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Just Imagine by KIM DU TOIT

Here we go, with yet another of Kim’s imaginary scenarios.

Your house and all your belongings were destroyed in a fire while you were away on vacation.  Fortunately, you were extremely well-insured, and your payout will enable you to rebuild your life almost completely.

However, you decide that you’d rather move out into the boonies and live in the mountains, e.g. on a piece of land such as this one:

…and you could afford to build a log cabin such as this one on the property:


So having established all that — and please refrain from making any criticisms or comments on all the above, the really important question is this:

What guns would you choose to have on hand, on your new property?   (And to make it a little challenging, assume that for the first year, you only have room for a twelve-gun safe for long guns in your new house;  and your wife / girlfriend has limited you to six handguns so she can buy better-class kitchen appliances or some such nonsense.)

Note that the locale will have all sorts of critters roaming around that you may have to deal with, so choose accordingly.

My choices are below the fold.


Rifle #1:  Taurus Mod 62M (.22 Mag)

Rifle #2:  Browning Buck Mark (.22 LR)
…because the next choice is:

Handgun #1:  Browning Buck Mark (.22 LR)

Handgun #2:  Ruger Single-Six (.22 LR/Mag)

Handgun #3:  Ruger Super Blackhawk (.44 Mag) — for those close encounters of the dangerous kind

Handgun #4:  1911 (.45 ACP) — for those occasional shopping trips to town

Handgun #5:  Uberti 1875 Outlaw (.45 Colt) — because cowboy

Handgun #6:  S&W Mod 65 (.357 Mag) — bedside gun

Rifle #3:  Mauser Mod 12 (6.5x55mm) — hunting in open country

Rifle #4:  Marlin 1895 (.45-70 Govt) — because bears

Rifle #5:  Winchester 94 (.30-30) — hunting in the deep woods

Rifle #6:  AK-47 (7.62x39mm) — because every home should have one, even in the boonies

Rifle #7:  CZ 550 Lux (.300 Win Mag) — to reach out and touch someone/thing

Rifle #8:  M1 Carbine — because you need to have some fun, too

Rifle #9:  Cooper Mod 21 (.223 Rem) — for varminting past 75 yards

Rifle #10:  Taurus/Winchester Mod 63 (.22 LR) — because I’m sentimental

The last two long guns in the safe are shotguns:

#11:  Mossberg 500 (12ga) — for more close encounters of the dangerous kind (and I wouldn’t keep it in the safe, either)

#12:  CZ Bobwhite (20ga)

…because you’d better believe that on 160 acres, I’d have at least one of these:

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