Finally…A Simple and Indisputable Caliber Comparison Chart!

2 replies on “Finally…A Simple and Indisputable Caliber Comparison Chart!”

Kind of reminds me of a Paul Harrell video, only unlike this guy Paul always manages to gently poke fun at himself while still giving us useful information based on real metrics.

If Yankee Marshall ran a whore house it would have big 50 gallon drums for the girls to dump their wipes in because it’s MOAR efficient.

The guy took 7.5 min of a 10.5 min video to get to the point he loves revolvers with 6 big bullets in 44 Fag over everything else. No shit dude we knew that when you were kinda cool. For a fucking Yankee. It’s why only cock slurping fags watch him anymore. We all saw it for what it was.

That’s what I think.

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