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Audio: Alec Baldwin Complained Halyna Hutchins Shooting Cost Him Jobs

Santa Fe County Sheriff
Santa Fe County Sheriff

Recently released audio of phone calls with a Santa Fe detective reveals actor Alec Baldwin complained about how cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ shooting on the set of Rust cost him jobs. Baldwin also badgered police to grill the film crew over a box of missing bullets.

The call with Detective Alexandra Hancock in the week after the fatal shooting of Hutchins shows Baldwin telling the detective that the incident has cost him jobs, and has been “really tough.”

“You know what’s really tough for me, is I have six kids,” Baldwin is heard saying. “We had to tell my older daughter today what happened, and she started to cry. She said, ‘I’m going to go to school, and everyone’s going to make fun of me.’ My eight-year-old.”

“Half the jobs I had lined up between now and the second half of the year, they fired me,” the actor added. “They didn’t want me to come.”

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Elsewhere in the audio, Baldwin is heard badgering Hancock to find a “missing” box of 45 Long Colts that he said mysteriously “disappeared and reappeared,” and begging the detective to “indulge” him on how a live round ended up in his gun.

“They were missing a single box of 45 Long Colts,” he said. “That box disappeared. It reappeared, I said, ‘What was the length of time it was gone?’ She said, ‘I don’t remember.’”

Alec Baldwin seen here in his Rust movie wardrobe. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)

Baldwin went on to say that while he doesn’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, he wonders if “someone maybe tampered with this.”

The actor then implored the detective to grill Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

“I’m dying to find out from Hannah — I don’t want to abuse Hannah or make her feel bad — but what happened to that box of bullets?” he said. “Where did that box, when it disappeared, what date did it disappear? How long did it disappear for? When it came back, where did you find it?”

“I’m just begging you to indulge me,” Baldwin continued. “I’m begging you to understand my intention here, which is how — what happened to that box of 45 Long Colts?”

Evidence in the Rust shooting. (Photo: Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)


Baldwin continued to entertain the conspiracy, suggesting that someone on set who harbored a “malignant attitude” toward him could have “had something out” for him.


Other recently released footage shows the moment Baldwin learned Hutchins had died in a hospital after he accidentally shot her on the film set. In the video, the actor can be seen holding his hand over his mouth and softly uttering the word “no” as the news was delivered.

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has said that “concerning” information has been found on text messages during the investigation into the fatal shooting. Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza has also warned that no one is “off the hook” for the October 21 fatal shooting Hutchins.

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