A Victory!

A Great Story for a change

The pilot was standing around as I got out of my wheelchair to board my flight to Portland. He followed me and the flight attendant who volunteered to carry my bag. I fling myself into my seat. He quickly asked, “were you in the military.” I replied “yes.”
He said, “Afghanistan 2010?” Again, although surprised this time, I said slowly “yessss.”
He then told me that he recognized me, my injuries, and my face. He told me he never knew if I survived or not.
Marc Vincequere is his name. He flys w United now. Crazy small world. He was the pilot that flew me out of Afghanistan.

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Almost as bad as a Teacher. Like when one of several thousands former students wants you to remember their names after 20 years later. The Army for me at least was a lot easier!

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