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Brenda Spencer: The Genesis Monster by WILL DABBS

This feisty-looking young lady pioneered the modern scourge of school shootings.

When I was growing up kids brought guns to school all the time. We typically left them in gun racks in the back windows of our pickup trucks or in car trunks in anticipation of after-school hunting trips. Our driver’s ed teacher was a compulsive hunter. His name was Coach Smith. When out of earshot we called him Poach Smith. He famously kept a shotgun and a garbage bag in the trunk of the driver’s ed car in case he came across something that needed shooting. He once returned after an outing around the county with both his students and a fresh wild turkey.

At least in the Deep South there was a time when guns in school were more background clutter than evidence of the coming apocalypse.

I recall one kid bringing a 1911 pistol to show off to his pals. Somebody saw it in his locker and alerted the headmaster, himself a Naval officer who had served in the Pacific during World War 2. The headmaster confiscated the gun and put it in his desk drawer, directing the kid to pick it up after school and not to bring it back again. He didn’t even call the boy’s parents. That’s because at that time in that place it would have been literally unimaginable to shoot up a school. That all changed on January 29, 1979.

Gender Issues

Life just seems more complicated today than was previously the case.

Figuring out whether you were a boy or a girl used to seem a fairly straightforward chore. Nowadays things are a bit more opaque. However, there yet remain some fundamental differences that are empirically demonstrable between men and women. In addition to the capacity to carry a child to term, one of the two genders is just a bit more innately rotten than the other.

The overwhelming majority of the prison inmates in America are male.

Testosterone is the most potent poison known to man. 93.3% of the incarcerated population in America is genotypically male. Were we being completely honest the quickest way to restore peace and harmony to the species would be to just lock up all the guys. Believe it or not, there are some radical feminists who have suggested just that.

School shootings are tragically commonplace today. However, they arose from some surprising places.

Despite this gross gender imbalance among the world’s criminals, when it came time for Satan to kick off the ghastly phenomenon that is the modern school spree shooting it was a woman who first squeezed the trigger. In 16-year-old Brenda Spencer, we find the genesis monster.


Brenda Spencer grew up in this nondescript home across the street from the local elementary school.

Like most true psychopaths Brenda’s origin story is sordid and broken. Born in 1962 in San Diego, California, and raised across the street from the Grover Cleveland Elementary School, by her sixteenth birthday Brenda stood all of 5’2” and sported bright red hair. Her parents were separated, and she lived in squalor with her alcoholic father, Wallace Spencer. It was so bad that the two of them slept on a common mattress in the living room surrounded by empty beer and liquor bottles.

The combination of a wretched upbringing, some sub-optimal raw material, and a childhood injury transformed this cute little kid into a certifiable monster.

As a child Brenda took a tumble on her bicycle and suffered a head injury. Though she recovered physically she was never quite right after that. Head scans later revealed permanent damage to one of her temporal lobes that likely contributed to the aberrant behavior that was to follow.

Brenda Spencer’s life just seemed cursed.

Spencer was a predictably poor student with truancy issues, but she had a talent for photography. She took first prize in a local Humane Society photography contest. However, her teachers reported that she fell asleep regularly in class.

With the crystal clarity of hindsight Brenda Spencer was obviously broken from a very young age.

While growing up Brenda demonstrated an inexplicable hatred of policemen. She also wandered the neighborhood killing birds with a BB gun. At age fifteen she was arrested for shooting out the windows in the school with her air rifle as well as burglary.

In the hands of a psychopath even a plinking rifle like this Ruger .22 can be fearsome deadly.

Her probation officer recommended that she be hospitalized for depression, but her rocket scientist dad refused to give permission. At Christmas of that year, he gave Brenda a Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic .22 rifle, a riflescope, and a 500-round brick of ammunition. Brenda later said of the gift, “I asked for a radio and he bought me a gun…I felt like he wanted me to kill myself.”

The Shooting

This is the view of the Grover Cleveland Elementary School from Brenda’s house across the street.

On Monday morning, January 29, 1979, a herd of children had gathered outside the gates of the elementary school. As 53-year-old Principal Burton Wragg walked out to open up the facility Brenda opened fire with her 10/22. As one might expect, unfettered chaos ensued.

Principal Burton Wragg gave his life saving the kids in his charge.
Mike Suchar, the school custodian, was a former Seabee and a WW2 veteran. He also died saving children during Brenda Spencer’s murderous rampage.

Spencer shot and wounded eight elementary school kids. Principal Wragg rushed into the line of fire to drag children to safety and was shot down as well. The school custodian, a 56-year-old Navy veteran named Mike Suchar, also ran to the sounds of battle. He was gunned down, too. Though all eight of the children ultimately recovered, Wragg and Suchar were killed.

A quick-thinking police officer commandeered a garbage truck and used it as cover to evacuate wounded children.

Brenda shot the first police officer to respond in the neck with her rifle. By this point, she had fired a sum total of thirty rounds. The police parked a garbage truck in the road to shield the school and evacuated the injured children to safety. Spencer spent the next several hours barricaded in her house talking to police negotiators.

People kill for myriad reasons. Brenda Spencer just wasn’t wired correctly.

A reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune dialed random numbers in the neighborhood until he got Spencer on the phone. When queried concerning her motivations she said, “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” She informed him that she had chosen the kids across the street because they made easy targets. She actually said, “It was a lot of fun seeing children shot.” She also explained that it was her intent to leave the house guns a’blazing.

Despite professional negotiators, police vehicles, and SWAT teams, it was a little BK that finally lured Spencer out of her home.

Eventually, Brenda grew peckish. She ultimately left the house peacefully in exchange for a meal from Burger King. Police subsequently described the home as littered with beer and whiskey bottles. However, Spencer’s drug and alcohol tests were all negative.

The Gun

The Ruger 10/22 is a ubiquitous American hunting and recreational rifle.

First introduced in 1964, the Ruger 10/22 is likely the most successful .22 rifle ever devised. As of 2015, there had been more than seven million copies sold. Aftermarket parts and accessories are so prolific that you can actually build a Ruger 10/22 nowadays that doesn’t include a single Ruger part. The number of young shooters whose first taste of a trigger was that of a 10/22 defies counting.

Nowadays the Ruger 10/22 comes with a wide variety of options.

The standard Ruger 10/22 features a blued finish and walnut stock, though there are plenty of factory options available. The 10/22 has been offered in .22LR, .17HMR, and .22 Win Mag variants. However, the .17HMR and .22 Win Mag versions were only available for a couple of years. The standard .22LR rifle feeds from a flush-mounted 10-round helical-feed magazine, though aftermarket magazines and drums carry fifty rounds or more.

The 10/22 comes from the factory with a proper scope mount.

The standard 10/22 rifle comes with quality iron sights. The rear sight folds flat when not needed. Every 10/22 rifle is tapped for a scope mount that comes with the gun.

The Ruger 10/22 can be transformed into a decent facsimile of the wartime German MG42 machine-gun.
At their hearts these are both just standard 10/22 rifles.
The Archangel Nomad kit turns the humble Ruger 10/22 into something much snazzier.

Aftermarket dress-up kits span the spectrum. The modular nature of the design lends itself to creativity. The basic chassis has been adapted to emulate a crank-powered, tripod-mounted Gatling gun, a miniaturized MG42 machinegun, and even an M1 Garand. The Archangel Nomad kit is a drop-in polymer chassis that makes the 10/22 into a proper facsimile of an HK G36 assault rifle.

In addition to being much more versatile, today’s Ruger 10/22 is actually cheaper than it was when introduced.

When introduced in 1964 the 10/22 sold for $54.50. That’s about $465 in today’s money. The MSRP for the base model 10/22 today is $309. In addition to being reliable, accurate, and customizable, the 10/22 was also designed from the outset for ease of manufacture. The receiver is an investment casting, while many of the components are polymer. This helps keep the gun affordable.

The Rest of the Story

Brenda Spencer pled guilty to the charges against her.

Spencer pled guilty to two counts of 1st-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced to 25 years to life on the day after her 18th birthday. She has thus far been before a parole board four times and has been denied each time.

Brenda alleged extreme abuse at the hands of her alcoholic father, though he vehemently denied this.

Brenda alleged that her father Wallace both beat and sexually abused her. He bizarrely married Brenda’s 17-year-old prison cellmate after her release, and they had a daughter together. The young woman eventually left him, but he lived in the same house across the street from the school until his death in 2016. The Grover Cleveland Elementary School was demolished in 2018.

Apparently inmates at the California Institute for Women eat fairly well.

In 2005 Brenda’s prison girlfriend was released and she was reported for an incident of self-harm. The report stated that she had clawed the words “Pride” and “Courage” into her flesh. When challenged she claimed the words were actually “Unforgiven” and “Alone.” She is currently 59 years old and resides at the California Institution for Women in Chino. She has been formally inducted into the “Golden Girls Club,” an organization of female inmates aged older than 55.

Bob Geldolf of the Boomtown Rats immortalized Brenda Spencer’s crime in a song just months after the shooting.

Bob Geldof, lead singer for the rock group the Boomtown Rats, read about the incident and wrote a song titled I Don’t Like Mondays that was released in July of 1979. The song was number 1 for four weeks in the UK, though it did not break the top 40 in the US. The Spencer family made a concerted effort to keep the song off the air on this side of the pond, but it received fairly extensive airplay regardless.

Bob Geldof helped give Brenda Spencer the attention she had craved for so long.

Geldof later said, “[Spencer] wrote to me saying ‘she was glad she’d done it because I’d made her famous,’ which is not a good thing to live with.”

On some level, one might hope that Brenda Spencer feels some responsibility for kicking off the sordid phenomenon of the modern school shooting.

“With every school shooting, I feel I’m partially responsible. What if they got the idea from what I did?”

–Brenda Spencer

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From Military Corruption – Some really Bad Eggs of the Officers Corp


Just a small fraction of officers that should either be serving a prison sentence or resigned in disgrace without an Honorable Discharge.

The never-ending hit parade of flag-ranking military officers, some who should be serving time in Ft. Leavenworth, and all certainly should not have left the military with an Honorable Discharge. The admirals and generals of the American military consider themselves above the law… and that’s because they are.

Lieutenant General “Cut-and-Paste” Andre F. Piggee
United States Army

Lt. General? “Cut-and-Paste” Aundre F. Piggee.

Lt. General Andre F. Piggee could barely read or write. But, people throughout his military career covered for him. They made sure the general’s correspondence appeared to be from someone who received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

When Piggee’s illiteracy compelled him to commit an illegal act of fraud, his friends in the upper echelons of the United States Army were still covering for him.

Lt. Colonel Andre Piggee enrolled in the Army’s famed War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Being a student, Piggee had a dilemma. He couldn’t find anyone to write his thesis for him, which was required for graduation.

This is when Piggee became known as “Cut-and-Paste” Piggee. Lt. Col. Piggee went on a cut-and-paste terror campaign, finishing his thesis in record time, while the other war college students struggled and burned the midnight oil.

Apparently, the folks at the war college either didn’t suspect anything by the way paragraphs were pieced together in a disjointed fashion, or they too helped to cover Piggee’s inabilities with the English language.

Lt. Col. Andre Piggee proudly submitted his fraudulent disjointed thesis constructed together with lines a phrases that evolved into a varient form of stolen valor.

His thesis and resulting graduation worked it’s magic. Piggee went on to bigger and better things rising up to the rank of lieutenant general in the United States Army, with is posse of accomplices helping him to conceal the fact he was unable to construct a simple memo.

Piggee was not only in the Army, but he had a personal army of subordinates helping to cover his inability to piece two sentences together. The man was a fraud. And, the Army that covered his tracks and promoted him to nearly the highest rank in the Army were complicit accomplices.

This coverup of Piggee’s inabilities included powerful friends like the Army’s Inspector General (Koala Bear Smith) who knew all about Piggee’s proclivity to cut-and-paste and about his fraudulent thesis, but covered for him anyway. It’s the Army’s mantra, never leave a dumbell behind.

REF: exposed Piggee’s “cut-and-paste” ways in many articles (, and it wasn’t too long before we heard Piggee was busted a star down to major general and quietly retired out of the military’s face-saving back door.

This so-called “punishment” was apparently a rouse. Later we heard that Piggee may not have been demoted at all. It was all a lie to deceive the American public and protect the retirement paycheck of “Cut-and-Paste” Piggee.

The Army War College was so embarrassed at all of this, they sent workmen out in the middle of the night (on a weekend) to grind Piggee’s name off of the huge brass plaque that proudly displays the names of all of the graduates from the prestigious war college.

If any other officer had done the same thing, they would have been lowered in rank back to the rank they held when the crime was committed and a general court martial would have been convened. They surely would not have received an Honorable Discharge like Piggee did.

Piggee allegedly received only a one-step reduction in rank as punishment, or did he? Was that also a lie?

One of our readers sent us this…

I just saw an announcement that Aundre Piggee was selected for the board of advisors of Unitedly Dynamics Inc. Another golden parachute for a former Army general officer who left the service in disgrace. The announcement also mentions his former rank as lieutenant general.

The announcement said, “United Dynamics is pleased to announce that the former US Army Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Logistics (G-4) and LTG, Aundre Piggee, has joined our Board of Advisors. His wealth of experience will be pivotal in bringing both Aerospace and Defense sector work to United Dynamics and Oklahoma!! Please join me in welcoming him to the team!”

So, it begs the question. Did the Army lie to everyone and actually retire Piggee as a lieutenant general, or did Piggee lie to United Dynamics about his actual rank at retirement?

Anyone out there who knows the truth is welcomed to convey it to us so we can finally set the record straight. Was Piggee dropped in rank or not? Did the Army pull a slick bate and switch so Piggee could retire at lieutenant general rank?

Or, was United Dynamics lied to by Piggee? Or did United Dynamics just look the other way so they could use Piggee as a promotional clown on their Board of Directors to give them more perceived credibility?

United Dynamics is advertising Piggee as a lieutenant general. Even more interesting is that the guy who replaced Piggee as the Army G4, Duane Gamble, was also relieved. The last two Army G4s relieved is a very bad track record for Army leadership (if there is any).

Inquiring minds want to know. If any of our readers have information, let us know.

Major General Jimmy “The Child Molester” Grazioplene
United States Army

Then-Brig. Gen. James J. Grazioplene pictured in an official Army photo in 1997. (Credits to: Scott Davis)

How could we leave this scumbag general’s name off the list. For pretty much ten years or so, this piece of crapola was raping his own daughter. At a minimum, there were numerous counts of statutory rape.

Over the years, his daughter would tell people who either didn’t believe her or didn’t want to believe her and the sexual assaults continued. His crimes were being concealed by the United States Army.

Finally, the heat began to rise and the Army tapped their usual play book… deny, deny, deny then quietly retire the POS general out the back door.

Grazioplene made it into retirement and thought the coast was clear, but a civilian district attorney would not play the Army’s game of protecting the protected military class of admirals and generals.

Now, Major General Grazioplene didn’t have the military to protect his ass anymore and was convicted by a civilian court.

An embarrassed United States Army finally decided to take action and pulled Major General scumbag Grazioplene back on active duty to be court martialed. Whoa, the Army wasn’t finished trying to help the POS major general.

They figured out a way to get him a retirement pension and an Honorable Discharge. If you recall the Piggee matter, the Army went back to the drawing board and discovered the molestations (sounds like infestations) began when he was a 2nd lieutenant.

So, the sneaky damn Army busted the major general down to the rank of 2nd lieutenant and gave him an Honorable Discharge with an Army pension as a second louie with 30 years of military service. At least that’s the way we heard it…. if any of our readers have more information, please contact us.

The POS retired second lieutenant is, no doubt, filing claims with the Veterans Adminstration for PTSD to get that coveted 100% disability rating to add to his second louie with 30 years pension.

While the POS 2nd louie did receive punishment, it wasn’t nearly what it could or should have been. Remember, we have Navy pilot on our staff who received a Dishonorable Discharge, no pension and felony conviction for dating an enlisted woman in the naval reserves.

And, the military double standards just keeps rolling down the tracks. The United States military, specifically the United States Army has absolutely no integrity whatsoever. REF:

Brigadier General Joshua M. Olsen
United States Air Force

Brigadier General Joshua Olsen, United States Air Force

On Memorial Day, 2022, our troops celebrated and recognized the sacrifices of their predecessors all over the world.

Our WOKE military attempted to use Memorial Day to make their civilian task masters happy.

During the Memorial Day celebrations at Ramstein AFB in Germany, some brilliant piece of work came up with a special story telling adventure called ‘Drag Queen Story Time for Kids.’

We believe BG Olsen was in charge when his minions attempted to teach the kids all about the drag queen lifestyle through the façade of story-telling.

After all, a gesture of WOKENESS would surely make the White House and Congress happy, and consequently, maybe Brigadier General Olsen would get another star on his shoulder.

That’s all it takes in our new WOKE military to get promoted to the next higher rank is to let a drag queen teach the children why it’s important to question their sexuality. Brilliant, just fucking brilliant.

Well, apparently U.S. Senator Marco Rubio would have none of it. The senator let the Air Force know they were messing with the primeval forces of nature, meaning him and his staff.

And, wadayaknow, the “Drag Queen Story Time for Kids” was suddenly canceled, at least for now. So, why do the people who conjured up this ridiculous way for the Air Force to honor or fallen sailors, soldiers and Marines still have a job? Is that what they think Memorial Day is all about?

In the words of James Howard Kunstler…

“Of course, we have not begun to probe what might animate a man to present himself to the world as a monstrous parody of a woman. Suffice it to say that such behavior suggests some complicated psychodynamics. And why, exactly, are they suddenly on-display so extravagantly now across the country, supposedly for the edification of children? I’ll tell you why: It’s not actually for the sake of the children. The children are just pawns in what is actually a national political psychodrama. Or rather, they are hostages.”

Major General Paul C. Hurley
United States Army

Major General Paul C. Hurley, Jr.


Hurley allegedly made one of his subordinates pregnant.

Rumor had it the civilians on the base decided to do whatever they could to remove the major general because he was beginning to make changes they didn’t like.

The real mystery is what happened to MG Hurley.

The Army snuck him out of the service in a clandestine way and we are still wondering what happened to the major general.

Was he a good guy who was smeared by the civilian mafia on base, then run out of town on a rail? Or, was he just another scumbag Army general who thought he was above the law? You know the type. They court martial people for the same things they do on any given day.

If anyone out there knows the backstory behind Major General Hurley, feel free to let us know.

Major General “piece of work” Bill Cooley
United States Air Force

Major General Bill Cooley, United States Air Force

This one is a messy one. Bill Cooley apparently has a drinking problem and got severely drunk and attempted to hit on his sister-in-law. She accused the major general of sexually assaulting her in 2018.

The victim sister-in-law said the major general grew more physically affectionate, going from brief hugs to full embraces. Certain interactions unnerved her she said.

Cooley sometimes kissed the top of her head and smelled her hair (whoops, does that sound familiar? Remember the hair smelling tirades by our own Joe Biden?); The hair smelling incident occurred during a hug, which made her so uncomfortable that she told her husband.

Cooley purportedly kissed and fondled his sister-in-law without her consent in August 2018 after a barbecue at her home. The major general was in the Albuquerque area for work at Kirtland Air Force Base and arrived early to spend the weekend with “family” and friends.

On Aug. 12, 2018, Cooley stayed late after the barbecue to drink bourbon with others around a fire. He had spent time with his family in their backyard pool, snacking on chips and salsa and enjoying the summer sun.

To make a long story short, the major general was out of fucking control. He didn’t stop with the hair smelling, he grabbed her crotch and did other things to get his sister-in-law in the sack.

Amazingly, the Air Force decided to court martial Wild Bill Cooley. Dan Conway said, “It’s difficult to pick a jury from a pool of officers whose career progression depends on the approval of a Senate that expends significant energy excoriating them about sexual assault,”

The court martial was the first one ever against a flag-ranking officer in the United States Air Force. While the other services have court martialed flag ranking officers, they let about 99% slip out the back door into retirement without any legal proceeding or even a credible investigation.

After about five hours of deliberation, Colonel Christina Jimenez — the chief circuit military judge with the Air Force Trial Judiciary, Western Circuit, at Travis Air Force Base, California — ruled Cooley was guilty of forcibly kissing the woman, the first specification in a single charge of abusive sexual contact. He is not guilty of two other specifications of groping her and moving her hand to touch his genitals over his clothes, she said.

On April 26, 2022, Maj. Gen. William Cooley was sentenced for the crime of abusive sexual contact. Military judge Col. Christina Jimenez ordered that he forfeit $10,910 per month of his pay for five months and receive a written reprimand. The major general, as far as we know, received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force.


Discovery Channel is releasing a new documentary about a forgotten and ugly piece of US military history. Edgewood Experiments:

Source 1:

Source 2:


The Army is extending recruiters’ tours of duty to attempt to bring more troops in the ranks. The combination of less physically fit candidates coupled with public knowledge of the military’s woke culture is making the armed forces less appealing than in the past.



As we have mentioned before and along with some of our retired readers, we strongly advise against joining the military for the reasons mentioned above.


There’s news about a proposed policy by the new WOKE Army about “compassionate reassignment.”

This means basically a soldier stationed in a conservative state such as Texas, Oklahoma, or South Dakota could request transfer if he, she, or whatever pronoun they use these days claims that state’s laws are deemed “threatening.”

I can almost guarantee such a policy won’t be used to help a soldier stationed in a leftist state like California who doesn’t fall in line with California’s laws.

One of our loyal readers said, “In my career in the military, I was stationed in states where the locals didn’t agree with my political or religious views. I did my best to work with everyone, knowing we were all Americans and my oath to defend our nation didn’t exclude anybody.”


Major and JAG officer “Sticky Fingers” Dan Johnson
United States Army

Former Army Major and JAG officer for the South Carolina Air National Guard, Dan E. Johnson (right). He was a fraudster, philanderer, cover-up artist and general scumbag, but character traits the United States Army found “favorable,” because Big Army made sure Johnson received an Honorable Discharge.

Who can forget this gem of a guy? decided to add Dan Johnson’s name to the list because there is some movement going on concerning this ethically, morally and legally challenged former army major.

Yeah, this story is one that will drop you jaw to the ground, so fasten your seatbelts and here we go…

Major Dan Johnson had the world by the ass. He was king of all he surveyed. He graduated from the mighty Citadel and went on to get his law degree.

Johnson was a reservist in the Air National Guard of South Carolina and a JAG officer, but for is day job, he was elected as the solicitor (district attorney) of Richland and Kershaw Counties in South Carolina.

He was being paid by the military for his weekend drills and also being paid by the people of South Carolina as the chief law enforcement officer for two counties.

Unfortunately, Johnson either turned greedy or was always greedy and no one knew it. He also liked to play with the wives of other men. One of those men was a former Army captain who never took any prisoners, if you get my meaning.

The angry husband went on the war path, doing all he could to expose the philandering county solicitor, Dan “can I diddle with your wife” Johnson.

It turns out, that while this may have been a noble quest, it wasn’t the smartest move to go up against an ethically and morally challenged county solicitor who’s buddy was the equally challenged Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County, South Carolina.

Then one day, county solicitor Dan Johnson had enough. According to the angry husband, Johnson conspired with Sheriff Leon Lott to wrongfully imprison the husband on trumped up charges.

There are suspicions the sheriff or his minions at the behest of the corrupt solicitor sent goons over to set fire to the husband’s home. It turns out the husband’s landlord was a former police officer who had close to ten other properties destroyed by fire.

The husband told us he suspected it was most probably an insurance defrauding scheme. But even that did not dissuade the husband from speaking out about the scumbag solicitor who was turning curly ques under the sheet with the Army captain’s wife.

(Left to Right), Dan Johnson, Leon Lott, Byron Gipson – Three Peas in a Pod, or Moe, Larry and Curly

And get this, to ensure the husband didn’t pose any more problems, the sheriff and Dan Johnson apparently teemed up to toss him in jail on bogus charges.

There, he languish for nearly two years while the county solicitor continued screwing the wife without interference from her husband.

It wasn’t until nearly two years later that the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court intervened.

The Chief Justice basically said, “either charge him and take him to trial or release him immediately.”

Two years of false imprisonment, and no one was ever held accountable. Welcome to the people’s republic of South Carolina.

Fate finally caught up to the scumbag solicitor and he was arrested for double billing the county and the military for the same trip. He simply made copies of the receipts of those trips and turned them into both the Air National Guard and Richland County for double payment.

The good old boys surrounded their treasured scumbag solicitor. First he was replaced by a complicit solicitor (Byron Gipson) who would refuse to do anything as the new solicitor against the former office holder.

The military allowed the U.S. Attorney’s office to prosecute so Major Dan Johnson could not be held accountable for those charges particular to the military. You know, “conduct unbecoming” and “dereliction of duty” etc. etc. One way to protect him is to maneuver a way to reduce the number of potential charges.

Then the State of South Carolina quietly, without anyone knowing about it, dropped all charges against Johnson. He had not only violated federal laws, but he had also broken a plethora of state laws.

And to top it all off, the Army who usually red flags someone’s file that is suspected of criminal misconduct, elected to allow Johnson to separate from the service with an Honorable Discharge.

Bottom line; very little justice occurred. The good old boys helped Dan Johnson as best they could and they continue to help him as he begins the arduous task of cleaning up his name and reputation.

This thing is not over yet… stay tuned.


Captain Dominique Collier, United States Air Force

The Air Force is apparently attempting to railroad Captain Dominique Collier out of the service with an OTH or a General, depending on how they feel that particular day.

This story is a complicated one which distilled down involves a multitude of falsified documents, lies and innuendo.

Capt. Collier was falsely accused of becoming pregnant by a NFL football player, who rumor has it, is considering a lawsuit against those who have slandered him.

Then the Air Force accused Capt. Collier of falsely stating she was pregnant when she was not. The Air Force claims she falsely stated she was pregnant to get out of a deployment.

Our staff at Military Corruption is assembling evidence and hope to expose the corruption by an entire chain of command.

Right now she is under the gun. Maybe the Air Force with think better of it, when we provide documentary proof of the malfeasance of numerous people in her chain of command. Then again, the military tends to wrongfully destroy one person in order to save several others with dirty hands.

As a side note, that’s exactly what happened to Navy Chief Petty Officer Michael Tufariello when he caught his command paying reservists for drills they never attended in a massive payroll fraud scheme. Instead of holding five naval officers accountable, they chose to throw Tufariello in a mental hospital to discredit his attempts to expose the corruption on the base.

We are gathering information concerning the Air Force attempt to cover their behinds in the Capt. Collier Case. So far we are looking at the involvement by the following individuals…

SMSgt. Mosley (now retired),

Major General Jeffery Pennington,

Colonel Buchanon,

CMSgt. Chief Nunez,

Lt. General Scobee,

Major Vernicia Edmond,

Colonel Alexis Stackhouse,

Major General Burger,

General “downtown” Charlie Brown.


Robert Conrady who was transferred from Ft. Leavenworth to Federal Prison in Lompoc, California. His story is very interesting indeed as are many others who are currently serving time in Federal Prison courtesy of the United States military.

You’ve heard it said, “everyone in prison always says they are innocent.” Well, a significant number of people who have been court martialed by the military actually are innocent, or were terribly over-sentenced. Instead of getting six months, they get ten years. Such cases demand a call for military judicial reform.

We unfortunately cannot help everyone who have been wronged by the military, but we are watching cases and listen to each individual’s story. Some we will share with you when space and time allow.


We will continue to be a voice for those who have none and will continue to expose corruption in an effort to fix things that are broken. Most importantly, we are calling for military judicial reform.

The military judicial system is terribly slanted in favor of the government. It’s never been about justice and fairness, it’s about keeping control and ridding the military of those pesky whistleblowers, or people they just don’t like for one reason or another.

The military does this under the cloak of proper method the military judicial system has been providing since George Washington, but especially since the adoption of the UCMJ.

Keep the faith and we will continue the fight.

P.S. A good website to visit is that watches West Point. Very interesting indeed

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Remembering the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history by Theresa Vargas

Aversion of this article was originally published on April 16, 2017, under the headline “Virginia Tech was not the worst school massacre in U.S. history. This was.”

That spring morning in 1927 could not have been more beautiful, one of the students would later recall.

The Bath Consolidated School just outside East Lansing, Mich., was holding final exams, but before the morning bell rang on May 18, 1927, children ran and played outside. Peals of laughter could be heard.

“Little did their young minds, as the rest of ours, fancy their destiny was at hand … perhaps in half an hour they would rest in eternity with their playmates,” a 15-year-old student name Martha Hintz later recalled in an essay.

Later that morning, once students and teachers had settled into their classrooms, an explosion brought walls and ceilings down. The school had been dynamited by an angry school board member, but no one knew that yet. The only thing certain was that children and educators were hurt and others were dead or dying.

14 students dead in Texas elementary school shooting, governor says

“We began to run screaming and crying in the same breath, some running for the door while others made for the windows,” Hintz, a ninth-grader, wrote in an essay published in a book titled, “The Bath School Disaster.” Once outside, she recalled: “From every direction, we could see people coming, some running at their utmost speed, and others driving machines, both hoping and praying that their children or friends were not among the dead.”

After each school killing, there is an urge to capture its magnitude in superlatives. That happened after the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech, in which senior Seung Hui Cho killed 32 people and then himself. Media outlets at the time — and as recently as 2015 — described the event as the country’s “worst school massacre.” One Virginia newspaper ran a headline with the phrase: “Nation’s Worst Rampage.”

But they were wrong. As horrific and devastating as that April 16, 2007, day proved, it was not the worst mass killing on a school campus.

Bath Township School Bombing: Why Have We Forgotten It? | Time

That distinction belongs to the mostly forgotten, harrowing explosion at Bath Consolidated School 95 years ago. That day, local farmer Andrew Kehoe, angry about taxes used to fund the school, killed his wife and then blew up the building before doing the same to his car as he sat inside it. In total, 45 people were killed, among them 38 children.

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After the bombings, a sign found fastened to a fence on Kehoe’s farm read, “Criminals are made, not born.”

Unlike the school killings that would later follow it — among them Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary and now Tuesday’s mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tex. — the Bath event did not spur debate about mental health. A New York Times article that ran at the time described Kehoe as the “Michigan maniac” in the headline and as a “madman” in the first sentence.

Bullies and black trench coats: The Columbine shooting’s most dangerous myths

The sign on the fence, the author wrote, “may give an inkling to the psychology of the man who with measured deliberation, it is believed, attempted to wreak vengeance on this community for what he felt was the high tax imposed on him and other financial troubles … He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and madness in his brain.

Monty Ellsworth, one of Kehoe’s neighbors, who later wrote “The Bath School Disaster,” described him as “the world’s worst demon.”

Kehoe’s mother had died when he was young, and he didn’t get along with his stepmother, Ellsworth wrote. He recounted a story Kehoe’s former neighbors and classmates told him about the day the boy’s stepmother lit an oil stove and it exploded, setting her on fire: “Andrew stood and watched her burn for a while and then he got a pail of water and threw over her. It spread the flames and made them worse. His stepmother died from the effects … Although there was never any trouble made about it, the neighbors whom the writer talked with were of the opinion Andrew knew something about what was wrong with the stove.”

In the book, Ellsworth described in painful detail those who were killed in the school that educated more than 300 elementary to high school students: a teacher who was found with a child in each arm; a sixth-grade girl who had a talent for the piano and had picked a bouquet of lilacs that morning; a 7-year-old boy who loved to play baseball and before he left for school had said, “Goodbye mama, I’ll be good.”

A masked shooter. A campus killing. And a manhunt 159 years before Columbine.

Also killed that day was the school’s superintendent, Emory Huyck. He had a contentious relationship with Kehoe, who became the treasurer on the school board in 1924. Huyck survived the blast but was killed when Kehoe blew up his car. An 8-year-old boy was also killed at that time.

Before the day was done, hundreds of people had joined the rescue effort, and the town hall had became a morgue. Some families lost multiple children. Among the survivors, dozens were left with horrific wounds.

“There were sights that I hope no one will ever have to look at again,” Ellsworth wrote. “Children would be brought out, some with legs dropping, some with arms broken and hanging, some would be moaning, and others would be still. When carrying them, you would know they would never answer their mother’s call again.”

Days later, on a Sunday, the town’s roads were clogged with thousands of cars, each filled with people hoping to pay their respects at the many funerals.

“I think,” Ellsworth wrote, “we had the greatest demonstration of American sympathy ever awarded a grief stricken community.”

The instinct for superlatives, it seems, existed even then.

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