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Poor London!


London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever including 11 killings in just 16 days

  • February marked the first time London had a higher murder rate than NYC
  • A total of 15 killings were reported, with nine aged 30 or younger
  • In March, there were 22 murders in the capital, including 11 deaths in 16 days  

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London‘s murder rate has overtaken New York City‘s numbers for the first time ever, according to a new report.

February marked the first month in history books that London had more murders than the American city with a total of 15 homicides. Out of the 15 killed, nine were aged 30 or younger.

In March, there were 22 murders, which is likely to match if not beat out New York’s numbers.

Last month was particularly tragic, as the murder wave continued on Thursday when a 23-year-old man became the 11th person to be fatally stabbed or gunned down in the capital in just 16 days.

London's murder rate has overtaken New York City's numbers for the first time ever. In February, there were 15 murders, including 17-year-old Promise Nkenda (pictured), who was run over and stabbed to death 

London’s murder rate has overtaken New York City’s numbers for the first time ever. In February, there were 15 murders, including 17-year-old Promise Nkenda (pictured), who was run over and stabbed to death

The murder wave continued on Thursday when a 23-year-old man became the 11th person to be fatally stabbed or gunned down in the capital in just 16 days. Police have launched a murder probe after he was knifed in Greenwich

The murder wave continued on Thursday when a 23-year-old man became the 11th person to be fatally stabbed or gunned down in the capital in just 16 days. Police have launched a murder probe after he was knifed in Greenwich


Sadiq Mohamed, 20, Kentish Town

Abdikarim Hassan, 17, Kentish Town

Josef Boci, 30, Greenwich

Seyed Khan, 49, Ilford

Rotimi Oshibanjo, 26, Southall

Promise Nkenda, 17, Canning Town

Sabri Chibani, 19, Streatham Common

Lewis Blackman, 19, Kensington

Hasan Ozcan, 19, Barking

Hannah Leonard, 55, Swiss Cottage

Kwabena Nelson, 22, Tottenham

Mark Smith, 48, Chingford

Bulent Kabala, 41, Enfield

Saeeda Hussain, 54, Ilford

Juan Olmos Saca, 39, Peckham

According to a report by the Sunday Times, New York City’s murder statistics have decreased by 87 per cent since the 1990s.

Meanwhile, London’s rate has grown by nearly 40 per cent in just three years, not including deaths caused by terrorist attacks.

Although New York last year had nearly double the number of murders than London, experts are concerned the gap is steadily closing.

Jacob Whittingham, charity head of programmes for Fight for Peace, told the paper: ‘What’s scary about London is the randomness of the crime.

‘With young people in London, you have no idea if and when you may be the victim of a violent crime — that’s why they feel the need to carry weapons.’

Officials are concerned about the uptick in fatal stabbings, fearing there is a dangerous surge in knife crime.

Last year there was a total of 80 fatal stabbings in the capital – the most in almost a decade.

And official figures show that 2017 was the worst year for knife deaths among young people since at least 2002.

Forty-six people aged 25 or under were stabbed to death in London, up by 21 compared with the previous year, according to police figures.

DCS Sean Yates, Scotland Yard’s head of knife crime, blamed social media as an increasing factor in escalating grudges between youngsters that led to knife attacks.

Lewis Blackman, 19, was stabbed to death after a party in Kensington, west London, on February 18
Kwabena Nelson, 22, (pictured) was ambushed outside his home in Tottenham and stabbed to death in early February

Lewis Blackman (left) was stabbed to death after a party in Kensington on February 18. Kwabena Nelson, 22, (right) was ambushed outside his home in Tottenham and stabbed to death in early February

He also said courts were failing to enforce a ‘two strikes’ law aimed at jailing those caught with a knife twice, which was frustrating law enforcement.

The sharp rise in the number of young people killed by knife crime in London has come despite Scotland Yard stepping up its use of suppression and enforcement tactics, carrying out more stop and search, more weapon sweeps and other activity on the streets.

The Met commissioner, Cressida Dick, has said reversing rising violent crime is a priority.

Speaking in February she said: ‘The frequency with which some of our young people are prepared to take each other’s lives is shocking.

‘London must come together to make it clear that this cannot continue. We will not police our way out of this problem.’

Aspiring accountant Sadiq Aadam Mohamed, 20, was found with serious stab wounds in Malden Road, in Belsize Park, in February 

Aspiring accountant Sadiq Aadam Mohamed, 20, was found with serious stab wounds in Malden Road, in Belsize Park, in February

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Cressida Dick continued: ‘There is a role for all of us – London’s public, our partners and the police.’

She appealed directly to young people saying: ‘There will be young people out today who are carrying knives – stop and think.

‘Do you really want your life to end? Or end someone else’s and waste your own life in prison?

‘My challenge to everyone in London is to ask each and every person to think about what you can do to help us tackle this blight on our city.’

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan requested an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to discuss what can be done ‘to tackle the evil of knife attacks on Britain’s streets’.

Sister of stabbing victim Promise Nkenda calls for change

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Gun Owners of America Readies Lawsuit Against Trump’s Bump Stock Gun Control

Gun Owners of America is preparing to file a lawsuit once the Trump administration puts bump stock gun control in place.

On March 10, 2018, Breitbart News reported that the Department of Justice was finalizing its bump stock ban. It will center on a redefinition of the term “machine gun” in order to allow regulatory action against firearm accessories that do not convert semiautomatic firearms in automatics.

In other words, the term “machine gun” will cover machine guns and non-machine guns, conversion devices that turn semiautomatics into automatics as well as firearm accessories, like bump stocks, that do not.
On January 23, 2018, Breitbart News reported that former ATF Gun Tech Chief Rick Vasquez warned that re-working and re-defining terms to achieve a bump stock ban will lead to other bans.
He explained that ATF was, at that time, handling the initial phase of formulating the ban. He told the Military Arms Channel the ban would be “a regulation with the strength of a law.”
He said it will ban “any device that automatically resets a firearm and enhances the rate of fire,” and warned that such an approach would be “extremely broad.”
He observed, “They are trying to target binary triggers, [bump stock] devices, and other devices, but that is such broad language, can I take that to a Gatling gun? … So now you start stretching this [new] definition, and who is going to decide what the [standard] rate of fire is?”
Vasquez’s warnings came roughly two weeks after Gun Owners of America (GOA) warnedthat the Trump administration’s bump stock gun control would lead to other controls.
They suggested that an ATF powerful enough to arbitrarily redefine words so as to ban legal firearm accessories is an ATF that will not stop with bump stocks. They predicted that another crisis could lead to another redefinition which would allow the ATF to swoop in for magazines and aftermarket triggers too.
GOA executive director Erich Pratt told Breitbart News:

GOA is committed to fighting any regulation or ban on bump stocks. This issue goes far beyond stocks, because regulating devices that allegedly increase the rate of fire of a firearm can eventually be applied to match triggers, magazines or semi-automatic firearms. In essence, a bump stock ban opens the door to regulate and ban commonly-owned firearms and firearm parts. A ban on bump stocks would have huge implications for the exercise of our gun rights, and that is why GOA is already looking ahead to a lawsuit challenging the regulation.

GOA is pledging to file a lawsuit against bump stock gun control as soon as it is enacted.
AWR Hawkins is an award-winning Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News, the host of the Breitbart podcast Bullets with AWR Hawkins, and the writer/curator of Down Range with AWR Hawkins, a weekly newsletter focused on all things Second Amendment, also for Breitbart News. He is the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at [email protected]. Sign up to get Down Range at

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Thinking of College?

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Image result for snowflake college students
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Not so funny – Ask A Cop.

We asked several police officers nationwide how to handle interactions with law enforcement. These were their responses:
The birthday party down the street is a little noisy. What should I do?
Call us and we’ll shoot the dog. That will quiet the little punks down.
What if I have a service dog?
No problem.
You shot my dog! Now what?
You need to saw its head off so we can test it for rabies. Or else you go to jail.
I think my friend is suicidal.
We can fix that problem for him.
I see a kid in the park with what might be a toy gun.
No problem. We’ve got this.
I saw a guy near the gun counter of WalMart with a gun. What should I do?
Call us and we’ll shoot him on sight.
I possibly saw a gun through a hotel window, even though that’s legal in this state.
We’ve got a procedure for that. Our swat team will make him do the hokey pokey then shoot him.
My neighbor is deaf, is that going to be a problem?
No, the bullets will kill him just as easily.
If I’m helping a disabled person and the cops arrive, what should I do?
Seriously, we have no idea either. We’ll probably open fire.
If a disabled, mentally ill person needs help, what should I do?
Call us, of course. That’s an easy one.
We think a teenager may have taken explicit photos of himself. What should we do?
Call us and we’ll send a child molester to make definitely sure there’s video of him.
What if I have no legal problem and call outside for first aid?
We’ll shoot at your dog, miss and hit your daughter instead.
Is it proper to produce my wallet and ID when confronted by police?
It certainly helps us with paperwork.
You’re good at identifying the right target, I hope.
Sure.  Of course, if you’re a small Asian woman we might mistake you for a large black man. But don’t worry, we’ll have some charity replace your truck after we shoot it full of holes.  Totally not our fault.  Stress of the moment, you all look alike to us.
If I have drugs, you’ll be careful about my family, I hope.
I make every effort to abide by the law, including asking for police inspections.  I assume I’m good.
Maybe. Got anything interesting? Or sellable?
We don’t sell drugs.  We should be fine, right?
Our paid stooge says you sell drugs. Your baby has it coming.
Really, I don’t sell drugs.
What do you mean you don’t sell drugs?  Our experts know better.
What’s the procedure if you do think I have drugs?
A scientific search.
So I should follow all instructions and everything will go fine.
Yup. Perfectly fine. It makes it much easier.
If you realize you have the wrong house, will I be okay?
If I’m 92 years old, and you have the wrong house, what happens?
Oh, we’ll make it the right house. We’ll fire 39 shots at you and hit you with about 6. Then we’ll shoot each other.
What?  You don’t shoot each other often, do you?
Well, accidents happen.
If I wind up getting shot, you’ll administer first aid, yes?
Why would we do that?
If I’m stopped for a traffic violation, should I tell you I’m legally carrying a weapon?
If you like.
Look, you don’t just shoot everyone you encounter, do you?
Nah, we also have dogs.
So it’s safe for me to call for help if I see a problem, then.
Define “safe.”
I’m afraid to ask, but if a child were lost, you wouldn’t shoot them, would you?
The child? No.
So it would actually be best if I were naked, then?
Why would that matter?
What if I meet you off duty? Say at a social function for pets?
I’ll probably shoot your dog.
What kind of training do you have for this job?
The best training in the world.
That’s rare, though, right? I shouldn’t be in danger.
Probably not.  But accidents happen.
I’d like to observe this training for myself, to see just what’s involved.
You might not wanna do that.
Right, but it’s not policy to roll up and blow people away, is it?
Well….about that….
So if I see you roll up to get someone, what should I do?
If I’m detained, should I come quietly?
Quiet, screaming, actually, it doesn’t matter if you come, as long as we do.
Do I have right to remain silent?
That depends. Do you like rough sex?


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Just a Friendly Reminder during the "Gun Control discussion"

Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends" Born again Cynic! Cops Related Topics

Some thoughts on why America has such a large Prison Population

Random Fact

I read somewhere recently that about a quarter of the world’s prisoners are incarcerated in America.
Non-Americans are going to draw all sorts of conclusions about this, and most of them will be wrong. Here are the facts.
All the stupid surveys apart, the United States is one of the most free countries in the world — which by the way is why so many inhabitants of shithole countries (to quote some famous guy) want to come and live here.
We take our freedoms seriously, and one of the freedoms we cherish is the freedom to fuck up. Fucking up can be the result of larceny, or failed experimentation, or any such human endeavor which falls outside the usual norms and conventions. This is why we are a leader of innovation in the world — pick an industry, and we’re in there kicking ass — and it’s also why we throw more people in jail: because we are a nation of laws. (Too many laws for my liking, but that’s a rant for another occasion.)
Here’s the best example. Want a gun? Go ahead and get one: there’s a special on S&W revolvers at Academy Surplus. Use it in any way you want: self-defense, plinking at tin cans, target competition, whatever. You’re free to do all that, and except in Euro-style shitholes like New York and California, you don’t have to be licensed or belong to a club or any of that jive. Go ahead and enjoy your gun; it’s your individual right, the second-most important right in our Constitution.
However: use your gun to commit a crime, and it’s to jail you’ll be going. And we Americans don’t issue sentences of just a few years for that kind of crime either (unlike some countries I could name). No, we slam you in a cell for decades or the rest of your life (sometimes we even shorten your life if you shortened somebody else’s).
That’s why we have so many people in jail. They were all free to choose, and they chose poorly. On the whole, it’s a better system than all the others, unless of course you’re a control freak who wants to do what’s best for people because you know what’s good for them, better than they do. (These assholes we call “Democrats”, and this is why they’re trying to turn the U.S. into Europe. But that too is a rant for another time.)

By the way: the reason that China, with its enormous population, doesn’t have as many people in jail as we do is that their people aren’t free. Another reason is that the Chinese summarily execute more people than we do, thus helping their incarceration numbers. Ditto North Korea, a shithole to beat all shitholes.

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Parents of slain Pizza Hut robber angry that victim used a gun against him By Thomas Lifson

Self-defense is regarded as a right deriving from natural law. But that offers no justification to the parents of Michael Grace, Jr. of Charlotte, NC, who was shot to death while attempting to rob a Pizza  Hut. CBS North Carolina reports:

It’s been a difficult week for parents Temia Hairston and Michael Grace Sr. Their son, Michael Grace Jr., was shot and killed during an attempted robbery early Sunday morning.

I sympathize. It is a terrible thing to lose a child. That is a wound that will not heal.

Police said Grace Jr. and two other people tried to rob a Pizza Hut in the 3200 block of Freedom Drive. During the incident, an employee fired his own handgun and killed Grace Jr.
Hairston said she learned of her son’s death on social media, and only got confirmation from police after contacting them first. The grieving mother said she has been left with dozens of questions about the situation that have thus far gone unanswered.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” said Hairston.

So far as I know, no jurisdiction in the United States has the death penalty for robbery. And police nearly everywhere are extremely reluctant to use a gun on a robbery suspect, owing to the violent protests that have followed police killings of suspects. Ferguson, Missouri, for example.

Hairston and Grace Sr. acknowledged that their son was breaking the law by robbing the business, and said they definitely don’t condone what he did.
“It was an act of desperation, but I do not believe that Michael would have hurt anyone,” said Hairston.

I am sorry, but robbing someone requires at least the threat of violence. If one asks for money without threatening violence, it is called “begging.” I don’t think it ought to be a capital crime, but the risks inherent in threatening violence belong on the sholders of the perpetrator.
I realize that state laws differ considerably as to the justification for a crime victim employing firearms or other violence. In California, for instance, a home can be invaded by thieves, and the residents cannot use a firearm unless they can prove that they legitimately feared for their lives and there was no escape avenue available. To my mind, this sort of law constitutes an incentive to criminals, for it reduces the risk of a home invasion.
I may be an extremist, but it seems to me that if one decides to commit a crime, the victims should have more rights than the perpetrator, especially the right to defend themselves from the presumption of violence that accompanies a robbery, home invasion, or other property crime.
Hat tips: Bearing Arms and Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit
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Something useful for when the Brown Sauce hits the Fan

All About Guns Born again Cynic!

Another hold the Presses! (Yeah because they are not stupid & they are Americans)

Huffpo Investigates ‘Why Black People Own Guns’

RJ Young, 30, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo: Huffpo)

Recently, Huffpo published an article titled, “Why Black People Own Guns.”  They interviewed 11 African Americans and asked them why they own guns.  What should be a shocker to absolutely no gun-owning American, self-defense was a recurring theme.  Here are some of the highlights:
“I do feel safer with a firearm even though I’m still nervous, I’m scared, I’m afraid. When I am protected, and my gun is unlocked and loaded, I feel as though I have a chance. It’s either gonna be me or you ― and I can’t be afraid of whatever happens at that point.”
— Courtney Cable, 39 of Detroit, Michigan

SEE ALSO: Real Housewives of Atlanta Are Proudly Armed Black Women

“I always tell people who are thinking about getting into gun ownership that a gun is not an end-all, be-all. There’s a 50-50 chance that you can still die or perish at the hands of somebody else with a gun or a knife or a car or any other weapon. But it’s that 50 percent chance that I will take over a 100 percent chance of not being able to defend myself.”
— Carlton LeFlore, 30, of Winter Garden, Florida.
“America would not have even been created without firearms. Some people say it’s a contradiction for me as an African-American man to have a position: ‘When they wrote the Second Amendment, they didn’t mean it for you.’ I don’t give a fuck who they meant it for. It’s mine now.”
— Maj Toure, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The truth is black people own guns for the same reasons everyone else owns guns. They want to protect themselves! The real question is why is the media and Left so puzzled by it?  It’s almost as if they lament black gun ownership. Like they’re telling the black community, “You’re not supposed to fall out of lockstep with Progressive dogma.  You’re not supposed to own guns.  You’re not supposed to think for yourself.”

Born again Cynic! Well I thought it was funny!

Uh huh, sure!

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