The Definitive list: What your carry ammo says about you…


OK… Here it is… the long awaited, definitive list of what your carry ammo says about you. Once again, try not to get too butt-hurt. Enjoy!
Concealed Carry Ammo
Hornady TAP – “I work for mall security.”
Remington Golden Saber – “I dont always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis.”
Fiocchi – “I carry a Kel-Tec.”
Glaser Safety Slug – “I carry a Glock 7. Its made in Germany. It doesn’t show up on airport X-ray machines and it costs more than what you make in a month!”
Federal Premium Hydra Shock – “I used to be a cop.”
Winchester Black Talons – “I DON”T GIVE A F*CK!”
Corbon DPX – I have A.D.D. and am easily distracted by shiny… SQUIRREL!
Sellier & Bellot – “I am a member at more than three gun forums, and I buy all of my ammo online.”
Hornady Critical Defense – “I drive a mini van and shop at IKEA.”
Hornady Critical Duty – “I drive a mini van and shop at IKEA, but I also belong to at least one gun forum.”
Hornady Critical Defense Lite – “I am a girl and I only go shooting once every two years.”
Hornady Zombie Max – “I unlocked every gun and upgrade possible in Call of Duty during the first weekend that I had the game.”
Winchester PDX1 – “Hey, buddy, 2003 called and it wants its ammo back.”
Remington UMC – “I am a 75 year old grandma and I think that Walmart is the only place that sells ammo.”
Hornady Custom – “I am a deer hunter and I have perfect shot placement… even in a gun fight.”
Magtech – “This is my first gun.”
PMC – “This is my first gun and it’s a Hi-Point.”
Ten-X – “My EDC is my cowboy action shooting setup.”
Winchester Ranger – “I have been reading the same gun-rags over and over again for years.”
Black Hills – “I’m a hipster who also owns a gun.”
Doubletap – “I too am a hipster who also owns a gun.”
Buffalo Bore – “I live in Montana.”
Federal Guard Dog – “I f*cking hate living in New Jersey.”
Speer Gold Dot – “Lets Go Yankees!
Aguila – “I am a member at every gun forum. Yeah. Every damn one of them.”
Roll your own – “Am I being detained?”
FMJ – “I carry a .22″
Did I miss any?

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