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A Great Example of panic looks like!

Now a lot of folks think that panic means a person running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Now based on my experience.
It mostly is not. Instead it takes the form of the mind just shutting down from the over flow of information & raw fear. The bottom line is that it takes a lot of guts to summon forth from that inner bank to over come this.
For Example, The Spanish have a saying. “He was brave that day”. Meaning that courage is not a inexhaustible well. That it can & will run dry. If not given time to recover & regroup once in a while.
Also sadly a large proportion of the population. Do NOT have a huge amount of this inner strength needed. Otherwise the Army or Marine Corp would not need a large NCO & Officer Corp.
The Army started to learn this during the true Holocaust of WWI. When it began to run into what is now called P.T.S.D. or as I like to call it Combat Fatigue.
This problem started when a large number of troops basically broke down mentally. After X amount of days on the front line.
It was also calculated that if even the most stout hearted trooper survived that long. Almost all troops would have a complete Mental Breakdown after a year of combat experience.
Anyways this is what I think happened at Foy. That & Winters did as usual the right thing. Grumpy

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