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Who is Simon Whistler?

Media personality Simon Whistler was brought up in the south-east of England. After completing his university education (undergrad business BA, postgrad law diploma PGDL), he worked abroad for one year where he met his now wife and eventually ended up permanently moving to her home country, the Czech Republic.

After working as a freelance voice over artist and podcast host, at the age of 28 he started working on his first YouTube channel, a collaboration with the popular website From there he launched another channel in collaboration with another website

Soon enough both those channels had over a million subscribers, and Simon expanded his content to cover biographies on his Biographics channel and geography on his Geographics channel.

From there is was a move into comedic business content with Business Blaze and later to covering humanities greatest achievements with his channel Megaprojects.

Simon also runs a number of podcasts, merchandise lines, and has had his work featured on television and in print.

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