The Horror! War

I hope that the designer of this mess met up some certain Russian Veterans soon!

Sorry guys but as a track guy, I would not wish this on anybody. As burns are the gift that keeps on giving! Grumpy

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One of the Reasons why I put out this Blog – Let us hope that this does not happen but keep your weapons clean and the ammo dry just in case!

The Horror!

I am glad that I have a Son!

Quinten Massys | An Old Woman ('The Ugly Duchess') | NG5769 | National  Gallery, London

A Victory! The Horror! War

The Sound of Silence: The End of WWI

The Green Machine The Horror! This great Nation & Its People

Here is another reason on why I am so glad that I joined the US Army!

USS Cowpens rolling in heavy seas in Typhoon Cobra in the Pacific Ocean, 18 December 1944.

And this was a Light Aircraft carrier! Imagine the poor Bastards in say a small Destroyer! Poor Adm. Halsey, he really screwed the pooch on that one. But overall he was one of the Last Real Fighting Admirals that the USN had. Grumpy

All About Guns Soldiering The Green Machine The Horror! This great Nation & Its People War Well I thought it was neat!

All the while when somebody else is doing their utmost to KILL you!

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Allowing Women into the Front lines – NSFW

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I still can not understand this idea of letting woman have a chance to fill a body bag. Can anybody explain this one to me?
Thanks Grumpy

Fieldcraft The Horror!

Dinner is going to be served soon!

What an idiot! Because you just know that Mommy Bear is close by and REALLY PISSED OFF!
___________________________________ Here  is a little Tip in Field craft. In that Walt Disney’s world has nothing what so ever to do with the REAL WORLD. If you see any wild animal, Do Not Get Closer to it but instead put it in Reverse and get out of the Area.

The Horror! This great Nation & Its People Well I thought it was neat!

Why I am in favor of Term Limits for all Pols

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God help Us out here in California!

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