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Saudi King marks 9/11 anniversary: ‘We lost many good pilots’

Sure, we didn’t expect them to return, but I knew some of them quite well.”

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RIYADH — As in most countries around the world on September 11, a moment of silence was held in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Theirs was 15 seconds long, one second for each Saudi national lost in the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

“21 years ago, we lost a lot of good pilots,” King Salman reflected during a remembrance ceremony carried live on all major networks from Riyadh. “Sure, we didn’t expect them to return, but I knew some of them quite well. Though Egyptian, Mohammed Atta’s dedication to the cause isn’t to be overlooked, and we grant him the title of ‘Honorary Saudi.’ The man was razor-focused, and I think his body of work speaks for itself.”


Former President George Bush assures the late King Abdullah that any allegations against his country would be buried under red tape until long after he was dead.


The King reflected on sending some of his dear friends to pilot training in San Diego.

“We all thought my brother, the late King Abdullah, would buy us all new Gulfstreams and needed more pilots. It wasn’t until later we learned that a friend of the family was cashing in some favors over construction contracts.” King Salman then chuckled lightly and exclaimed, “Imagine our surprise when a month after 9/11, it was Afghanistan that was being invaded! We really dodged a bullet there.”

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal, was quick to point out that many nations lost citizens on 9/11.

“Today, the King shares the world’s grief. Be it a firefighter going back up the stairs to save one more person, a traffic cop shielding innocent bystanders from debris, or the pilot who cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to qualify as a pilot on the 737. From Mecca to Medina, we remember these heroes today.”

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One word – Chicago

Murder, electronic monitoring, Chicago’s top cop, an acquittal, guns, pot, a viral video, Lollapalooza, questions about prosecutorial decisions, and a dumbfounded judge. This story has it all.

Torrence Reese (inset), a CPD photo of the alleged contraband, and a frame from a viral video showing Reese being tackled near Lollapalooza. | CPD; @ChicagoCritter

It’s difficult to imagine a story that better captures the state of law enforcement in Chicago than this one.

A man who was singled out by the Chicago police superintendent as an example of an alleged murderer who should not have been released on electronic monitoring, only to be found not guilty six months later, allegedly ran from a crashed car in the Loop on Thursday evening, leaving behind a bag containing $8,000 in marijuana and a loaded handgun with an auto-fire switch and an extended magazine attached.

Chicago police posted pictures of the crash scene and contraband on Twitter. A witness recorded now-viral video of the man being tripped and tackled by a bystander as Chicago cops moved in to make the arrest near Lolapalooza.

And prosecutors charged him with the pot that was in the bag. But they did not charge him with the gun that allegedly had an auto-switch and extended magazine attached, leaving a Cook County judge dumbfounded.

“I’m having a hard time understanding how he’s charged with some contents of the bag but not all,” Judge Mary Marubio said during a Friday afternoon bail hearing.

A prosecutor told her that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office considered filing gun charges but “decisions were made.”

An example and an acquittal

Torrence Reese, then 18, was charged in March 2017 with killing two people and injuring a third during a shootout that authorities said was the result of an attempt to steal marijuana. Reese was also shot during the incident.

A judge initially held him without bail, but he was later released on electronic monitoring to await trial on 140 felony counts.

Almost exactly one year ago, after July ended with more than 100 people murdered in Chicago, CPD Supt. David Brown identified Reese by name as an example of someone who should not be on electronic monitoring.

“If you release Mr. Reese, who was charged with two murders and an attempted murder, and continued to commit crime while in jail, we’re going to run in place as a city,” said Brown. “Too many violent, repeat offenders are being released back into these communities, creating a sense of lawlessness and no consequences for their behavior, making for a dangerous environment.”

WBBM-AM, August 2, 2021

Prosecutors dropped 110 of the 140 charges against Reese in January, a routine move to focus the allegations for trial.

After the state put on its case in February, Reese’s attorney, Michael Clancy, ripped their entire presentation in a memorandum to Judge Diana Kenworthy.

“To be blunt, the civilian witnesses called by the State were all liars,” Clancy wrote in the February 22 filing. They “all took an oath to tell the truth, then proceeded to prevaricate time and again. They contradicted each other on details big and small … It is plain that a murder scene was tampered with by two and likely three individuals in this case.”

On February 28, Kenworthy found Reese not guilty on every charge, including eight counts of murder.

New allegations

On Thursday evening, Chicago police tried to pull over a white Jeep in the Loop. Prosecutors say the Jeep drove onto the sidewalk and ran red lights before it crashed into two cars that were stopped for a traffic signal near Michigan Avenue and Harrison Street, not far from the Lollapalooza festival.

The Jeep’s driver bailed out and Reese ran from its front passenger seat, Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Haamid said Friday.

This video shows what happened next. A man wearing a tie-dye shirt stuck his leg out and tripped Reese, who fell to the sidewalk. He got back up and started running, only to be pushed into a pole by the same bystander as cops approached. Watch:

Cops found a blue bookbag on the front passenger seat where Reese had been, Haamid said. Inside, officers found the loaded handgun with the auto-fire switch and extended magazine along with three bottles of promethazine and $8,100 worth of pot, according to Haamid. Another bag, located behind the driver’s seat, contained another $8,100 worth of marijuana, he continued.

The Chicago Police Department posted photos of the crash scene and the alleged contraband on Twitter.

Prosecutors charged the driver, Darius Sanford, with aggravated fleeing, possession of cannabis, and driving on a suspended license. The cannabis charge is linked to the bag that police allegedly found behind the driver’s seat.

They charged Reese with possession of cannabis and possessing a controlled substance for the pot and promethazine that was allegedly inside the blue bag.

“Why isn’t this gun charged?” asked Judge Marubio. “40-caliber handgun with an extended magazine and auto switch.”

“The gun charge was reviewed, and decisions were made at that time to not charge that gun,” Haamid replied.

“But is he then charged with the drugs in that bag?” Marubio countered.

“That is my understanding,” Hammid affirmed.

After a long silence, Marubio offered a confounded, “Okay.”

Reese only has two misdemeanor convictions in his background, including a mob action charge, which Brown was apparently referring to when he said Reese “continued to commit crime while in jail.”

Marubio ordered him to pay a $1,000 bail deposit to go home, where he must observe a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew.

Sanford, convicted of two gun felonies and felony misuse of a credit card in 2011, according to Haamid, was ordered to pay a $2,500 deposit and then observe the same curfew. Marubio said his bail is higher because of the fleeing allegations.

According to the sheriff’s office online inmate search, neither man was in custody as of Saturday morning.

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Our Civil “Servants” hard at work

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Miami preparing to send 200 discarded guns to Ukraine by: Natasha Zouves, Joshua Eferighe, Brian Entin

Miami’s buyback program paid residents up to $150 bucks to turn in their guns.

“It was a complex process to navigate and get all the authorities in place to send the weapons overseas but we are very close to finalizing that deal,” a Miami police chief told “NewsNation Prime” on Wednesday.

The idea of sending weapons across international borders is not only controversial. Some skeptics wonder if such a deal is even legal.

“It is a little bit off the wall. It has caught people by surprise. A lot of people don’t even believe it’s true,” Commissioner Ken Russell told “NewsNation Prime.”

Along with representing Miami’s second district, Russell is a small businessman who helped pass the Miami Forever Bond, which will invest $400 million into housing, parks, streets and flood mitigation throughout the city.

“The only time I have ever heard of it being done before is in season 3 episode 2 of Miami Vice, where the City Council voted to send guns to Nicaragua,” Russell continued with a chuckle.

Yet, while the city’s intentions might be good, war experts say it’s no laughing matter.

“Right off the bat, I believe it is a bad idea, frankly,” retired Lt. Gen. Richard Newton said during Wednesday’s edition of the show.

“What Ukraine needs right now is high-tech, high-precision, all-day, all-night weapon systems. Taking 200 weapons off the streets of Miami will not really have a significant impact on the battlefield itself. There is just a lot of unanswered questions here and it’s frankly kind of ludicrous they are doing this,” Richard continued.

But Russell says the city is partnering with an arms dealer to make sure the guns get into the right hands.

“You know we can’t cast judgment on who is receiving them. All we know is they are under attack,” Russell said.

Not only is the city of Miami sending guns from their buyback, they’re also sending guns from the police evidence room that they say would likely have been destroyed. They’re also encouraging other cities to join in.

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Newsom signs gun law modeled after Texas abortion ban, setting up Supreme Court fight By Hannah Wiley

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a controversial gun control bill modeled after Texas’ vigilante abortion law on Friday, teeing up a legal battle with a U.S. Supreme Court friendly to 2nd Amendment groups and firearm owners.

Newsom started a game of legal chess in December when he called for gun control legislation in California modeled after a Texas law that authorizes private citizens to sue anyone who aids and abets in an abortion, which the high court declined to block.

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) and a coalition of Democratic lawmakers introduced Senate Bill 1327 in response to Newsom’s request as a way to test the Supreme Court’s legal logic while setting up a political rivalry with states that have used a conservative majority of justices to expand gun ownership and curb abortion rights.

“If they are going to use this framework to put women’s lives at risk, we are going to use it to save people’s lives here in the state of California. That’s the spirit, the principle, behind this law,” Newsom said during a news conference to sign the bill.

People stand behind a lectern.
Gov. Gavin Newsom holds Senate Bill 1327 after signing it into law at Santa Monica College. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Newsom on Friday morning also announced that he was running a full-page ad in Texas newspapers targeting Gov. Greg Abbott “for refusing to protect human life and take action against gun violence.”

“If Texas can ban abortion and endanger lives, California can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives,” Newsom wrote in a tweet.

Earlier this month, Newsom ran another campaign ad in Florida, which claimed that freedom is “under attack” in the Sunshine State and urged residents to “join us in California.”

Abbott Press Secretary Renae Eze said Newsom should instead “focus on all the jobs and businesses that are leaving California and coming to Texas.”

The new gun law, set to go into effect in January, will allow private people to sue anyone who imports, distributes, manufactures or sells illegal firearms in California, such as assault weapons, .50 BMG rifles and so-called ghost guns. The law requires a court to order $10,000 in damages for each weapon used in an alleged violation, along with attorneys fees. The bill was written so that if Texas’ law is nulled, California’s would similarly be invalidated.

A man hugs a woman.
A tearful Gov. Gavin Newsom hugs gun violence survivor Mia Tretta after she introduced him before signing the legislation. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Newsom placed SB 1327 at the top of a list of more than a dozen bills he prioritized this year to help address a national crisis of mass shootings and to further limit the gun industry’s already restricted influence in California. Newsom signed another measure this month to establish a “firearm industry standard of conduct” and to allow local governments, the state Department of Justice and gun violence survivors to sue for violations of state law. Other bills he signed limit firearm advertising to minors, crack down on ghost guns and require school officials to investigate credible threats of mass casualty incidents on campus.

Proponents billed SB 1327 as a way to curtail gun violence by enlisting the legal help of private residents in stopping the spread of prohibited firearms in the Golden State.

The Texas statute that inspired California’s law allows citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who helps a person to obtain an abortion after five or six weeks of pregnancy.

“You’ve gotta do everything possible to reduce gun violence,” Hertzberg said. “If Texas is going to use this legal framework to essentially outlaw abortion for women, California is going to use this legislation to save lives.”

Lawsuits against many, if not all, of the bills are expected, with several gun ownership groups citing the policies as an infringement on 2nd Amendment rights.

“It is obvious that this is a retaliation against lawful gun owners and the court because of the Texas decision,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California. “There’s a full expectation that the firearms industry will have a very strong reaction towards the signing of this bill.”

Two women stand side by side.
Margaret Quinones-Perez, center, and Kathryn E. Jeffery, president of Santa Monica College, recall a shooting at the college in 2013 that took the lives of two of Quinones-Perez’s family. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

“They are really, really trying to be nothing but vindictive against lawful people in the firearms industry,” Paredes added. “All of our attorneys are in the process of evaluating what we are going to do on this thing.”

When the Supreme Court upheld the Texas law, some 2nd Amendment advocates voiced fears it could be used against them by gun control advocates, with Erik Jaffe, a lawyer for the Firearms Policy Coalition, calling the decision a vehicle for “deterring the exercise of any and all rights.”

But other legal experts question whether California’s strategy to mimic the Texas abortion ban will render the same outcome if it is brought before the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.

“One big difference between this law and Texas’ [abortion ban] is the likely opinion of the Supreme Court,” said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor with expertise in 2nd Amendment issues.

Winkler pointed to the Supreme Court’s recent decisions that struck down abortion rights guaranteed in Roe vs. Wade and a New York law that restricted concealed carry as evidence against its likelihood in upholding California’s new private right to action.

A man wipes away a tear.
Gov. Gavin Newsom wipes away a tear after being introduced by gun violence survivor Mia Tretta. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

“The Supreme Court is much more likely to strike down California’s law than the Texas law. We now know one of the reasons the Texas law was not struck down is the court, within a matter of months, would overturn Roe vs. Wade,” Winkler said. “The same court is expanding 2nd Amendment rights and is now likely to take a ban on assault weapons as unconstitutional.”

The American Civil Liberties Union also raised serious concerns with the new law’s enforcement tactics.

Shilpi Agarwal, legal director at the ACLU of Northern California, said the group doesn’t object to what the bill aims to accomplish in limiting access to illegal firearms. Instead, Agarwal said the ACLU disagrees with circumventing the courts by allowing a private right to action as a way to enforce those restrictions, which could essentially establish a “constitutional arms race” with other states.

“The federal Constitution creates the floor on our rights that states can’t go below. That is what ensures that all citizens, no matter what state they live in, enjoy a baseline level of rights, which courts then enforce,” Agarwal said. Texas’ abortion ban “is meant to create a trap door in that floor. And now other states are creating their own trap doors. California is creating one as well. And with all of these trap doors, the floor becomes meaningless.”

legislative analysis of the bill cautioned that replicating a Texas-style private enforcement strategy “may be flawed and dangerous” and noted that California already “tightly controls, regulates, and criminalizes activities related to restricted firearms.”

Hertzberg said the strategy is still worth trying.

“We don’t like the framework, but if we can take advantage of it and save lives, why is that wrong?” he said.

Newsom said that California has to assert itself after the Supreme Court “opened the door.”

“It was a terrible decision, but these are the rules that they have established.”

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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The origins of skeet shooting

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BREAKING NEWS: Assault Weapons Ban To Get Marked Up Next Week!!