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NYC Medical Examiner’s gun crime unit begins work next week By Sharon Crowley

Beginning Monday, the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office is launching its new DNA Gun Crimes Unit.

Meant to help speed up both testing and the criminal justice process, the forensic lab is the first of its kind in the country dedicated exclusively to processing gun crimes.

“As far as gun cases, we handle over six thousand cases,” said Senior Forensic Scientist Gabrielle McKenzie.

That’s six thousand gun cases a year in New York City.  Now, the city Medical Examiner’s Office has a gun crime unit that will be staffed with 24 forensic scientists.

NYC overall crime up, murders down

What makes the lab new is that scientists working there are strictly devoted to processing and analyzing DNA found on guns, rather than fingerprints.

The team will get faster results for the NYPD, prosecutors as well as defense lawyers who represent accused shooters.


“We, in building this unit, are going to reduce our turnaround time in gun crimes cases from 60 days to less than 30 days and that’s revolutionary,” said Dr. Jason Graham, the city’s Chief Medical Examiner.

The unit has been created to help deal with the city’s gun crisis and is independently run by scientists.

Providing the criminal justice system with DNA results more quickly helps both the guilty and the innocent.

“That would lead to either a faster more efficient exoneration of someone who’s innocent and a speedier conviction of someone who’s guilty and maybe a threat to New Yorkers on the street,” Dr. Graham said.

“We will help to resolve a lot of crimes, and we will help get justice to people who need it,” said Vanessa Sutherland, one of the new forensic scientists on the team.

The new gun unit will officially begin its work on Monday, October 17.

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What gun owners here behind the lines in California have to put up with

All About Guns Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends" Born again Cynic! Cops You have to be kidding, right!?!

FOIA Uncovers ATF and Legacy Media Working Together by John Crump

ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd
ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd

SPRINGFIELD, VA -( When the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) told Representative Michael Cloud’s (R-TX) office that it held nearly one billion out of business records, Gun Owners of America (GOA) called it an illegal gun registry. The legacy media newspaper, USA Today, issued a “fact check” stating that the claim was false. Now thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by GOA and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), we know how much of a role the ATF played in determining the rating.

Last January,  the ATF answered an inquire by Rep Cloud’s office stating that it held nearly one billion records in its Out of Business Office in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The vast majority of the records were digitized, and the ATF’s Firearms Trace Center had access to the documents. Although the ATF claims the records are not searchable by anything other than the former federal firearms licensee (FFL) name, by just selecting a few options in the software, those records could be usable by using optical character recognition (OCR).

A new FOIA request by GOA and GOF shows the communication between the USA Today fact checker, ATF’s former Chief of the Public Affairs Division, April Langwell, and former ATF Associate Deputy Director Thomas Chittum. Mr. Chittum has left the ATF to work for ShotSpotter. Ms. Langwell also recently left the ATF to work as the Director of Communications for the United States Marine Corp (USMC).

In the exchange, the unnamed fact-checker asked about the alleged registry. Ms. Langwell and Mr. Chittum denied the existence of the gun registry. Mr. Chittum replied that there was no firearms registry and handed off the conversation to Ms. Langwell. Ms. Langwell repeated the claim that the database is only searchable by FFL name. She stated that the ATF doesn’t consider the digitally scanned records to be a gun registry. The fact checker did not follow up on how easy it would be to turn on optical character recognition. The fact checker seemed to accept Ms. Langwell’s claims at face value.

The issue the fact checker overlooked is that according to the email exchange, the records are stored in PDF format. The PDF file format is the product of Adobe. Adobe Acrobat is needed to read the documents in the file format. The ability to OCR documents is built into Adobe Acrobat and can be applied to a PDF in as little as two clicks.

The ATF also told USA Today that all records had been digitized as of 2017. This claim contradicts what the ATF told Congressman Michael Cloud (R-TX). The fact checker did ask Ms. Langwell about the discrepancy. The ATF repeated the claim to the fact checker that the ATF completed the move to a digital format in 2017. The fact checker never followed up on why the ATF told USA Today something different than what the Bureau told Congress. Someone received the wrong information from the ATF, and it is unclear who has the incorrect information.

GOF and GOA were deeply troubled by USA Today’s “fact checking” methods. They point out that the paper discounted the mountains of evidence and the ATF’s own statements on the matter.

“ATF openly admitted to USA Today that ‘scanning out of business records began in 2005’ and now ATF ‘processes an average of 5.5 million’ records containing private gun and owner information into its database per month,” said Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs, Gun Owners of America. “We are disappointed that this ‘journalist’ simply reported ATF’s denial of an illegal gun registry as truth, without any critical thinking whatsoever.”

USA Today did not respond to AmmoLand’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Saudi King marks 9/11 anniversary: ‘We lost many good pilots’

Sure, we didn’t expect them to return, but I knew some of them quite well.”

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RIYADH — As in most countries around the world on September 11, a moment of silence was held in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Theirs was 15 seconds long, one second for each Saudi national lost in the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

“21 years ago, we lost a lot of good pilots,” King Salman reflected during a remembrance ceremony carried live on all major networks from Riyadh. “Sure, we didn’t expect them to return, but I knew some of them quite well. Though Egyptian, Mohammed Atta’s dedication to the cause isn’t to be overlooked, and we grant him the title of ‘Honorary Saudi.’ The man was razor-focused, and I think his body of work speaks for itself.”


Former President George Bush assures the late King Abdullah that any allegations against his country would be buried under red tape until long after he was dead.


The King reflected on sending some of his dear friends to pilot training in San Diego.

“We all thought my brother, the late King Abdullah, would buy us all new Gulfstreams and needed more pilots. It wasn’t until later we learned that a friend of the family was cashing in some favors over construction contracts.” King Salman then chuckled lightly and exclaimed, “Imagine our surprise when a month after 9/11, it was Afghanistan that was being invaded! We really dodged a bullet there.”

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal, was quick to point out that many nations lost citizens on 9/11.

“Today, the King shares the world’s grief. Be it a firefighter going back up the stairs to save one more person, a traffic cop shielding innocent bystanders from debris, or the pilot who cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to qualify as a pilot on the 737. From Mecca to Medina, we remember these heroes today.”

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Assholes like him give the rest of us a bad name .

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One word – Chicago

Murder, electronic monitoring, Chicago’s top cop, an acquittal, guns, pot, a viral video, Lollapalooza, questions about prosecutorial decisions, and a dumbfounded judge. This story has it all.

Torrence Reese (inset), a CPD photo of the alleged contraband, and a frame from a viral video showing Reese being tackled near Lollapalooza. | CPD; @ChicagoCritter

It’s difficult to imagine a story that better captures the state of law enforcement in Chicago than this one.

A man who was singled out by the Chicago police superintendent as an example of an alleged murderer who should not have been released on electronic monitoring, only to be found not guilty six months later, allegedly ran from a crashed car in the Loop on Thursday evening, leaving behind a bag containing $8,000 in marijuana and a loaded handgun with an auto-fire switch and an extended magazine attached.

Chicago police posted pictures of the crash scene and contraband on Twitter. A witness recorded now-viral video of the man being tripped and tackled by a bystander as Chicago cops moved in to make the arrest near Lolapalooza.

And prosecutors charged him with the pot that was in the bag. But they did not charge him with the gun that allegedly had an auto-switch and extended magazine attached, leaving a Cook County judge dumbfounded.

“I’m having a hard time understanding how he’s charged with some contents of the bag but not all,” Judge Mary Marubio said during a Friday afternoon bail hearing.

A prosecutor told her that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office considered filing gun charges but “decisions were made.”

An example and an acquittal

Torrence Reese, then 18, was charged in March 2017 with killing two people and injuring a third during a shootout that authorities said was the result of an attempt to steal marijuana. Reese was also shot during the incident.

A judge initially held him without bail, but he was later released on electronic monitoring to await trial on 140 felony counts.

Almost exactly one year ago, after July ended with more than 100 people murdered in Chicago, CPD Supt. David Brown identified Reese by name as an example of someone who should not be on electronic monitoring.

“If you release Mr. Reese, who was charged with two murders and an attempted murder, and continued to commit crime while in jail, we’re going to run in place as a city,” said Brown. “Too many violent, repeat offenders are being released back into these communities, creating a sense of lawlessness and no consequences for their behavior, making for a dangerous environment.”

WBBM-AM, August 2, 2021

Prosecutors dropped 110 of the 140 charges against Reese in January, a routine move to focus the allegations for trial.

After the state put on its case in February, Reese’s attorney, Michael Clancy, ripped their entire presentation in a memorandum to Judge Diana Kenworthy.

“To be blunt, the civilian witnesses called by the State were all liars,” Clancy wrote in the February 22 filing. They “all took an oath to tell the truth, then proceeded to prevaricate time and again. They contradicted each other on details big and small … It is plain that a murder scene was tampered with by two and likely three individuals in this case.”

On February 28, Kenworthy found Reese not guilty on every charge, including eight counts of murder.

New allegations

On Thursday evening, Chicago police tried to pull over a white Jeep in the Loop. Prosecutors say the Jeep drove onto the sidewalk and ran red lights before it crashed into two cars that were stopped for a traffic signal near Michigan Avenue and Harrison Street, not far from the Lollapalooza festival.

The Jeep’s driver bailed out and Reese ran from its front passenger seat, Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Haamid said Friday.

This video shows what happened next. A man wearing a tie-dye shirt stuck his leg out and tripped Reese, who fell to the sidewalk. He got back up and started running, only to be pushed into a pole by the same bystander as cops approached. Watch:

Cops found a blue bookbag on the front passenger seat where Reese had been, Haamid said. Inside, officers found the loaded handgun with the auto-fire switch and extended magazine along with three bottles of promethazine and $8,100 worth of pot, according to Haamid. Another bag, located behind the driver’s seat, contained another $8,100 worth of marijuana, he continued.

The Chicago Police Department posted photos of the crash scene and the alleged contraband on Twitter.

Prosecutors charged the driver, Darius Sanford, with aggravated fleeing, possession of cannabis, and driving on a suspended license. The cannabis charge is linked to the bag that police allegedly found behind the driver’s seat.

They charged Reese with possession of cannabis and possessing a controlled substance for the pot and promethazine that was allegedly inside the blue bag.

“Why isn’t this gun charged?” asked Judge Marubio. “40-caliber handgun with an extended magazine and auto switch.”

“The gun charge was reviewed, and decisions were made at that time to not charge that gun,” Haamid replied.

“But is he then charged with the drugs in that bag?” Marubio countered.

“That is my understanding,” Hammid affirmed.

After a long silence, Marubio offered a confounded, “Okay.”

Reese only has two misdemeanor convictions in his background, including a mob action charge, which Brown was apparently referring to when he said Reese “continued to commit crime while in jail.”

Marubio ordered him to pay a $1,000 bail deposit to go home, where he must observe a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew.

Sanford, convicted of two gun felonies and felony misuse of a credit card in 2011, according to Haamid, was ordered to pay a $2,500 deposit and then observe the same curfew. Marubio said his bail is higher because of the fleeing allegations.

According to the sheriff’s office online inmate search, neither man was in custody as of Saturday morning.

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All About Guns Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends" Born again Cynic! Cops

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