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Trudeau Touts Gun Confiscation As Part of Liberal Party’s Campaign Promise by S.H. BLANNELBERRY

Federal election season is underway in Canada and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau wants to make sure citizens know where he and his Lefty cohorts stand on guns.

“One Canadian killed by gun violence is one too many,” said Trudeau in a recent press release obtained by GunsAmerica.

“That’s why we made our communities safer by banning more than 1,500 types of military-style assault weapons, and we’re going to continue to strengthen our gun laws across the country. Keeping our kids and communities safe from gun violence should be an issue that we all agree on – but Erin O’Toole doesn’t,” the prime minister continued.  “He wants to repeal our ban on these dangerous weapons and weaken our gun laws. Canadians can’t let that happen.”

O’Toole leads the Conservative party.  While Trudeau accused O’Toole of wanting to repeal the 2020 confiscatory ban on many commonly owned firearms (see graph below), O’Toole said Sunday that he has no plans on changing the law.

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“It’s critically important for me to say to Canadians today that we are going to maintain the ban on assault weapons, we’re going to maintain the restrictions that were put in place in 2020,” O’Toole said.

In other words, whether one votes Conservative or Liberal — Canadians are not going to be allowed to buy, sell or possess modern sporting rifles.

Trudeau also vowed to continue to put the screws to the country’s law-abiding gun owners via the following:

  • Toughening our laws on banned assault weapons by making it mandatory for owners to either sell the firearm back to the government or have it rendered permanently inoperable;
  • Cracking down on high-capacity magazines to limit the number of rounds guns can hold, and ban the sale or transfer of magazines that hold more than the legal number of bullets; and
  • Helping provinces and territories who implement a ban on handguns across their jurisdiction.

“These guns have no place in our communities and have no place anywhere in Canada,” Trudeau said at a press conference, in reference to the ban.

“You can’t buy these guns, you can’t sell these guns, you can’t use these guns. And even if you own one today, no one gets a pass,” Trudeau added.

What Trudeau is saying is a vote for the Liberal Party is a vote for confiscation.  Polls open on Sept. 20, 2021.

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43 Members of Tennessee General Assembly Request the Governor and Attorney General to Oppose New ATF Rules September 8, 2021 by Laura Baigert

Forty-three Republican members of the Tennessee legislature signed on to two letters Tuesday asking the state’s governor and attorney general to oppose two rule changes proposed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The letters, spearheaded by Second Amendment advocate and Chair of the House Criminal Justice Committee Representative Clay Doggett (R-Pulaski), state that the ATF rule changes would “violate state and federal Second Amendment rights and arbitrarily transform thousands of law-abiding Tennesseans into felons.”

Governor Bill Lee and Attorney General Herbert Slatery have been called on by legislators to represent Tennesseans by using all means in their executive, legal and law enforcement powers to prevent the ATF from enforcing such criminal measures within the state.

At issue are two rule changes proposed by ATF, 86 FR 27,720, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms, and 86 FR 30,826, Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached “Stabilizing Braces.”

The definition of a frame or receiver addressed in the first proposed rule change, the latter of which was removed from federal law more than 50 years ago, is “a clear construction of a national gun registry forbidden by federal law,” the letters state, a move also called out in August by 27 members of Congress.

The second rule change would clarify when a rifle is “intended to be fired from the shoulder” and, therefore, subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA) passed by Congress in 1934 to regulate “gangster” type weapons or those likely to be used for criminal purposes.

In this case, the target is a favorite of gun control advocates – the AR-15 – which would make thousands of Tennesseans felons simply for possessing such weapons, Tennessee legislators point out to the governor and attorney general.

The AR-15, if determined to fall within the scope of the NFA, would require registration and be subject to taxation.

Legislators also remind the governor and attorney general of recent actions that demonstrate the importance of the Second Amendment to Tennesseans.

At the local level, two-thirds of Tennessee county legislative bodies – at the insistence of their constituents – have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, making it clear “they do not want further erosion of their constitutional rights.”

State legislators, likewise, passed four laws during the 2021 legislative session to protect Tennesseans from federal overreach on their Second Amendment rights:

HB0446/SB0557 – “Tennessee Firearm Protection Act”

HB0902/SB1334 – “Second Amendment Privacy and Protection Act of 2021”

HB0928/SB1335 – “Tennessee Second Amendment Sanctuary Act”

HB1171/SB1142 – “Firearms Information Privacy Protection Act”

In a press release, Doggett said the proposed rules pose a “looming threat to our God-given rights,” adding also that the “creation of law by agency regulation sets a dangerous and unlawful precedent.”

“Our Second Amendment freedoms come at the price of constant vigilance against moves like these from our current administration which are nothing short of an attempt to enforce federal gun control by bureaucracy,” said Doggett.

Rule 86 FR 27,720, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms was proposed by the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives on May 21, 2021, and the public comment period ended on August 19, 2021.

Rule 86 FR 30,826, Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached “Stabilizing Braces” was proposed by the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives on June 10, 2021, currently has 178,811 public comments with the public comment period ending at midnight on September 8, 2021.

– – –

Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Star News Network, where she covers stories for The Tennessee Star and The Georgia Star News.
Photo “Representative Clay Doggett” by Background Photo “Modified AR-15” by Zgauthier. CC BY-SA 3.0.


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GOA: Compromise Is Hurting Gun Rights in Florida By TTAG Contributor

GOA Attacked for Holding a Compromising Politician Accountable

Join GOA

If you are not already a member, please consider joining GOA to support our mission protecting YOUR gun rights around the country.

On Thursday of last week, a Florida gun group launched an attack on our state director Luis Valdes and, by extension, on Gun Owners of America.

One pro-gun writer described it as an “attack piece” against GOA.

GOA's Erich Pratt and Luis Valdes with FL. Rep. Sabatini

From left to right: GOA’s Erich Pratt, pro-gun Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) and GOA FL Director Luis Valdes

This broadside was then reprinted by a national group, as well as another state gun group in Florida.

GOA has made it a practice not to speak ill of other pro-gun groups, and so I don’t intend to do so here. At the same time, given the coordinated attacks by several groups, it’s necessary that I respond to the false allegations because there are surely many GOA members who have read the articles, and they want to hear our side of the story.

You can read my full response to these accusations at The Truth About Guns.

NOTE: If you haven’t yet read my response at The Truth About Guns, I encourage you to stop reading here, click on the link directly above, and take a moment to read the article before continuing on. It will give you the best overview of the situation.

And make sure to read the comments at the bottom. They are universally supportive of GOA!

As you know, GOA is a no-compromise group, which means that we will never give politicians a pass for compromising — no matter what their party affiliation. GOA has been critical of many Florida legislators for refusing to pass substantive pro-gun bills. And ultimately, we are being attacked for holding accountable one legislator in particular: Rep. Cord Byrd (R-FL).

After The Truth About Guns printed my response, the other author has doubled down and launched a second attack against GOA. If you have questions regarding what this is all about, I encourage you to read my original response to this organization from Saturday, and the second ad hominem “attack piece” against GOA on Sunday. And as you do, here are a few things you should notice between these two articles:

  • The author of the attack piece claims that it was GOA who attacked him, the “messenger because [we] couldn’t handle the message.” But if you read my Saturday article, you will see that I studiously avoided mentioning the author or either of the two groups he represents. In fact, if you read people’s comments at the bottom, the only somewhat “negative” comment is that I was too nice because I didn’t “name names.” The reason was that we wanted to stay focused on the real problem – which is the compromising politicians and avoid an “infighting” situation.
  • Our antagonist claims we erred in saying that the pro-gun champion of the Florida legislature, Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL), has introduced Constitutional Carry. For starters, the author ignores this statement that GOA made in our Florida alert last Friday: “Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) stand[s] before gun owners at the State Capitol pledging to introduce Constitutional Carry for the third time in a row.” That clearly indicates the bill has not yet been finalized. Moreover, Sabatini is the past sponsor of the bill, and he has already submitted the draft to the House Bill Drafting Service for printing. You can read what Rep. Sabatini told our state director Luis Valdes about the bill’s status here.
  • The writer claims that the GOA leadership was “in a quandary” over what our Florida Director Luis Valdes did (in being critical of compromising politicians). Well, as the Chairman of Gun Owners of America, I can assure you that neither I, nor the top officers of this organization, ever expressed any regret or doubt – and we were never in a “quandary.” It’s a shame that being a reporter, the author never picked up the phone and called me or my two vice presidents for a comment, because we could have quickly disabused him of that notion.
  • The Sunday article claims that we err in not blaming the entire leadership in the Florida legislature for the failure to pass Constitutional Carry. He accuses us of only blaming one Republican lawmaker, and he claims that Luis is unable to find legislative offices to meet with. Sadly, a quick purview of our website would have revealed the error on both counts. In fact, we have repeatedly blamed the entire Republican leadership in the legislature for their compromises, including the House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Senate President Wilton Simpson. See herehereherehereherehere and here – and notice how many times these reports reveal Luis meeting with state legislators (and the Governor’s office). Luis was able to meet with all these offices, even though the Capitol was officially closed due to COVID.
  • The author also attacks Luis as a political neophyte who has no prior 2A experience. Again, a modicum of research would have shown this to be false. Luis was involved in helping organize the Tallahassee gun rights rally in 2018 which drew hundreds of people. He has written dozens of articles (as a reporter) for The Truth About Guns over the past several years. And, in his former life as a cop, he publicly called out other officers for their actions during an arrest of Florida Carry members in Miami Beach.
  • Finally, in reading both GOA’s article and the author’s rebuttal, you should notice a stark difference. GOA’s article is packed with citations throughout. His article is a collection of ad hominem attacks and allegations without substantiation. His article is full of personal invectives against our Florida Director. GOA’s article has none of that, because again, our aim is to focus on the real problem – which is the compromising politicians.

GOA’s “no-compromise” approach wins key battles

Ultimately, this comes down to a disagreement over how GOA lobbies. Rep. Ron Paul said that, “GOA is the only no-compromise gun lobby.” If you ever wondered what that means, this is one such example.

GOA doesn’t compromise, and we never have during our 40-plus years in operation. And while that drives some politicians crazy, it also upsets some gun owners who are willing to compromise if it means that they can have a “seat at the table.”

So case in point: While the author is a board member of the state group that is attacking GOA, he also writes for a national gun group that, in 2013, was pushing the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Yes, that’s right. A national gun rights group was pushing the Manchin-Toomey compromise – which was a Universal Background Check-lite bill.

Well, GOA took a different approach in 2013. We opposed ALL gun control that year (as we always do), and we blasted the compromises that some gun rights advocates were pushing.

Rather than taking what legislators give us — and simply tweaking it to make it “not so bad” – we rallied the grassroots with the message: “Oppose all gun control.”

We generated so much grassroots pressure, that Republican Senators who were thinking about supporting gun control-lite, quickly backed away.

Consider this report from Slate: “When Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, backed away from bipartisan talks to expand background checks earlier this year, he did so after Gun Owners of America and its members flooded the senator’s office with e-mails and phone calls.”

In the end, GOA’s approach won. And the New York Times even credited GOA with killing Universal Background Checks (UBCs) in 2013.

But notice: Our approach differed from other lobby groups that were trying to broker a compromise on UBCs. Again, their approach can be summed up as getting a “seat at the table” where they can negotiate gun control language that’s “not as bad” as the original.

That’s not how GOA operates. We mobilize YOU — the grassroots — because the millions of gun owners like yourself are the ones best suited to blast the compromisers and rein them back in. Sadly, other groups don’t mobilize the grassroots this way.

The state group which is attacking GOA only sent one legislative alert to its grassroots members this year. Only one! By contrast, GOA put out over 20 alerts into the state within the period of a few months. But what’s ironic is that in the past week, this group has sent double the number of alerts (2) as they have legislative alerts (1) in 2021 – but both alerts in the past week focused on attacking a fellow gun organization.

This has not gone unnoticed by Florida gun owners. On Sunday, in the wake of the second hit piece on GOA, one Floridian posted this on Facebook:

They [the state group] doubled down attacking Luis Valdes and Gun Owners of America-Florida today with a condescending yet entirely emotional ad hominem tirade. Literally the only two emails I’ve received from them in almost two years were to attack other gun groups. Yet they’re nowhere to be found otherwise.

In a nutshell: GOA is under attack for refusing to compromise. But you have my promise that GOA will never do that. We are NOT going to compromise. And we will continue to hold politicians accountable when they do, and we will be sure to “name names” and tell you who the oath-breaking politicians are.

So thank you so much for standing with us. We can’t do what we do without your activism.

In Liberty,

Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America

P.S. Go here to read this alert online.

P.P.S. See the announcement below for all the ladies of GOA!


Best outdoor ranges in or near Tampa?: FLGuns

By Tim Macy

This week, a Florida gun group launched an attack on our state director Luis Valdes and, by extension, on Gun Owners of America.

This broadside was then reprinted by a national group, as well as another state gun group in Florida.

GOA has made it a practice not to speak ill of other pro-gun groups, and so I don’t intend to do so here. At the same time, given the coordinated attacks by several groups, it’s necessary that I respond to the false allegations because there are surely many gun owners who have read the articles, and they want to hear our side of the story.

As you know, GOA is a no-compromise group, which means that we will never give politicians a pass for compromising — no matter what their party affiliation. GOA has been critical of many Florida legislators for refusing to pass substantive pro-gun bills, and ultimately, this is why we are being attacked.

One would think that suggesting there is a problem with Florida’s elected Republicans would be a no-brainer. After all, Florida has a Republican supermajority which means that Democrats have no power to stop significant pro-gun bills — if only Republicans had the will to push them.

But as I will explain below, Republican politicians have been stealthily working to undermine pro-gun bills. One such politician is Florida state Representative Cord Byrd, who has refused to bring up important pro-gun bills — such as Constitutional Carry and 2A Sanctuaries — after he had promised to do so.

This is something that Luis Valdes has pointed out. It’s information that gun owners need to know.

Sadly, the group attacking GOA gets personal and questions Luis’ motives, writing: “I understand Valdes wants to generate buzz and possibly a headline, and he’s not the first to go after a well-known member of the gun community in the hopes it will create even more of a splash.”

To the contrary, Luis was not trying to generate “buzz” or “headlines” or create a “splash.” What he is doing is holding legislators accountable who are in a position to move pro-gun legislation but refuse to do so.

Pro-gun champion in the Florida House calls out RINO Republicans

While Rep. Byrd has voiced support for Second Amendment rights, it’s also clear that he has put his promises to gun owners on hold in order to appease the Republican leadership, who simply want gun owners to go away and leave them alone. (I’ll explain this below.)

But first, it’s worth noting that Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who is the sponsor of Constitutional Carry, has been quick to point out how Republicans are killing pro-gun legislation behind closed doors. He has seen this firsthand and has not hesitated to call them out.

At a recent press conference, the media reported: “Sabatini called out his fellow Republicans, some by name … for not doing enough for gun rights.”

And in this video, Rep. Sabatini calls out the “spineless RINO Republicans” in Florida for “lying to the American people about being strong on the Second Amendment.”


Likewise, pro-gun media have noted how the Republican leadership in Tallahassee is refusing to bring up substantive, pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry:

The state of Florida has been semi-jokingly referred to as the Gunshine State. However, they’re not nearly as pro-gun as a lot of people think. They have a long way to go to really be one of the most pro-gun states in the nation. Yet they could make a big step toward that if they were to pass constitutional carry. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much political will.

After our press conference in Tallahassee to push Constitutional Carry, pro-gun media reported: “Let’s hope the powers that be in Florida step up and listen. If not, maybe it’s time for some lawmakers to start looking for a new line of work.”

Of course, the “powers that be” are Republicans who have held a supermajority for years.  This means that Democrats have NO WAY to stop Constitutional Carry…if only Republicans had the political will to pass it.

Sadly, they don’t have the will to do so. And they don’t like it when we start naming names.

The big lie: ‘We don’t have the votes’

When Republicans who don’t want to move pro-gun legislation come under fire, they complain that “their hands are tied” or that “they don’t have the votes.” This is a lie that is repeated time and time again. We hear it in Congress and in state legislatures across the country.

And incidentally, this is exactly what Texas Lt. Gov. Daniel Patrick tried to do to gun owners this year, claiming “we don’t have the votes” to pass Constitutional Carry:

“If we have the votes to pass a permitless carry bill off the Senate floor, I will move it,” Patrick said in a statement. “At this point we don’t have the votes on the floor to pass it.”

Of course, that means: “We don’t have the political will to pass Constitutional Carry.”

As you know, GOA’s team was the key force in pushing Constitutional Carry onto the Governor’s desk in Texas. And we did so over their “we can’t get your bill passed” objections. We demanded the legislature vote on the legislation — despite the Republicans’ claims that “they didn’t have the votes.”

And guess what? When push came to shove … and they forced a vote on the bill … they actually had the needed votes!

Lies and Broken Promises

In Florida, Rep. Cord Byrd was assigned to be the Committee Chair for the House’s Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee, which is a very important one since the majority of the pro-gun bills were assigned to this committee.

Rep. Byrd’s prior legislative action showed hopeful advancement for the cause of liberty in Florida. In 2018, he voted against SB 7026, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.

Otherwise known as the Parkland Gun Control bill of 2018, it was the legislation that gave Florida an under-21 purchase ban, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, and other horrible pieces of gun control.

As such, in the start of the previous session, our state director, Luis Valdes, approached Rep. Byrd and asked him when he was bringing up Constitutional Carry (HB 123), the Repeal of the Parkland Gun Control (HB 6083), and other pro-gun bills. He informed Luis that it would be the middle of session.

As time went on, GOA supported Rep. Byrd’s own bill — State Preemption (HB 1409) — plus the Church Carry bill (HB 259) that Rep. Byrd co-sponsored.

One thing that the hit-piece on GOA did NOT mention is that we have been very complimentary of Rep. Byrd where appropriate. In March of this year, GOA’s Valdes stated: “I believe that Rep. Bryd is a good man. As a lawyer, he even promotes himself as a ‘Gun Lawyer’ through his law firm.”

So we praise legislators when it’s appropriate, but we also have to hold them accountable when they don’t follow through on their promises.

This is a key point. To ignore a politician’s broken promises would be akin to believing the husband who tells his wife that, despite having committed adultery, he has always been solidly committed to the marriage.

When the middle of session came, Valdes asked Rep. Byrd again where he was on bringing up the other pro-gun bills. After all, why would Rep. Byrd not want to push a bill to repeal the Parkland gun control that he voted against?

He told GOA that, “They don’t have Senate Companion Bills,” so bringing them up is a waste of time. (Sounds a lot like what we were hearing out of Texas, doesn’t it?)

Of course, Byrd’s statement was only a partial truth. Yes, they did not have companion bills. But under Florida’s legislative rules, bills do not need a companion in the other chamber to advance. The House can introduce legislation and pass it. It then advances to the Senate where they can choose to advance it or not.

And Rep. Byrd absolutely knows this. After all, Rep. Byrd has brought up other bills that did not have companion bills in the Senate (HB 411 and HB 1397). Byrd held votes on both of these non-gun related bills, and both passed favorably out of his committee, but then died in other committees.

So when he says that he can’t bring up bills for a vote that have no Senate companion bill — because that would be a waste of time — well, that’s just simply untrue.

The question that gun owners should be asking Rep. Byrd is: “Why will you bring up non-gun related bills for a vote — even when they don’t have Senate companions — but you won’t do that for substantive pro-gun bills, such as Constitutional Carry?”

Democrats push anti-gun bills, even when they don’t have sufficient votes

Consider how anti-gun Democrats at the national level push their agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t wait for companion bills to be introduced in the Senate. She pushes anti-gun bills to a vote, even if she knows they’re dead in the Senate. The reason is: She wants to create momentum.

This is exactly how national Democrats got the Brady Bill passed in 1993. For several years, they pushed for votes in one chamber — even though they couldn’t get a vote in the other chamber. Nevertheless, they forced votes year after year — and it worked. Even though Senator Bob Dole could have stopped the Brady bill from passing the Senate (by objecting to a Unanimous Consent agreement), he wilted, stating that: “Let’s get the best deal we can and move on.”

The pressure campaign to generate momentum had worked. The other side wore down “our side” in the same way that General Washington wore down the British.

So to say that “bringing them up is a waste of time” is simply not true. Victory feeds upon itself — and the momentum generated by holding hearings and conducting votes is extremely valuable. Our side needs to push substantive pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry. We need hearings, committee votes, chamber votes, etc.

Florida: A long record of killing pro-gun legislation

In the end, state Rep. Byrd allowed Constitutional Carry to die in committee without a vote or even a hearing.

This a pattern the Republican Party of Florida has used for years — they pick a designated “blocker” to hold up gun legislation that is popular with gun owners, but which is not favored by the party establishment.

That blocker is considered electorally “safe,” is leaving the legislature anyway, or is assured of a lucrative position should harm befall them.

In prior years, there was Sen. Anitere FloresSen. Rene GarciaSen. Miguel Diaz de la PortillaSenator Ellyn BogdanoffSenator John Thrasher, and Rep. Richard Corcoranjust to name a few. They all held important positions or chaired important committees and killed bills like Open Carry and Campus Carry over the past decade.  

What do they all have in common? They were Republicans who originally campaigned as being pro Second Amendment, and they received endorsements and high ratings from other gun rights organizations.

The compromising by other gun groups is not a well-kept secret in Florida. Chandler Langevin, who is President of Protect the 2nd in Florida, is running for Florida House District 52.

Langevin, who also works in a legislative office in the Tallahassee House, has an inside look at what’s happening in the state capitol. And this is what he had to say about Rep. Byrd and the attack on GOA and Luis Valdes: 

Thank you, Luis Valdes and Gun Owners of America/ Gun Owners of America — Florida for fighting a NO COMPROMISE fight for our 2nd Amendment rights here in Florida.

Florida Carry on the other hand would rather shill for the NRA and keep our fight for Florida’s gun rights stagnant. This is an unacceptable and cowardly approach. It will also render the organization illegitimate in any future battles for gun rights.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Cord Byrd had the opportunity to push Anthony Sabatini’s bills for Constitutional Carry, a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State, and another bill to repeal Red Flag Laws to a committee hearing. Cord didn’t allow even a hearing, he didn’t go to the media to raise awareness. No, he killed them.

Langevin truly understands the legislative process. There is no reason that, in a state which has a Republican SUPER majority, we should not see the legislature pass important pro-gun measures like Constitutional Carry and 2A Sanctuary bills. Or at least to hold legislative hearings!

‘Old Guard’ to the grassroots: Get back in line, we know better than you!

GOA was attacked for supposedly not understanding the legislative process. More specifically, the email broadside against GOA quotes Marion Hammer (who is the head of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida) as saying:

When groups and group spokespersons, who don’t understand the legislative process, attack legislative leadership and committee chairmen who support the Second Amendment, they shoot themselves in the foot and do an enormous disservice to law-abiding gun owners.

This is quite ironic, given our success in getting Constitutional Carry passed in Texas this year. But many have reacted against these comments and blasted that statement for coming across as arrogant.

As one person responded: “Luis must’ve struck a nerve. Good. This is nothing more than a command from the ‘ruling class’ to ‘the serfs’ to get back in line and shut up — WE know what’s best for you.”

The truth of the matter is that, in Tallahassee, GOA has outperformed the group that is now attacking us by every certifiable measure. That may sound like braggadocio. But this can be verifiably proven.

For one, GOA put out as many as twenty times more email alerts than did this other group. But that’s not all.

A simple search of lobbyist records shows that GOA’s Florida director Luis Valdes was present for every gun-related hearing. And this includes his testifying on the church carry bill (HB 259) which eventually passed. However, the group behind the attack on GOA did not testify at a single gun-related hearing in the House. (See the accompanying images below.)

So in review: When it came to mobilizing the grassroots and testifying before legislators, GOA outperformed the gun organization that is now attacking us.

As suggested above, it makes me very uncomfortable to point these things out. It is not GOA’s policy to comment on what other pro-gun organizations do or don’t do. That’s their business, and they have to answer to their own members for their actions. Very often, these are well-meaning Second Amendment advocates who simply hold to a different lobbying philosophy than GOA’s.

But as I said before, when another organization takes a swipe at GOA, which has a long-record of legislative accomplishments, we owe it to our membership to answer the false allegations. Because naturally, many will have questions.

GOP Senator reveals RINOs don’t get negative criticism from 2A community

For over twenty years, the Republican Party has held a supermajority in Florida. Yet the state is falling behind in the advancement of liberty — and worse, it was Republican lawmakers who advanced gun control!

Failing to bring up pro-gun bills for a committee hearing or vote can be summed up easily: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

This describes the problem in Florida and is exactly the point made by Sen. Dennis Baxley (R) in 2019:

Republican Lawmakers don’t support pro-gun legislation because they don’t hear any negative criticism from their constituency. They take the silence of gun owners as approval.

If Florida gun groups refuse to hold compromising politicians accountable, then Sen. Baxley’s analysis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The failure to hear criticism will result in more of the same — which means that we only get “table scraps” when it comes to gun rights.

If we are going to get Constitutional Carry enacted in Florida — or anywhere else in the country — we must demand that Republicans act to support our rights.

We want hearings … we want votes … we want the bill sent to the Governor. And if legislators refuse to do this, we must hold them accountable.

Anything short of that, as Sen. Baxley suggested, will only encourage Republicans in any state to continue ignoring the voice of pro-gun voters.

Again, Gun Owners of America does not compromise, and we will not carry water for any political party (or politician) when they compromise. The Second Amendment is apolitical, it belongs to everyone and the best way to secure that is to advance liberty.

This is GOA’s message both in Florida and across the country, and we urge all gun owners to be always vigilant in holding their elected official accountable.


Tim Macy is the Chairman of Gun Owners of America, a grassroots lobby representing more than two million gun owners nationwide. 











All About Guns Allies

Someday I hopefully will get to go there!

Allies This great Nation & Its People

One of the giants – Annie Oakley

All About Guns Allies

Matt Markey: ‘Gun crime’ a convenient cover for senseless behavior

Matt Markey, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio

I was 14 years old when I got my first gun — a .410 for rabbit hunting and target shooting. But for many years before my father handed me that single-shot firearm, there were countless lessons in the safe handling of guns.

There was the oft-repeated foundational edict of every firearm instructor — to assume every gun is a loaded gun and treat it appropriately.

My father instilled a sense of responsibility that goes with gun ownership and the fact that mistakes made with guns are often with you for a lifetime.

Those early years were also filled with equally important instruction in respect — respect for others, friend or foe, respect for people’s right to express their own opinions, and a broad respect for the sanctity of human life. That education was delivered most often by example, so it was natural to follow the words of my father when I saw him living by those same principles in every aspect of his life.

He both taught and showed that a gun, an automobile, a motorized boat, a mishandled fire, and a sharp knife all had that inherent ability to take a life, or seriously injure someone if not handled in a safe manner and while displaying the ultimate respect for the lives of others.

In the 50-plus years since I received that first shotgun, I have never used one to settle an argument, retaliate for mistreatment, or even a score after some perceived slight. There are a half dozen more guns in my possession now, all for hunting or target shooting, and in the most extreme case any one of them could be used, as a last resort, to protect the lives of my family if a serious threat presented itself.

I’ve never taken a gun into a bar or restaurant, never carried one on an airplane, never pulled one out after someone cut me off in traffic, never reached for a gun when confronted with another angler’s lack of stream etiquette, and never considered using a gun despite some of the threatening comments that have come my way over the past half-century.

When I read the news, I am both baffled and troubled by what I see. Twelve people killed and 42 more wounded just last weekend in Chicago — all with guns, and all seemingly the result of petty disagreements or a perceived dose of disrespect. Those dozen lives are gone forever, and a few dozen more people are likely maimed for life. All over a lack of respect for life.

I disagree with the way some headlines characterize this matter: “Gun violence proliferates” or “Wave of gun violence” or “Spike in gun crimes.” These incidents are all the result of violent people or gun-toting criminals, not the existence of guns. My guns sat there on the wall rack all weekend and did not harm a soul, because I chose not to use them in such a manner.

Stop yourself before you go to the keyboard and hit the customary default buttons — too many guns, end gun ownership, we need more regulations, blame the NRA, not enough jobs, blah, blah, blah. Full disclosure — I am not a member of the NRA and I never have been — but it is just too easy, and grossly inaccurate, to blame any organization for the thoughtless behavior of some people in our society. If you pull the trigger, the result is on you. Period.

I see thousands of flags in our cemeteries this weekend, all marking the graves of people who have served our country. In their training, and for many, during their time in the military, they handled guns on a regular basis and were skilled in the use of firearms. But they did not use a gun to shoot someone in a bar parking lot, never decided to spray an apartment complex with multiple rounds because they were mad at someone who might be there at the time, and they never shot people during a memorial service for a victim of another senseless shooting, as we experienced recently here in Toledo.

After the most recent shootings in San Jose, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked this week if there is a “crime problem” in the United States. Her reflex response was to call it a “gun problem”. From one old former redhead to one young current redhead — wrong, wrong, wrong. Murder is a crime, and there were multiple murders in this case. It is just so effortless to blame the gun and ignore the fact that those folks would all be alive if that criminal had not been intent on killing his co-workers.

When we stop talking with each other and listening to each other, then the guns seem to come out. And when we don’t want to admit the real source of these senseless shootings and killings, the excuses fly like rounds at a Camp Perry competition. But in an overwhelming majority of the cases where gunfire takes lives, it’s not the guns — it’s the trigger-squeezer that is to blame.

There are certain members of our society who should never own a gun — convicted felons, those with serious psychiatric problems, and those who have threatened violence against others — but broad brush laws that sweep up the law-abiding along with the criminal element run contrary to every word of the constitution.

What we face is a much more difficult circumstance than just “too many guns” and the programmed response that more gun laws will fix it all. We are experiencing the result of a long-term erosion of our values, which is on display each time another neighborhood argument is settled with gunfire and each time a workplace dispute results in multiple ambulance runs.

We need more respect for our fellow human beings, much more than we need another batch of gun laws.

Contact Blade outdoors editor Matt Markey at: [email protected] or 419-724-6068.

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1962 Miss America pageant winner Maria Fletcher Shooting Colt’s Cutting-Edge Rifle, the then new AR-15

Maria Beale Fletcher (born June 23, 1942) is an American beauty pageant contestant who was Miss America 1962.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Fletcher was born to dancing duo Charles “Beale” and Margaret Gatley Fletcher, who were the founders of the Fletcher School of Dance and the Land of the Sky Civic Ballet. She has one brother, Walter, and two sisters, Margaret and Bonnie.[2]

She is from Asheville, North Carolina, and was a graduate of A.C. Reynolds High School. She worked as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette prior to winning the Miss America crown.[3] After winning Miss America, Fletcher used her earned scholarship towards a degree in French from Vanderbilt University.[4]


She was the Miss America preliminary competition swimsuit winner, and her overseas tour included visits to 31 Army hospitals and Servicemen’s Clubs. For the talent competition, she tap danced to a recording of herself singing “Somebody Loves Me.”[5] She remains to date the only Miss North Carolina to be crowned Miss America.


During the late 1960s, Fletcher served as co-host of The Noon Show on Nashville, Tennessee, television station WSM.

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Marines and Australian Soldiers Shoot Each Other’s Weapons


A Remington MODEL 1900 SIDE BY SIDE 28IN TUBES in 16 GA