of the specimens I have seen were extremely used battlefield examples, but I would still bet money that they didn’t look like this the day they left the factory. The grip is black plastic, with nice diamond texturing and finger grooves. Improvements have been made to the magazine release, it is significantly wider than the original. In place of a bullet tube of questionable origin and rifling, the RAS47 sports a 16.5-inch, 1:10-inch twist Green Mountain Nitride barrel. Also outside of Commie spec, the safety lever features a cut out that acts as a bolt hold open. To help keep costs down, Century opted to make the RAS47 without the traditional bayonet lug, cleaning rod or storage compartment in the stock. History would show this to be inaccurate, however, it does make it a more affordable option for history enthusiasts who want to save a dollar.

Photo Courtesy: Century Arms RAS47

The RAS47 comes standard with a side rail, so optics mounts aren’t out of the question if that is your flavor. Personally, I have about as many spare AK parts laying around the house as I do hubcaps for a  ’72 Pinto. So I opted to test my rifles with iron sights. More on that later. Taking a look inside, we find something else curiously not Mil-Spec. The bolt has what appear to be large lightening cuts. I wasn’t aware this was a modification for AK-47s, but whatever floats your boat. The trigger is a vast improvement over normal AK’s, featuring the RAK 1 trigger. The take up is smooth, and the break crisp. It’s not a 1911, but a night and day difference from the Soviet standard.


  • Type: Gas-operated, semiautomatic AKMs
  • Cartridge: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 30+1 rds.
  • Weight: 7.55 lbs.
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 in.; 1:10 in. twist;
  • Overall Length: 37.25 in.
  • Trigger: RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group
  • Sights:  Standard AKMs adj.
  • MSRP: $700

The C39V2 is the flagship model, and features all of the same goodies as the RAS47, and then some. The most obvious change is that it features a milled receiver, as opposed to the stamped and riveted receiver on the RAS47. It is noticeably heavier, but that actually helps tame recoil a bit. The furniture on my test gun was a darker wood, resembled of a traditional AK. One note to put in your pocket, MAGPUL furniture will fit on this milled receiver. The trigger is supposed to be the same RAK-1 as the RAS47, but I had to look that up to be sure. Granted, my test models are demo guns. It is entirely possible the C39V2 has been used a lot more, and therefore more broken in. The trigger in the RAS47 was great. The one in the C39V2 was unreal. The gauge said there was a 1 pound difference, but it felt like a lot more on the range.


  • Type: Gas-operated, semiautomatic AKMs
  • Cartridge: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 30+1 rds.
  • Weight: 8.05  lbs.
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 in.; 1:10 in. twist;
  • Overall Length: 37.25 in.
  • Trigger: RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group
  • Sights: Standard AKM adj.
  • MSRP: $800

Range Time

For testing, I used Hornady Black 123-grain SST was used. I, for one, am glad to see some high-quality brass cased ammunition hit the market. There will always be a place for spam-can imported junk, but it’s no way to try and accuracy test a rifle. It should also be noted the projectile improvements with the Hornady. Instead of some bimetal or steel-core mil surplus, Hornady offers the proven Super Shock Tip. This polymer tip drives into the lead core like a wedge on impact, forcing rapid expansion. The boat tail profile decreases drag, and improves the aerodynamic profile. And it says Hornady, so you know it is going to be consistent.

Photo Courtesy: Century Arms C39V2

Article Continues Below

For accuracy testing, I didn’t have an optical option, which left us with iron sights. Irons are great, and it’s not my first rodeo. But I am loath to publish accuracy results from just irons. I haven’t won any High Power matches recently, so it may in fact be the shooter, not the gun. I shot my groups at 50 meters for this test, not 100.

The RAS47 turned in a 3.5 inch group as its best, not that far off most AK-47s I have shot. I have seen some better, but a whole lot worse. The C39V2 was significantly better. Its best of the day was 1.5 inches, with a flyer that was most likely shooter. Without the flyer, the group was a 1 inch four-round group, which is probably closer to the capability of the gun.
Both of these guns are fantastic buys, depending on your needs. If you love traditional AKs and are willing to accept the accuracy standard they are famous for, the RAS47 is for you. If you want to spend a little more coin and shrink that down some, the C39V2 is for you.
For more information about Hornady ammunition, click here.
For more information about Century Arms, click here.
To purchase a Century Arms carbine on GunsAmerica, click here.