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Practical Marksmanship Lesson

If you have a hard time with graphs and charts(Or if you want another trick to remember) I have another trick for you.
Hold your Sight on the Belt Buckle.
Belt Buckle is your point of aim.
At 25 meters/yards its dead on.
At 50 meters/yards it lands in his belly button.
At 100 meters/yards it lands on his solar plexus.
At 150 meters/yards it lands on his upper chest.
At 200 meters yards it lands on his solar plexus.
At 250 meters/yards it Groups around his belly button
At 300 meters/yards it Groups around his belt buckle.
At 300 meters your 2 MOA dot is the size of your Target’s Face and your Irons are about the size of his shoulders.
Level your front sight post on to the chest at his Nipple Line or put that Red Dot’s top apex on the base of the targets neck.
Then… Always fire 3 rounds @ 300 meters/yards or beyond in a slow succession. This is to account for the decrease in terminal velocity(less damage), weapon heat, and for your spread due to inherent MOA.
This process works for match ammo or bulk ammo.
And should be used with both.
It’s best to let your triggers reset be released in a reversed fashion compared to your pull. This will keep you steady and wise during firing.
Now the Formula is.
300 meters/yards is “dead on”
350 meters/yards groups on the solar plexus area.
400 meters/yards groups on the belly button.
450 meters yards groups on the belt buckle.
500 meters/yards groups on the thighs.
550 meters/yards groups on the knees.
600 on the feet.
Now. Past 600 is alot harder to shoot on the fly than you think because of wind and your angle. You need to fire 5 rounds slowly and methodically at any range past 600 meters or yards with any 5.56 round.
FYI this is called the “Fly Formula” for letting lead fly on the fly at multiple targets.
You need to level your Irons on your target’s “head” to get a pelvis/guts/chest group @ 600 meters.
If you can see that far good for you. I can as I am blessed with the gift of uncorrected 20/20 vison. Some people are not or no longer with age. Buy a scope. ACOG works great. So do traditional scopes.
Ignore 650, 750, 850, and 950 meters.
Just add a “head” to each point of aim at 700, 800, 900, and 1000 yards.
Fire your 5 rounds very carefully. You can fire 2-3 rounds before your target even hears it at these distances.
This works very well. You should get 2-3 hits out of 5 rounds at 600 meters. And probably 1-2(probably 1) @ 1,000
And that’s all. I used to be a SDM in Sadr City, Baghdad. So fuck you if you disagree. This shit works.
I just taught you how to kill bad guys like a real meat eater.
Sips Tea*

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