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Along with his motley band of buddies, Phoenix Jones roamed Seattle in pursuit of evildoers. Wikipedia/Torrin Maynard.


Superhero movies are some of the most profitable in Hollywood. Here’s the gist of pretty much all of them: Some buff guy is burdened by pervasive crime and the inability of the cops to control it. Determined to clean up the streets, the guy dons a garish costume and visits vigilante justice upon evil-doers. The cops resent this as extrajudicial and dangerous. A frustrated populace is grateful. Fold in a tortured love interest and some sad back story. Repeat as necessary for as long as the sequels, prequels, and sub-character spinoffs will keep dragging folks into theaters.

It really has become a bit of trope. Perhaps Hollywood screenwriters have lost the ability to create original content. No real person in the real world would voluntarily risk his life to fight crime as a masked vigilante. And then there was Phoenix Jones…


Phoenix Jones was a real superhero. By contrast,
I’m just some geeky guy who likes wearing a Superman costume
underneath his surgical scrubs at work.

Origin Story


Phoenix Jones was born Benjamin John Francis Fodor in 1988. Raised an orphan in Texas until he was adopted by a Seattle couple at age 9, Fodor’s past had just the right amount of pathos for a proper superhero origin story. A criminal once broke the windows out of his car in full view of bystanders, yet no one intervened. His son later fell on the broken glass and injured himself. The thief left a ski mask at the scene.

Fodor subsequently saw a friend assaulted outside a bar. When nobody moved to help, he donned the criminal’s abandoned ski mask, notified 911, and “made a commotion” until police arrived. He later said, “And I thought, why didn’t someone help him? There were seventy people outside that bar and no one did anything.” That experience lit a fire.

Ben Fodor went home and did a little Googling. In short order, he had his own custom-made supersuit consisting of a Dragon Skin armored vest, multi-aspect stab plating and a cowl. Fodor claimed the purpose of the suit was to ensure that responding police officers did not mistake him for a criminal. He added pepper spray, a first-aid kit, a stun batona nd a net gun. Thusly equipped, Fodor went to work cleaning up Seattle as superhero Phoenix Jones.


Ben Fodor earned some notoriety as an MMA fighter. Wikipedia/Kelly Bailey.

Occupational Hazards


During the course of his three years of superhero service, Jones was both shot and stabbed. In each case his supersuit prevented serious injury. Once, while attempting to break up a fight, two belligerent men attacked him and broke his nose.

City officials, predictably, had little use for Phoenix Jones’ vigilante justice. Seattle city attorney Peter Holmes publicly described Jones as a “deeply misguided individual.” In October 2011, Jones was arrested for using pepper spray to break up a fight. When he arrived in court he wore a civilian shirt over his supersuit. After the hearing he said, “I will continue to patrol with my team … In addition to being Phoenix Jones, I am also Ben Fodor, father and brother. I am just like everybody else. The only difference is that I try to stop crime in my neighborhood and everywhere else. I think I have to look toward the future and see what I can do to help the city.”

Alas, nobody’s perfect in the real world, not even superheroes. In 2020, Ben Fodor was arrested for selling ecstasy to an undercover police officer. At the time of his arrest, he was also in possession of a significant amount of cocaine. Despite his obvious warts, I still think the guy is cool. Lots of people talk about being a superhero, Phoenix Jones actually did something about it.

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I’m A Retro-Guy


In light of all the “retro-this” and “retro-that” it suddenly dawned on me I was a “retro” myself. And, as a matter of fact, so are most of the people I know.

With today’s on-going diatribe about “feelings,” and “feng-shui” (whatever that is) and all the other bewildering definitions of people’s, shall we say, “leanings,” I figured it was time to clear the air a bit. As a general rule, gun-people are usually fairly easy to define as reliable, law-abiding, family folks with fairly clear definitions regarding their roles in life. Moms are, well moms and dads are, well, dads. Kids are kids and moms and dads take care of the kids. At least that’s how it was in my house.

Now not to disparage those of you who have elected to take another track in life, I would like to nonetheless point out some obvious facts regarding most of us who enjoy shooting. I’m not saying if you don’t do these sorts of things, you’re not a good American; just that you don’t fit the basic mold. And that’s not a bad thing — usually. Frankly, I’m happy to see anyone out enjoying shooting, hunting, collecting and otherwise messing about with guns and stuff.

I felt it might be nice to sorta’ define what a “Retro-Guy” might be. It would make it easier to simply point at this and say something like: “Ah, here, this is the kinda’ stuff I do.” Feel free to keep a copy in your wallet to help you over those sometimes awkward moments trying to answer the question: “Why do you do that?”

The Retro-Guy Code


• A Retro-Guy, no matter what the women insists, pays for the date.

• A Retro-Guy DEALS with IT — be it a flat tire, a burglar, or a natural disaster, you DEAL WITH IT.

• A Retro-Guy not only eats red meat, he often kills it himself.

• A Retro-Guy should know how to properly kill stuff (or people) if need be. This falls under the “DEALING WITH IT” portion of The Code.

• A Retro-Guy is allowed to seek professional help for major mental stress such as drug/alcohol addiction, death of your entire family in a freak tree chipper accident, favorite bird dog expiring, etc. You are NOT allowed to see a shrink because Daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you. Daddy was busy DEALING WITH IT.

• A Retro-Guy should have at least one good wound he can brag about.

• A Retro-Guy knows that owning a gun is NOT a sign you’re riddled with fear. Guns are TOOLS: See “DEALING WITH IT.”

• When a Retro-Guy is on a crowded bus and ANY woman gets on, that Retro-Guy stands up and offers his seat to that woman, then looks around at the other so-called men still in their seats with a disgusted look on his face.

• A Retro-Guy will also give up his seat to any elderly person or person in military dress, except officers above second lieutenant.(NOTE: The person in military dress may turn down the offer but the Retro- Guy will ALWAYS make the offer to them and thank them for serving their country.)

• A Retro-Guy knows how to say the Pledge properly, and the words to the Star Spangled Banner.

• A Retro-Guy sharpens his own knives and knows how to use tools.

• A Retro-Guy owns tools, usually lots of ‘em.

• A Retro-Guy doesn’t need a contract — a handshake is good enough.

• A Retro-Guy will take care of his neighbor’s yard when said neighbor is deployed overseas on military duty.

• A Retro-Guy doesn’t immediately look to sue someone when he does something stupid and hurts himself. We understand sometimes — in the process of doing things — we get hurt and just DEAL WITH IT.

All About Guns Manly Stuff This looks like a lot of fun to me! Well I thought it was funny!

What I call some good advertising!

All About Guns Manly Stuff This looks like a lot of fun to me!

First time rapid fire WWII M1 Garand

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Nashville Heroes Talk About Confronting, Terminating School Shooter by S.H. BLANNELBERRY

The heroes who terminated the gunman at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee last week are speaking out.

Officer Rex Engelbert of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department led the charge.

Upon entry, it took him approximately 2 minutes and 15 seconds to engage the 28-year-old shooter.

“I really had no business being where I was,” Engelbert said after he responded to the call of an “active shooter” while en route to the Police Academy for routine administrative tasks.

“You can call it fate or God or whatever you want. I can’t count on my hands the irregularities that put me in that position when the call for service went out for an active deadly aggressor at a school,” he said.

Engelbert was joined by Detective Sgt. Jeff Mathes.  The two men had never met before.  But along with several others, they answered the call to go inside the private Christian school to stop the shooter.

“I had never seen Rex in my life,” Mathes explained, as reported by WSMV. “When we got there, he had already unlocked the door. Not knowing what I was going into, I walked through that door without hesitation.”

The responding officers immediately ran toward the gunfire.

“I looked for the nearest staircase I could find, because I could tell [the gunfire] was above my head,” said Englebert, who added, “I couldn’t get to it fast enough.”

Police Chief John Drake applauded the actions of his men.

“They did what we were trained to do,” Drake said. “They got prepared and went right in – knowing that every moment wasted could cost lives.”

“Their efforts also saved lives,” he continued. “They were able to protect these kids as well.”

“No one ever said it would be easy,” Drake said. “But they said it would be worth it. I’m totally proud of my men for what they did.”

Leadership of the highest kind Manly Stuff This great Nation & Its People

Something I believe to live by!

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