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The Early history of CZ

How, when and where did the CZ started it all? Lets find out.

As explained in another article here, the history of CZ goes back to its mother company Česká zbrojovka Strakonice (which stands for Czech armory Strakonice).

Czechoslovakia found its way to indendependence in 1918 and in 1919 new Czech armory company was based by a guy named Karel Bubla. The company’s name was Jihočeská zbrojovka (South-Czech armory). They started their first production in an old mill in a city of Plzeň (Pilsen), but as the company grew, they built new and modern factory in 1921 in the city of Strakonice and started their operations in bigger. The company run very well and in 1922 it turned itself into larger shareholder-type company and changed it name to Česká zbrojovka v Praze (Czech armory in Prague) and late registred its trademark ČZ.

The founder of Česká zbrojovka, mr Karel Bubla was Czech architect from a town Strakonice. He gradually owned more business but he mainly focused on his construction company that he started early after finishing his studies in Vienna. In 1919, shortly after new independence of Czechoslovakia, already as a wealthy businessmen he started an amory company Jihočeská zbrojovka. From construction business to armory business, that is quite a shift. However, the story that is behind that is that mr Bubla worked during his studies in Vienna in an armory company and had a big passion for weapons since then.

It was most probably also back here where he met his main designer mr Alois Tomiška, who also worked in an amory in Vienna since 1890s. Mr Tomiška was later a well known designed who in 1909 as the first one developed and patented double action pistol named “Little Tom”. This gun was however only with single stack magazine. (By the way – do you know what was the first double action pistol with double stack magazine? It was CZ 75 few decades later)

Mr Tomiška started Vienna weapons factory in 1909 but sold all the patents to Vienna Arms Factory in 1919 and in the same year moved to Pilsen to join the company Jihočeská zbrojovka of mr Bubla as the main designer.

The company started as a armory company specializing in pistols, rifles and machine guns for a many armies. Later in the 1920s they started to produce also bicycles for army and in 1930s they started motorcycle production. The first motorcycle was named ČZ 76. When the new factory in Uherský Brod (→ CZUB) was finished, they started to move their arms production more and more into Uherský Brod and the original premises in Strakonice were focusing on production of motorcycles.

CZ factory in Strakonice

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The Politics of Gun Ownership Change as Millions of First-Time, ‘Anti-Gun’ Americans Bought Firearms By Dan Zimmerman

According to this Washington Post article, the percentage of Americans who own guns has jumped from 32% to 39% in the past year. That’s due to huge waves of new, first-time gun owners, of all political and cultural persuasions, deciding that owning a firearm is a good idea.

For many new gun owners, though, the decision to arm themselves is a political pivot — an accumulation of anxieties that led them to discard long-held beliefs. It’s a decision that is particularly difficult for people who belong to groups at higher risk of being on the wrong end of gun violence.

Jabril Battle, a 28-year-old account representative at a financial services company in Los Angeles, had always believed that “anyone who had a gun was a gun nut,” he said. “I really bought into the whole idea that the more people have guns … the more likely it is for people to start killing each other.”

But as the pandemic paralyzed the nation, Battle said, “I just saw how crazy people got.” He found himself conjuring the worst scenarios: “I was like, if my block has 10 houses, how many people in these houses have guns? If the food and water gets cut off, [if] supplies run out … what does that look like? Is this going to be a ‘Mad Max’ situation? Like ‘The Walking Dead,’ but not with the zombies?

“I was just, like, ‘Do I want to be the person who has a gun or doesn’t have a gun?”

Battle bought a Beretta 92FS, then added a Glock 34 pistol.

Still, he had reservations: “Being Black with a gun is a very high risk, a way higher risk than other races,” he said. “You are seen as a threat without a gun, and with a gun you are seen as a super threat.”

He kept imagining the scene if he were stopped by a White police officer.

“It’s still in my head, honestly, when I go to the gun range and I have my gun in my car,” he said. “If I get pulled over, and they ask, ‘Are there any weapons in the car?’ [and] I say there’s a gun, and then I hand in my registration, will they shoot me?”

But he’s enjoying the new world that guns opened to him — classes, an organization of Black gun owners, shooting competitions.

“Once I started being around guns more, and I kind of saw the culture and the environment, I’m falling in love,” he said.

In Battle’s family, guns were “not a good thing,” he said. “It kind of represented crime, especially for Black people. It’s just different for African Americans.”

But his family has accepted his decision, he said. His grandmother and two aunts came to the range with him and are considering returning to take lessons.

— Marc Fisher, Miranda Green, and Andrea Eger in ‘Fear on top of fear’: Why anti-gun Americans joined the wave of new gun owner

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