Cops Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

I am so glad that I did not become a Cop!

Now let us begin with that these Cops were really fired up & ready to go.
So at the risk of being a Monday Quarterback of these guys actions.  It is at time like this that the Senior Cop should of told everyone to take a quick breath & calm down a bit. Yeah  I know it is real easy enough to say that at my computer desk.
But I have had situations of violence in the Juvenile Halls like this but w/o guns. But the kids did have sharpened Toothbrushes and other weapons. That could & did hurt folks pretty bad at times.
The key thing during this incidents was & still is. Is to keep your head in trying times. Since that is what you really get paid for is for moments like this.
Now for the Dumb Ass Bastard / Citizen with the bullet hole in him.
Hey Numb Nuts, in a way you deserve to get shot. In that you having spent any time at all in the “hood”. You should know by now that the Cops are always very nervous in this area. That & they want to follow rule # 1 of Police Work.
To be able to go home at the end of their shift!Image result for to go home at the end of their shift
Plus unless there has been a major scientific break through . That Cell Phone do not yet have a Force Field app yet do they?
So why reach for it in a potential fire fight? Especially when you know that they Cops are really fired up. Plus some of them can hardly wait to blow you away?
I know that if I am in the same scenario. I do not care who are or what you are. If I think that you are going to draw down on me. Well you can just guess on what I am going to do first! Hint – It ain’t going to be pretty!
Also consider this below. Can we say some folks are a little trigger happy also? So maybe this is why the cops are going to be a bit more weapon free toward you?
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