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Some Advice about the Recent Shooting

Now sadly there are some Folks out there. That should never be in the same area with a gun.
Also the Anti Gun / Anti Civil Rights folks are going to use this Tragedy for their cause.
So when someone asks your opinion. I think that the best answer is this. That yes it is time for the Government to do something about this.
Good Luck & God Bless you all!

N.S.F.W. Well I thought it was funny!

What the Fashion Conscious 3rd World Soldier is wearing today!

***Trigger Warning to the Max!***

*** Some really offensive material is coming up!****

Now I am willing to bet that this will highly urinate off a few folks. If so. Well I am almost sorry! But for the rest of the world enjoy!
Image result for 3rd worldsoldiers

Notice the very comfortable Tank Top. Which makes it easy to blend into the crowd after shooting up the area.

“Who Me? No I love The American / UN/ Anybody else’s Army!”

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Now this youngster is obviously well prepared in case it snows in his area of operations.
Image result for 3rd worldsoldiers
This brave lad is obvious not very happy about his Squad mates idea of a little humor. Or about their shortage of KY or any other kind of personal / intimate lubricates.
Image result for 3rd worldsoldiers
Don’t you just hate it. When your Squad leader dings you on a Uniform Infraction?
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Now this upstanding Soldier has it down to the max! As he knows that if you are going into combat. Then you might as well have a sartorial clash! Pity that you can not see the wonderful set of pearls.

All About Guns

Some Day!

Meaning – The day that I can afford one and be back in the United States. Where I can legally own one!

Quality Guns Made in U.S.A.

Thompson Submachine Gun

General John T. Thompson, a graduate of West Point, began his research in 1915 for an automatic weapon to supply the American military. World War I was dragging on and casualties were mounting. Having served in the Army’s ordnance supplies and logistics, General Thompson understood that greater firepower was needed to end the war.
Thompson was driven to create a lightweight, fully automatic firearm that would be effective against the contemporary machine gun. His idea was “a one-man, hand held machine gun. A trench broom!” The first shipment of Thompson prototypes arrived on the dock in New York for shipment to Europe on November 11, 1918, the day that the War ended.
In 1919, Thompson directed Auto Ordnance to modify the gun for nonmilitary use. The gun, classified a “submachine gun” to denote a small, hand-held, fully automatic firearm chambered for pistol ammunition, was officially named the “Thompson submachine gun” to honor the man most responsible for its creation.
With military and police sales low, Auto Ordnance sold its submachine guns through every legal outlet it could. A Thompson submachine gun could be purchased either by mail order, or from the local hardware or sporting goods store.

Quality Guns

Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom Well I thought it was funny!

More stuff about teaching!

Only Teachers & their Spouses will get these!
Enjoy!                                                                                       Grumpy
Image result for breaking bad teacher joke meme
Image result for breaking bad teacher joke meme
Let's share the blame.
For real!  LOL
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First Week of School The Martian Matt Damon
Every. Single. Day.
27 Teacher Problems That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud – Bored Teachers
Teachers need their rest back off.
Image result for breaking bad teacher joke meme

Well I thought it was funny!

Choose wisely Grasshopper!

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All About Guns Art

Some Mighty Fine Looking Guns

just m1
Westley Richards Take Down Bolt Action .425
Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!
Westley Richards, take Down, Oak & leather case
Two .410’s and a 28g Westley Richards Droplock. Which one would you choose?
A custom engraved Colt Bisley Model single action revolver Serial no. 307056 for 1908.
Piotti .410s
Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver, Serial Number 12406
Piotti .410s

Other Stuff

The French – Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys?

Image result for Defeated French Army
Image result for Defeated French Army
Now when most Folks think about The French and their attempts at using their Military. They think of the above Pictures.  Except maybe for the French Foreign Legion.
(Who are still some serious Hard Ass Troops even today by the way)
Image result for ffl troops
This Fellow argues otherwise. So you make up your own mind.

Well I thought it was funny!

Foreigners Around The World by P.J. O'Rourke

Image result for pj o'rourke foreigners
One of the Funniest Guys that I have ever seen in Print is a man named P.J. O’Rourke. He has to be one of the funniest conservative writers that has come around in a long time.
(If you get a chance & want to know why Washington DC is so FUBAR*. Read his book “Parliament of Whores” . It is both Funny, Sad and very Wise. Amazon has it)
Now this is one of the Most UN Politically Incorrect Stories that I have ever read in my life. (Which is saying a lot!) It was also written a very long time ago in National Lampoon. Back when the term “Freedom of Speech” actually meant something.
For quite a while it was extremely hard to find. But somehow a copy showed up on the internet. Now I offer this up for entertainment purposes only. Also to show how far we have strayed from our Freedoms.
But I do think that it is funny! If it offends anyone out there. My Heart felt Apologies are extended to them. To everyone else I hope that it will give you a few chuckles!
*Fucked Up Beyond Belief & Repair
A Classic, Breathtaking Bit of Satire

Well I thought it was funny!


Guns Kill People #Guns, #Kill, #People

All About Guns

Some mighty strange looking Firearms out there Folks!

Westwood ElDorado - Revolver concept by ThoRCX
This Gun just goes to show that some folks have way too much time & money on their hands. But if it lets them sleep well at night and they do not cause problems.
So as I like to think That I am a good American. Then All I can say is Good luck and God Bless them!
So here are a few more for your education and benefit.
Steam punk pistol concept
I think That is a French “Apache Gang type Toy”Apache. Actual weapon from 1890s. SOOO COOL!I saw one of these in Montenegro.(yes there is such a place!)
COLARD DOUBLE-ACTION PINFIRE REVOLVER: Belgian Charles T. Colard crafted a fine double-action pinfire piece in this revolver, which carries out an incredible baroque theme of embellishment. Few other firearms have a barrel that begins as hexagonal, changes to round profile, and then goes to hexagonal configuration again, only to shift to a series of ringed sections at the muzzle. Unusual multi-colored gold inlays are scattered over the blued and case-colored surfaces of this revolver as well.
Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment. loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably
Anybody have an idea what this Semi Auto use to be?
Beautiful handguns :) Love these.'s excellent #Hammershot custom, a #Dieselpunk and Steampunk combo. It's a very detailed tutorial.Hopefully this one is just a concept drawing! But I wonder what it’s power source is?
Ben Mauro Concept Art