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What the Other (Rich) Half take to the Field

Now here below is what I call a High End Custom Bolt Action Rifles.
Image result for Purdey bolt action Rifle
It’s probably from Purdey or Holland & Holland. Where you place your order and in a couple of years. You then will hopefully get it.
(I also have been told that the waiting list is very long. That & it has some very distinguished names on it. But the Staff is way too discrete to say who.)
Image result for holland & holland  london
Image result for Purdy gun shop london
But first, It is only after you put down several thousand British pounds. (They take Credit Cards by the way)
That the process is started. When you get to go thru the catalog to see what you want on it.
The customer is then gotten measured for it. (Just like a Saville Suit) With the Head Clerk asking a lot of very good questions on what the Gentleman wants & needs are.
This place is also where the idea of High End European Craftsman ship is still alive & well. (The Gunsmiths there actually wear ties while working on their projrcts)
So as you can plainly see, It is a long ways from some of the other stuff. That you see being sold at most gun shops today.
I myself would love to have one of these someday. But I just never seem to get the right numbers on the Lottery for some reason.
But looking is free & one can still dream of having a couple in the Old Gun Safe. Someday!
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Below also is a highly customized Pre-64 Winchester. As you can see its no slouch either.
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Remington Mod. 721 Rifle

Image result for Remington Model 721
Image result for Remington Model 721
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 1
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 2
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 3
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 4
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 5
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 6
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 7
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 8
Remington Arms Co, Inc. - MOD. 721 25 INCH BL W-REDFIELD SCOPE NICE BORE! - Picture 9

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Preview YouTube video Firearms Hall of Fame – Remington Model 721 Bolt Action Rifle

Remington Model 721

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Remington 721, 722, & 725
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer Mike Walker & Homer W. Young
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 1948–1962
No. built
  • Model 721 & 722 – ~118,000
  • Model 725 – ~17,000
Variants 722, 725
721 Calibers:
722 Calibers:
725 Calibers:
Action Bolt actionrotating bolt with 2 lugs
Feed system Internal box magazine
Sights Iron Sights with scope mount holes
The Model 721, 722, and 725 are bolt-action firearmsmanufactured by Remington Arms from 1948 through 1962. They replaced the earlier Model 30 and abortive Model 720. Though produced in relatively small numbers compared to the Winchester Model 70, the Remington model 721 series served as the basis for the highly successful Model 700 series of rifles.


The Remington Model 721 was born out of Remington’s experience building martial arms during the Second World War. Because of the need to make numerous arms cheaply, manufacturing technology had advanced to a point where production of pre-war models had become too expensive. The Model 720, an improved Model 30, had been designed as the flagship bolt-action rifle for Remington, however production had halted during the war. Remington had a choice of resuming production of an expensive rifle or simplifying the design for mass economical production. They chose a redesign.

Design details[edit]

When compared to the Mauser 98 action, the Remington introduced several features meant to decrease production time and cost as well as increase the accuracy potential.[1] The first was a redesign of the receiver from a billet-machined structure to a round profile. The round receiver can be produced on a lathe rather than requiring a mill. The recoil lug was a simple plate of steel sandwiched between the barrel and receiver.
The bolt was redesigned and made from multiple pieces. The large claw extractor was eliminated in favor of a small, but effective part mounted in a newly recessed bolt face. The ejector was now a plunger on the bolt face rather than a blade mounted in the receiver. The safety was simplified and a new trigger mechanism was fitted.


The Model 722 was a short-action version designed for shorter cartridges. The Model 725 was a deluxe version with a larger, Model-30 style safety and Monte Carlo stock. All rifles were available in various grades and calibers.
721A Standard grade
721BDL Deluxe grade
722A Standard grade
722BDL Deluxe grade


Maybe some Folks should not be near Fire Arms

I stole this from Knuckledragin My Life Away

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THe Current Queen of England and Guns

As you can see also that the Current Queen and her family know their away around a guns. (She was in the British Army during WWII)

That and like the rest of the British Aristicracy / Rich Folks. They are really  into hunting and not just with Cameras.
Inline image 1
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Inline image 5
It must of been nice to have your own hunting lodge I mean Empire!
I just could not resist it, But I do not think that this one is real by the way!
Inline image 2
Thanks for spending your time on this!
The Grumpy Old Teacher (Ret)

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Queen Victoria & A Hell of a nice gift of a Gun!

All I can say is “That sure is a Nice Gift from the Old Girl!”

For sale, gun Queen Victoria gave her servant rumoured to be her lover: A Double-barrelled rifle given to John Brown as a Christmas gift in 1873 set to fetch £40,000

  • The monarch gave the deer-stalking rifle to Brown at Christmas 1873
  • Queen turned to the attendant for counsel after husband’s death in 1861
  • Gun was kept in late American industrialist Clay Bedford’s collection 
  • Rifle will be sold in London and auctioneers call the item ‘very desirable’ 

An antique rifle that was a gift from Queen Victoria to a manservant who was rumoured to have been her lover is to be sold at auction

An antique rifle that was a gift from Queen Victoria to a manservant who was rumoured to have been her lover is to be sold at auction

The relationship infuriated the Queen’s eldest son, Edward VII, who was said to have once arranged for a boxer to give him a thrashing.

The affair was also the subject of the 1997 Judi Dench film Mrs Brown, which focused on their controversial relationship.

According to experts the weapon was the best that money could buy at the time and was engraved with his name at her behest.

The gift came 18 months after Brown had saved the Queen from a potential assassination attempt when the nephew of an Irish MP rushed her open carriage with an unloaded pistol prompting Brown to grab hold of him.Share

After Brown’s death in 1883 the gun was acquired by the late American industrialist Clay Bedford and it has been in his collection ever since.

The deer-stalking rifle was displayed at the London Metropolitan Museum of Art for a firearms exhibition in 1971. It is now being sold at auction in London.

Patrick Hawes, a rifle specialist at auctioneers Bonhams, said: ‘The rifle is unique in many ways and has a direct association with Queen Victoria which makes it a very desirable item.

‘There is no doubt that it was the best quality and the best rifle that money could buy at the time.

‘We believe this is the first time it is being sold at auction. It is in a very good condition and is usable. It doesn’t appear to have had a lot of use.’

The monarch (right) had turned to trusted attendant Brown (left) for counsel after the death of her husband, Prince Albert in 1861, and it was suggested they were romantically involved

The monarch (right) had turned to trusted attendant Brown (left) for counsel after the death of her husband, Prince Albert in 1861, and it was suggested they were romantically involved

Brown, from Aberdeenshire, worked as an outdoor servant at Balmoral Castle in the mid 18th century.

He became the pastoral aide to Victoria and Albert, and in 1854 Victoria wrote that Brown ‘takes the most wonderful care of me… and it is quite a sorrow to leave him behind’.

The rifle, made by royal gunmaker Alexander Henry of Edinburgh, comes in its original pig-skinned lined brass-mounted oak and leather case with nearly all the accessories.

The exterior of the lid is stamped in gilt letters ‘J. Brown Esq. H.M.P. Attendant, Balmoral’. It is being sold on May 12.

Auctioneers at Bonhams say that it is the best quality and the best rifle that money could buy at the time

Auctioneers at Bonhams say that it is the best quality and the best rifle that money could buy at the time

The exterior of the lid is stamped in gilt letters 'J. Brown Esq. H.M.P. Attendant, Balmoral'. It is being sold on May 12

The exterior of the lid is stamped in gilt letters ‘J. Brown Esq. H.M.P. Attendant, Balmoral’. It is being sold on May 12


Related Topics

Guns & The Media

Image result for media  & guns  meme
One  of the things that you have to remember about the Media. Is this, as it is a big dumb dog that is always hungry for information. Another tidbit that I have learned is that it usually is a lazy bunch too.

Related image
   Especially if you watch it on say Political or Business matters. I myself found this out about them when down at my School District. As They always love press releases. Since that cuts down on their work a lot.
  Because real journalism is a lot of hard work. So like a lot of folks. They will take the path of least resistance. Especially since they are always under the gun with their deadlines.
Image result for lazy journalism meme
  Another thing to remember about the so called “4th branch of Government”. Is that the motto of “If it burns or bleeds, then it leads”.
Since this is what sells their service.
  So that is why the Media is always going on about how terrible things are. Since this is how they get your attention. This also why they seem to want you to be always alert to this problem or other.
  This is why I think that Americans have lost a lot of their confidence and courage. Because of this 24/7 news coverage that is constantly barraging the world. With a loy of tragedy and gore.
  I also think this is why a lot of folks don’t even watch the news any more or trust the Media.
Image result for media  & guns  meme
  Now I make it a firm personal policy of mine to avoid the Press like a I would with a $2 Hooker. Its is just not worth it.
Image result for lazy journalism meme
  Since it seems that they almost always get the story wrong one way or another. Now to be fair. Some of the Reporters try to get the story right. But we all have played the game of Telephone at school one time or another.
  This is when. The Teacher has whispered a message to one student  and then had the entire class whisper it thru the whole class. It always amazed me on how things get twisted up at the end.
  It is the same story with these folks. Especially when you get folks that have an agenda or political bent. And a lot of them do. As they seriously think that they are a major player and a lot of them just love it too.
  So most of the time, Just remember the Golden Rule. “Silence can be Golden at times. Because what you can say will be used against you.”
Image result for media  & guns  meme

Something for the Guys out there!

#SJ Ara Marie Cristine Reyes, better known as Cristine Reyes, is a Filipina actress. She became a contestant of GMA-7's reality TV program, StarStruck. She is managed by Viva Artists Agency and a contract artist of ABS-CBN. # Born: February 5, 1989  # Place : Marikina, Philippines # Height: 1.60 m

Other Stuff

Some advice if you are going to Jail!

Image result for Jail Meme
Old Joke – What is a Conservative ? A Liberal who got mugged’
What is a Liberal? A Conservative that went to jail.

Now hopefully you will never have to use this information. But as one never really knows what is coming down the pike toward them. You might want to read this.

  Let me begin by saying up front and center. That I am not a cop or a lawyer or something like that. This is just what I have seen as a Juvenile Hall Court School Teacher with over 20 years of experience.
  Now God Forbid but somehow you have gotten busted for something serious.
  Again let us hope that a gun is not involved with it. As this is as serious as a heart attack.
(I have had a couple of them – Heart attacks- myself by the way)
  While this is happening to you. You are going to have a flood of emotions. If you are smart. Then you will do your best to control them and pay attention to what is happening.
Here is my advice for what it is worth to you.
#1 and this is most important to remember!
  The Cops are NOT your friend at this time!
  So be polite and obey all their orders.
  Do not give them a hard time. As they can & will kick your ass into the next century.
  When they show up. If you have to talk at all. Tell they that you respect them & that they get a bad Reputation from the Media.
  But then say I want a lawyer and then STFU! Because they are going to record everything that you say or do. Which they will then try and use against you.
As they are very highly trained in making folks talk. They will play on your respect for authority and the urge to talk your way out of trouble.
  When you go to the Station House or Barracks. Where they are going to strip search you from head to toe.
Related image
  Literally, as you would be amazed at what stuff Folks try and smuggle in that they have put up their rectum.
  So do not resist this if you can at all costs. As you do not want any more bad paper being written up on you.
  Then you will be finger printed and photographed.
Inline image 1
Anybody look familiar to you?
  Then it depends on what jail you are in but you will have all your personals taken from you. You will probably will get most of it back. But do not count on getting any cash back. Since how do you prove that it is yours?
  Then comes you either have your clothes taken from you or not. Instead you will get some sort of  loud colored jumper. Or not.
  Sooner or later you will be given one phone call unless you are an Asshole. If you do call I highly sugguest that you call the local Bail Bondsman.
  Now the Bonds man is going to cost you a lot. But they also can hopefully help you a lot to get out. Then you will have time to get your defense & affairs in order.
  But generally you are most probably going to spend the night in a holding cell. Until you see the Judge. Who is going to decide what to do with you.
  Now here is some advice while you are locked up.
TRUST NOBODY! There are a lot of informers & trustees that will be put in your cell with you. So that the state can get more information on you. So just do not say a word to any one if you can help it.
Image result for trust no one i claudius Meme
Be polite but firm. “Hey man my lawyer told me to talk to no one. Its nothing personal its just business!”
Image result for Jail Meme
  Do not drop the soap! It is really true about Male Rape in prison. All your cellmates are generally some real hard nose and bad folks. Do NOT Trust them and avoid them if possible.
Image result for Jail Meme
  The Guards also do not care and they are also not your friends. Since they also are serving time also until they get their pensions. DO NOT TALK TO THEM IF YOU CAN HELP IT!
  They just want a nice quiet time and will do anything for it. They are not there for your protection.
In closing, I hope that you never have to use this info! Good Luck!
All About Guns

Some other Ideas about Shooting Folks or not!

Image result for dirty harry
Now I have a couple of thoughts on this grisley issue. It seems to me from what that I have see and read from a lot of folks. There seems to be a lot of folks who actually seem to want to shoot somebody. You know who I am talking about right?

  Like at the Gunshows or on TV that keep stressing on how to use tactical methods and combat situations. Or some of those very scary looking and talking dudes at the local Gun Show.
 I just do not get it myself. But if the fantasy helps you sleep well at night. Then so be it.
  Me? I am one of those folks. Who has seen enough real violence at first hand. That if I never have to do it or see again. That would be just fine by me.
  Now let us move one to the real world. Here are a few ideas on how to avoid this problem.
Related image
1. Do not go down to the bad part of town. Especially at night!
2. Avoid certain types of folks. Like Bikers, Drug Dealers, Cops, Fighting Drunks and stupid, lazy & crazy folks. This seems to me at least to be a good idea.
3. Avoid the Bar scene especially the rougher ones. We all know where those are right? I mean hey! Get with the here & now. Computer dating is the way to go!
4. Going to the ATM in the middle of the night. Or flashing a lot of cash!
     Are you crazy! Most folks are either getting ready to go to bed or a    sleep.
   (“Hey Old Buddy! I will be there in the first thing in the AM to bail you
      out okay? Good Night!”)
5. Going to the Liquor Store or 7-11 during the night.
  “Honey you need diapers? Okay here use this old T Shirt of mine. I will
    go get some more in the AM.”
6. Avoid Riots! If you get caught up in one. Then get the hell out of there.
    As there are very few causes worth dying for. That and 5 years from
  Now let us go to some of the favorite scenerios of the Gun Advertisers
  Its late at night! You hear a noise and you go check it out with your gun in your hand to save & protect your family.
  Sorry Rambo! But its either your kid trying to sneak out or in. Or it is the cat.
Image result for i hate cats meme
  So I am willing to bet a lot of cash. That I think your spouse and or the Cops are not going to be too thrilled about that either. Jail by the way is not fun!
   Here is a little something else that my Students / Thugs taught me. When I was teaching in Juvenile Hall.
***Most criminals break into your house during day time. When everyone is at work or school. Best thing to do is get a dog instead.  My Former Students also really do not want to get shot either!****
  Or how about the other one that has been around since the Back Yard Bomb Shelter Scare / Scam of the 1950’s. (Which you have turned into a wine cellar years ago.)
  Something Bad / Horrible has happened!!! (Pick your choice of Nuclear War / Winter, Aliens from Space or Mecca, Terrorist Attack,  Climate Change, EMP, Plague or what have you.)  What ever, it is going to be Bloody Awful!
Image result for Plague
Image result for atomic bomb explosion
Image result for independence day explosion
Image result for used car salesman meme
Image result for Winter is coming  meme
  Me? Nah!
  If things are going to get that bad. Hey I would of left here a long time ago with my family. Why are you still here?
   Because if the Big one is going off. Then I am going be to run right toward the cloud. Because I am sure as Hell is not fun. Do not want to live in another Dark Age.
Image result for bring out your dead!meme
Bottom Line – Fear is almost as good as sex when it comes to selling stuff. Me?  I am going to spend my cash on other things, That and have as much fun as I still can.
Maybe you might think about that also!
PS This does not mean that I will have no problem with introducing you to my “little friend of mine”.
Image result for big bertha
What so ever though if someone messes with me,  my family, friends or my stuff.
Then its “Gee Officer! I just do not know what happened! Better talk to my Lawyer and we will figure this one out Okay?”
That and this other nugget of advice, “Hey Officer, can you double lock the handcuffs pretty please?  That & can I be put in solitary when we get to the Station? “

The Old Colt Officers Model in 38 Special

Image result for shooting the colt officers model 38 special
I first saw one of these a very long time ago. When I was still a pre -teenager When Dad would take me to the local range to fire off a few rounds for an hour or so.

  Now it seemed to me that every time that I was there. I saw saw some of the Old Timers with their gun boxes*. From which. every one of them had a Colt Gold Cup that was tricked out to the max.
  That and it seemed to a man. That they also had a Colt Trooper in their possession.
  They would then start blasting away for hours at a time with them. They would also have for the most part some really good patterns. When they went out and got their targets back to be shown off.
  It was at this time. That I decided that one day I would get one of these pistols for the collection I would one day have.
  But the years rolled by and found no joy on finding one. In that I could either not afford it or had not been trashed by previous owners.
Inline image 5
Inline image 4
 But let us cut the chase. I finally found one for sale and at a price that I could afford. It was also in very good shape. So after the usual haggling. I was able to finally buy one.
   In what was to follow after this. Was one of the longest waiting periods of my life to collect it & take home with me.
But as soon as I got my paws on it. It was off to the range with my Shooting box in tow.
  Where I found out some very pleasant stuff about my newest toy.
* It had one of the smoothest action that you could hope for.
* Once you figured out how it threw a round out. You could get some
   very good patterns with it. The adjustable sights are a big help here.
* It is not too finicky about what kind of ammo that you feed it.
* The original factory grips are not the best.  But some one smart put a      pachmar grips on it. Now the ergonomics are just about perfect for me    at least.
* This pistol is a keeper!
Here is a couple of videos that are pretty good about it. Also some other stuff from other sites, Enjoy!
Here is something about the Match Version
This pistol is also the foundation gun that brought us the Colt Trooper & the Phyton
* This the kind of Box that I am talking about. I finally own one. It only took 30 years. But I was always a slow learner.
Inline image 1