N.S.F.W. The Green Machine Well I thought it was funny!

Some random acts of Nudity and potential bad humor NSFW

I see that the new range master is here!

Plus for the Folks who will say later that they were looking at some History stuff!

Pictured here are two members of the US Army’s 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. The ground crew is making the best of their Easter by painting personal greetings to Adolf Hitler… on 105MM Howitzer shells. This photo was taken either in Southern Germany or South Eastern France, 1945 !
Now I do not know for you but to me. This Gun Bunnies* look like they are a happy bunch of Troopers to me! Grumpy
* Now before somebody gets their underwear in a knot. The Term Gun Bunny is a nick name of the the Artillery Branch of the Army.
  Just like the other ones  are Long Range Snipers or Red Legs. As back in the Old Army, the cannon cockers wore a Red Stripe down the side of their trousers. By the way, Men wear Trousers & women and little girls wear pants!


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