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Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Review

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I’ve got a video of my hunting buddy dropping a running antelope at 125 yards with one shot from his 500, just like the one in the review. Great revolver for a handgun hunter but not much good for anything else.

I traded my 8 3/8″ for one with the orange “handle”, a 2 3/4″ barrel, and no comp. Big mistake. The long barrels basically recoil backward like a rifle with little muzzle flip; the bear gun kicked up so high you’d never get back on for a second shot. I sold that one off pronto. I always tell virgins it’s not as bad as you expect but you’ll be done for the day after two cylinders – though one time I did manage to fire 35 rounds testing loads. Ye-ow!

So you too were briefly in love with pain! I myself once bench rest shot over 100 rounds of 375 H&H over a weekend. BIG MISTAKE for which I am still paying for 25 years ago.

Send my congrats to your Buddies great shot!

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