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Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur Massacre: The Homicidal Lunatic That Disarmed a Nation by WILL DABBS

This is the face of a monster. Martin Bryant was the most prolific mass murderer in modern Australian history. His horrific crimes changed the fabric of the country.

Martin John Bryant was born in May of 1967 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, the oldest son of Maurice and Carleen Bryant. Martin consistently broke his toys and once yanked the snorkel from another child while he was diving. He tortured animals, was obsessed with fire, and had an IQ of 66, about the equivalent of an 11-year-old.

Martin Bryant finally found a friend in the eccentric heiress Helen Harvey.

Bryant was unsuccessful in school and was too socially awkward to maintain normal friendships. However, in early 1987 at age 19 he met a 54-year-old woman named Helen Mary Elizabeth Harvey. Ms. Harvey had inherited a share of the Tattersall’s lottery fortune and was both eccentric and wealthy. Tattersall’s is a conglomerate that has a functional monopoly on the lottery system in Australia.

Martin Bryant encouraged Helen Harvey to spend large quantities of money. Martin was obsessed with bestiality and gory horror movies and frequently slept with his pet pig.

Harvey maintained 14 dogs and 30 cats in a run-down mansion owned by her ailing mother. She invited Bryant to move in with her, and the two of them bought some thirty new cars over a three-year period. They traveled widely together and spent money with wanton abandon. Throughout it all Martin Bryant was persistently both strange and violent.

Martin was nearly killed in a car wreck that took the life of his benefactor.

In 1992 Martin and Helen were driving on a rural road when Helen swerved the car into oncoming traffic and was killed. Martin Bryant suffered a severe back injury and required seven months in hospital to recover. Previously Bryant had been known to lunge for the steering wheel while a passenger in a car and had already precipitated three automobile accidents. Helen Harvey left the entirety of her estate, some $550,000, to Martin.

Maurice Bryant, shown here alongside his nutjob son Martin, was found drowned in a pond. This event precipitated a significant deterioration in Martin’s demeanor and behavior.

Two months later Martin’s father Maurice went missing. Divers eventually found him at the bottom of a pond with one of Martin’s scuba weight belts wrapped around his neck. The police declared the death a suicide. With the death of his father, Martin acquired another quarter-million dollar.

Martin Bryant planned his rampage weeks in advance.

Martin grew ever more despondent and began to drink heavily and daily. Soon after New Year in 1996, he began planning his bloody masterwork. He confided to a neighbor, “I’ll do something that will make everyone remember me.”

The Crime

Noelene and David Martin were Bryant’s first known victims. They were targeted because Martin Bryant’s father had become angry with them over a business deal.

Martin Bryant’s father had complained incessantly that a local couple, David and Noelene Martin, had somehow cheated the Bryant clan by buying a nearby bed and breakfast called Seascape. On April 28, 1996, Martin drove to David and Noelene’s home and killed them both.

The Port Arthur Historic Site is the best-preserved convict settlement in Australia and a popular tourist draw.

Bryant then proceeded to the Port Arthur Historic Site, a popular nearby tourist destination, interacting with several people along the way. Some of these witnesses later described him as rude, while others said he was friendly. Bryant parked his car near a café on the premises. He then entered the restaurant carrying a large black bag, bought lunch, and ate it in a leisurely fashion at an outdoor table.

Bryant enjoyed a pleasant meal before he produced a rifle like this one and opened fire on his fellow diners.

During his meal, Bryant made small talk with the other people in the cafe. He responsibly returned his tray and retrieved a Colt SP-1 AR-15 Carbine equipped with a 3x Colt scope and 30-round magazine from his bag. In the fifteen seconds that followed Martin Bryant fired seventeen rounds and killed twelve people, wounding another ten.

The attached gift shop was both congested and crowded. Bryant’s victims had no place to run.

Bryant then made his way into the gift shop where he fired a dozen rounds, killing another eight people and wounded two more. His victims were hemmed in and helpless. Many of the dead were shot at extremely close range. Bryant reloaded his rifle in the gift shop and left the empty magazine on the checkout counter.

This parking lot was the scene of a great deal of carnage. Martin Bryant targeted his victims randomly.

Bryant then moved to the car park. He fired at Ashley Law, a site employee, at a range of about 75 meters but missed. After sowing mayhem throughout the car lot he returned to his vehicle and exchanged his AR-15 for an L1A1 SLR rifle. By the time he grew weary of the car park, he had killed another six people and wounded the same number.

Bryant had inexplicably strapped a surfboard to the top of his Volvo the day of the massacre.

Bryant then mounted his car and headed down the drive away from the Historic Site.

Bryant shot this woman and her two young children randomly as he fled the scene of his crimes.

On the way, he encountered a young mother with two children aged 3 and 6. This stupid monster exited his car and shot the three of them at contact range.

When Bryant carjacked a new vehicle he abandoned his USAS-12 shotgun in his Volvo.

Once at the toll booth leading into the facility Bryant stopped a BMW, killing its four occupants. He loaded his weapons, a pair of handcuffs, and an extra fuel can from his own vehicle into the BMW before speeding off. He left behind a Daewoo USAS-12 shotgun. By now he had killed 33 and wounded 19.

This guy’s head is a bucket of snakes. It is impossible to establish any reason or order to his actions that fateful day. He claimed later not to remember any of it clearly.

Bryant stopped at a nearby gas station and confronted a couple there. For reasons unknown, he forced the male half of the pair into the boot of his stolen BMW and killed the man’s girlfriend. The service station attendant had a rifle, but Bryant was gone by the time he could retrieve ammunition and get it loaded.

Seascape was a beautiful place before Martin Bryant murdered the owners and burned it to the ground.

Bryant then returned to Seascape, shooting and injuring several bystanders along the way. Once back at the bed and breakfast he handcuffed his prisoner to a stair railing and incinerated the BMW. The following morning, having murdered his hostage and now surrounded by police, Martin Bryant set fire to the building. He taunted the cops to “come and get him.”

Never one to fully consider the ramifications of his actions, Bryant set fire to the building he was cowering within. He incurred some fairly significant burns as a result.

The police let the building burn around him. Bryant eventually fled the conflagration with his clothes alight. The cops found the remains of his two rifles in the burned out building.

The Weapons

The Colt AR-15 was produced in a semiautomatic civilian version alongside the Army-issue M16.

ArmaLite designed the original 5.56mm AR-15 in the mid-1950s. “AR” stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” a designation that persists to the present. ArmaLite sold the manufacturing rights to the AR-15 to Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1959. Colt sold the first semiautomatic AR-15 rifles to the public in 1964.

The Carbine version of the AR-15 rifle was shorter and handier.

Original AR-15 rifles featured a fixed polymer stock and a 20-inch barrel. Colt eventually offered a carbine version of the weapon with a collapsible aluminum buttstock and 16-inch thin-profile barrel. The stubby little 3X Colt scope featured a fixed magnification and built-in mechanical bullet drop compensator.

The SLR is a full-sized .30-caliber battle rifle. Martin Bryant had passed extensive background checks to purchase his weapons. Australian authorities never did quite determine how he pulled that off.

The SLR or “Self-Loading Rifle” was the British version of the Belgian-designed FN-FAL that saw military use from 1954 to the present. The SLR was also known at the C1A1 in Canadian parlance or the “Inch Pattern” FAL in the US. The FAL saw service with seventy different militaries to include the Australian Army.

The FN FAL saw extensive service around the globe during the Cold War. Here we see a US Marine undergoing familiarization training during the first Gulf War.

The SLR is a 7.62x51mm semiautomatic gas-operated autoloader that features a tilting breechblock and feeds from a twenty-round box magazine. The SLR is a large rifle at 45 inches long and 9.56 pounds empty. The SLR served in the British Army until it was replaced by the L85A1 in 1984. In 1989 the Australian military replaced the SLR with the F88 Austeyr, an Australian-produced version of the Steyr AUG.


The shockingly brutal nature of Bryant’s crimes shook the Australian psyche on a visceral level.

The Port Arthur Massacre precipitated a nationwide transformation in the Australian public’s perceptions of firearms. Tasmania, where the massacre occurred, had previously been a predominantly rural bastion of gun ownership. Australian State governments passed laws to give effect to the sweeping National Firearms Agreement a mere twelve days after the massacre.

The Australian NFA placed tight restrictions on the ownership of semi and fully automatic weapons. As a result of the act, the Australian government bought back and destroyed 643,000 firearms for a total cost of $350 million. The money for this program came from a temporary increase in the Australian Medicare levy.

The Australian government bought back and destroyed hundreds of thousands of previously legally owned firearms. There are 4,500 guns in this bin awaiting the smelter.

As a result of the NFA, there is currently a nationwide firearms registry as well as a 28-day waiting period on the purchase of firearms. The law stipulates storage requirements and demands a “genuine reason” for ownership. Self-defense is not an acceptable justification. As of 2014, there were at least 260,000 unregistered illegal firearms in circulation in Australia. Scholarly works undertaken since then have been inconclusive regarding the law’s effect on crime.

The Australian NFA was a culture-shifting piece of legislation. The Australian soldiers with whom I served were sickened by it.

I was a soldier in 1997 and undertook a joint operation with the Australian Army soon after the NFA took effect. I recall passing Aussie gun shops that were boarded up and shuttered as a result of the legislation. The Australian soldiers with whom I worked, most of whom were politically conservative, deeply lamented the demise of their liberty. Today, some twenty-three years later, 85% of Australians feel that the NFA is either appropriate or too lenient. After two decades of acclimation, only 6% of citizens believe that the statutes are excessively restrictive.


Martin Bryant was defective from the outset. His childhood and adolescence demonstrate textbook antisocial personality disorder. The Australian press was castigated for doctoring this photo to make Bryant look crazier than he was. Given the egregious nature of his real-life performance that seems superfluous to me.

Studying the dispassionate slaughter wrought by Martin Bryant was a tough read. His victims ranged in age from 72 down to 3. The most compelling aspect of the carnage to me, however, was the sheer helplessness of the victims. His targets fought back with foul language, profound bravery, and dinner trays, but they were all utterly helpless.

Gun ownership in America is on a whole different scale from that in Australia. If all firearms were outlawed in the US tomorrow criminals would still remain heavily armed a century from now.

There are nearly 400 million firearms in America. The Australian government bought back 643,000 guns after their NFA. At the apogee of the Obama Presidency, there were that many NICS checks in the US in nine days. An Australia-style gun buyback is a physical impossibility in the United States.

Martin Bryant will spend the rest of his natural life in solitary confinement inside this building.

Martin Bryant pled guilty and received 35 life sentences and 1,035 years in prison. He remains in solitary confinement in Hobart’s Risdon Prison today. The profound effects this one psychopath had on Australian culture will never be undone.

Today Martin Bryant is 52 years old and weighs 352 pounds. He has attempted suicide eight times and once broke a nurse’s jaw in prison. With more than a millennium on his sentence, he will never again breathe free air.
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Man with WWI explosive lodged in his rectum sparks bomb scare, hospital evacuation

The case left doctors shell-shocked.

A French hospital was partially evacuated Saturday after a senior citizen arrived with a World War I artillery shell lodged in his rectum.

The 88-year-old patient visited Hospital Sainte Musse in Toulon to have the antique explosive removed — but instead sparked a “bomb scare,” French publication Var-Matin reported.

“An emergency occurred from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Saturday evening that required the intervention of bomb disposal personnel, the evacuation of adult and pediatric emergencies as well as the diversion of incoming emergencies,” a hospital spokesperson stated.

“We had to manage the risk in a reactive framework,” the rep added. “When in doubt, we took all the precautions.”

The World War I weaponry measured almost 8 inches in length and more than 2 inches in girth.
Oh, shell no! The WWI relic measured almost 8 inches long and more than 2 inches wide.
Twitter / @acommonlawyer

Bomb disposal experts at the scene determined there was little possibility the shell would explode inside the man.

“They reassured us by telling us that it was a collector’s item from the First World War, used by the French military,” the hospital stated.

Stunned doctors subsequently began the process of trying to remove the object — which measured almost 8 inches long and more than 2 inches wide — from the man’s rectum.

"We had to manage the risk in a reactive framework,” a hospital spokesperson declared.  “When in doubt, we took all the precautions."
“We had to manage the risk in a reactive framework,” a hospital spokesperson declared. “When in doubt, we took all the precautions.”
Hôpital Sainte Musse

It’s believed the pervy patient inserted the item up his anus for sexual pleasure.

“An apple, a mango, or even a can of shaving foam, we are used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn’t be,” one doctor declared. “But a shell? Never!”

Medics were forced to take the elderly man into surgery, cutting open his abdomen in order to remove the relic.

According to the hospital, he is now in “good health” and is expected to make a full recovery from the surgery.

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Bank CEO Peddles Mass Suspicion on Gun Rights at NY Times Conference by NEWS WIRE

By Larry Keane

A New York Times conference featured a bank CEO pushing the financial industry to track Americans making purchases at retailers and monitor their “suspicious activity” under the guise of “reducing gun violence.”

Amalgamated Bank CEO Priscilla Sims Brown was the special guest at the Times’ DealBook confab and was interviewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin. He’s the Times’ columnist who previously proposed the gun buying monitoring scheme and spelled out the “next steps” in a column highlighting Sims Brown’s efforts after an international financial standards board adopted her petition to create the tracking codes.

Putting even a little thought to the idea reveals the serious flaws of the plan. Implementing the enormous system to track the private financial transactions will create a myriad of privacy and civil liberty concerns and no doubt is ripe for abuse.

Gun Control Dragnet

Sims Brown lobbied the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create a gun-related Merchant Category Code (MCC) for credit and debit card companies to use to track cardholders’ purchases of firearms and ammunition. The ISO adopted the proposal and banks are beginning to use them. Listening to Sims Brown forecast what’s ahead, her true gun control aim is revealed. It’s a dragnet for law-abiding Americans.

“We’re at the very early stages of this –,” Sims Brown told Sorkin and the audience. “But as this is implemented, those scenarios will be used.”

By “those scenarios,” she means “detection scenarios” in which a particular purchase prompts a bank to file a Suspicious Activity Report to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Here’s how the MCC tracking will reportedly work. Purchases made at retailers selling firearms or ammunition would be assigned the new code for purchases. The MCC won’t identify what is in the customer’s basket, so it could be a total purchase for a firearm and several boxes of ammunition. It could also include a new tent, sleeping bag, propane stove, waders, decoys, blinds and other outdoor gear. The total cost could be flagged as “suspicious” since it might be an outlier on a customer’s purchase history. That doesn’t make it nefarious, though.

Media reported the proposal won’t have its intended effect. “The payment network and its banking partners would have no idea if a gun-store customer is purchasing an automatic rifle or safety equipment,” Bloomberg News reported. Banks aren’t saying what purchases would be “suspicious.”

Just a Steppingstone

The MCC scheme has caught the attention of Congressional gun control politicians. Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 5764, by Reps. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) and Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) and in the U.S. Senate, S. 3117, by Sens. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). That legislation, The Gun Violence Prevention Through Financial Intelligence Act, would provide banking institutions the cover they need to track purchases by requiring the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to provide “guidance” needed to institute the MCC.

“Financial institutions have a legal obligation… to have programs in place to help detect and report suspicious activity, but they have to know what they are looking for,” Rep. Wexton said.

Rep. Dean has praised the back door gun control effort, too. “Financial institutions already have proven systems in place to identify suspicious behavior and purchasing patterns,” she wrote in a release.

Still no one has offered what “suspicious behavior” or “purchasing patterns” would be flagged. The questions are endless, answers few and the threat to Constitutional rights high.

Trudging Ahead. Trampling Rights.

Sorkin hypes his work in getting the MCC code established. He told the Dealbook audience, “This is an emotional topic for me in many ways… because back in 2018 I started writing about the role of guns in our society… and the role of credit card companies and banks in financing mass shootings.”

Sorkin stated his belief that lawful firearm retail businesses and the already-highly regulated Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) which provide for the legal exercise of the Second Amendment should do their part to create the backdoor database of gun buyers – something Congress is prohibited by law from doing on their own.

“Merchants must start using the code, and not obfuscate transactions by using other classifications,” Sorkin wrote. “Most crucially, the payments industry needs to develop and refine software algorithms for identifying suspicious activity…”

There are those words again – “suspicious activity.”

The suspicion is better reserved for those who would compile lists of Americans lawfully exercising their Constitutional Second Amendment rights. The right to keep and bear arms begins with the ability to make a purchase at the retail counter. Financial industry power players, though, are twisting their roles to facilitate legal transactions into social credit scores that put Americans on secret watch lists.

The financial industry doesn’t need to be suspicious of gun buyers who already are subject to FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verifications. This move, though, is reason enough for Americans to be suspicious of “woke” banking CEOs doing the bidding of gun control politicians.

Larry Keane is Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs and General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association.

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The World’s Foremost Homicidal Psychopath: Hitler’s Wartime Rifle by WILL DABBS MD

Young Adolf Hitler was an otherwise unremarkable Austrian child. A Catholic priest rescued him from drowning at age four.

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau am Inn in modern-day Austria. He was the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and his third wife/cousin, Klara Polzl. Three of his siblings died in infancy.

This terrifying-looking dude sired one of the greatest monsters who ever lived.

Alois Hitler, Adolf’s father, was quite the player. He was the illegitimate son of a common woman named Maria Anna Schicklgruber. Alois changed his name from Schicklgruber to Hitler in 1876. Hitler means “one who lives in a hut.”

Alois Hitler earned some prestige as a German civil servant.

There were tainted allegations that Alois’ father might have been one Leopold Frankenberger, a young Jewish man in the household where Maria was employed as a housekeeper. However, the possibility that Der Fuhrer might have had a Jewish grandfather, tantalizing though it might be, is likely apocryphal.

Hitler had a hard life under the iron hand of an abusive father.

Alois tomcatted among sundry wives and mistresses before nominally settling down with Klara. He was a hard man who beat young Adolf regularly.

Klara Hitler, shown here in the 1880’s, was a simple woman who adored her children.

By contrast, Klara was a doting mother who cherished her son. Alois breathed his last over a morning glass of wine at the Gasthaus Wiesinger in 1903 at age 65. Adolf was fourteen at the time.

Klara’s death when Adolf was 18 was a defining moment in the young man’s life.

Adolf was almost pathologically attached to his mom, and her death from breast cancer at age 47 came as a terrible blow. His mother’s kindly Jewish physician, Eduard Bloch, attended Mrs. Hitler for free as they lacked the means to pay for her care. He was rewarded decades later in 1940 with permission to emigrate with his wife from Austria to the United States.

Dr. Bloch ultimately settled in New York City. Hitler called him a “Noble Jew.”

OSS interviews with Dr. Bloch after he arrived in the US formed the basis for much of the intimate understanding we had of the reclusive dictator.

By 1940, being Jewish in the Third Reich was becoming hard. Their release at that time in history was truly remarkable. Bloch was subsequently interviewed extensively by the Office of Strategic Services in an effort at gathering usable intelligence regarding Hitler’s worldview.

Now It Gets Really Weird

Adolf Hitler, shown seated on the far right, by all accounts served honorably on the Western Front during WW1.

Hitler had a tale of his service in World War 1 he would relate to friends at dinner parties. He served as a runner in the trenches and earned the Iron Cross before ending the war as a Corporal. After a protracted period without hot food, a field kitchen set up in the stretch of the trench where the young Gefreiter served and began doling out black bread and boiled cabbage.

WW1 was unimaginably horrible. The deprivations Hitler and his comrades endured are difficult for the modern mind to comprehend.

Hitler waited in line to get his helpings, enraptured by the prospect of his first hot meal in weeks. His tray piled high with steaming cabbage he dropped down alongside his mates and prepared to dig in. In later years, Hitler described what he subsequently heard simply as the Voice. This disembodied Voice told him to stand up and walk around the corner.

Adolf Hitler began hearing voices in his 20’s. He purportedly shaved his robust handlebar mustache into the more familiar Charlie Chaplain version so as to accommodate a gas mask.

He glanced about and could tell that no one else was privy to the spectral command. However, the Voice alarmed him, so he gathered his Mauser 98 rifle, stood up, and walked around the corner of the trench. The moment he rounded the corner, a French howitzer round landed where he had been sitting, killing everyone nearby. The young German Corporal was dazed and deafened but otherwise miraculously unhurt, inexplicably spared by a disembodied Voice heard only by him.

Regardless of your personal stance on the subject of demonic possession, Adolf Hitler makes a compelling argument for it.

The Voice came to him many times after that as well, frequently awakening him from sleep in a state of abject panic. Adolph Hitler claimed that tale spoke to his inspired role as an agent of Providence. In retrospect, I do not debate the spiritual genesis of der Fuhrer’s supernatural protection. I might simply assert that the origin was perhaps more diabolical than divine.

Hitler would relate a tale of the disembodied Voice guiding his actions at social events later in his life.

Here’s the event in his own words–“I was eating dinner in a trench with several comrades. Suddenly a voice seemed to be saying to me, “Get up and go over there.” It was so clear and insistent that I obeyed automatically. I rose to my feet and walked twenty yards. Then I sat down to go on eating. Hardly had I done so when a flash and deafening report came from the part of the trench I had just left. Every member in it was killed”

The History of Hitler’s Combat Rifle

The M98 Mauser was arguably the most influential bolt-action rifle ever built.

The brainchild of German firearms visionary Peter Paul Mauser, the Model 98 rifle the future dictator carried during WW1 was an evolutionary development of earlier Mauser designs. The Germans made more than nine million copies in eleven different arsenals. The gun remained in German service through 1935.

The same basic action went on to become the Model 98k that served the German Wehrmacht throughout the Second World War. The Model 98 Mauser ultimately inspired millions of similar weapons. Rebarreled versions were widely used by the Israelis during their War for Independence.

These German troops are shown billeted in China during the Boxer Rebellion.

The 98 Mauser’s first combat use was during the Boxer Rebellion in China from 1898 until 1901. While not primarily remembered as a colonial power, Germany coveted colonies of its own in the latter parts of the 19th century just like everybody else on the planet. However, events soon to develop in Europe swallowed these ancillary pursuits up in the maelstrom of total global war.

The Gun

The complex rear sight on the M98 Mauser was calibrated out to 2,000 meters.
The M98, like most weapons of its era, fed via stripper clips.

Hitler’s Model 98 was a manually operated, magazine-fed, controlled-feed bolt-action rifle. The gun had a conventional open front sight and a tangent-type rear sight known as the Lange Visier. The weapon fed from 5-round stripper clips inserted from the top.

The M98 Mauser was engineered to be safe in the event of cartridge rupture. As the M98 was developed in the waning years of the black powder era, dealing with the pressures generated by smokeless propellants demanded extra care.

The M98 bolt included three locking lugs. Two lugs performed primary locking duties while the third lug served as a backup in the infrequent circumstance that the other two sheared under the extraordinary pressures generated by the gun’s advanced smokeless cartridge. This third lug did not typically support firing pressures unless the primary lugs failed.

The M98 Mauser was a superb design.

There were two holes bored into the base of the bolt that were designed to direct escaping gases out the bottom of the gun and away from the firer’s face in the event of a cartridge rupture or primer failure. There was additionally a secondary component to the design that safely routed violent escaping gas down the locking lug raceway and out a cutout exit hole in the event of failure.

The controlled-feed action of the M98 Mauser ensured reliable operation no matter how the weapon was oriented.

The M98’s controlled-feed action was composed of a large non-rotating extractor that engaged the rimmed base of the cartridge as it left the magazine and firmly managed the overall travel of the round throughout its cycle. This oversized component gripped the case positively until the empty cartridge struck the ejector and was discarded. There was also a scant cam built into the rear portion of the receiver bridge that gave the action a little boost at the final portion of the bolt-opening phase.


The M98 Mauser saw widespread use everywhere the Germans fought.

The timeless 98 Mauser armed the German military through two simply spectacular global defeats. At least eighty million people lost their lives in World Wars 1 and 2. Throughout it all, the Mauser 98 remained a remarkably competitive Infantry combat tool despite the breathtaking pace of technological evolution.

This dashing young man matured into arguably the most repugnant human being who ever lived.

Adolf Hitler was arguably the most successful psychopath in all of human history. Others were responsible for larger body counts, but they were typically motivated by some misguided effort to establish a social utopia for the masses. Stalin and Mao, black-hearted devils that they were, generally killed out of stupidity.

To quote Indiana Jones, “Nazis. I hate these guys.” All sensible folk despise Nazis.

By contrast, Adolf Hitler was the very embodiment of evil. He stole territory and murdered millions driven by the baseless idea that he was just better than everybody else. While hating people has fallen out of fashion these days, it yet remains perfectly OK to despise and denigrate Nazis in books and movies.

Adolf Hitler was what we call down here in the Deep South “a serious piece of work.”

Speak up against Japanese wartime atrocities and you might be a racist. Call out Palestinian terrorists and you’re likely a bigot. However, it will forever be cool to hate the Nazis. As the diabolical face of the whole sordid mob, Hitler remains the modern era’s alpha thug.

Though he orchestrated the Holocaust, Hitler never bothered to tour a concentration camp. When Heinrich Himmler did so he purportedly fell ill.

Adolf Hitler was terrified of cats and would eat as much as two pounds of chocolate in a day. He regularly abused cocaine and, despite inspiring one of the worst genocides in human history, never once visited a concentration camp. Hitler collected tens of thousands of Jewish artifacts intending to create a museum to an extinct race after the war.

Adolf Hitler’s nephew served with distinction in the US Navy during WW2.

His nephew, William Patrick Hitler, served in the US Navy and fought against the Axis during WW2.

Adolf Hitler was actually a fairly talented artist. His works command impressive prices when they rarely come available. Most are owned by governments.

Hitler failed to gain entry into art school in Vienna twice. For a time he was destitute and lived in a homeless shelter.

Does this look like a guy with one nut who injects himself with bull semen? That would actually explain quite a lot.

Tales persist that Hitler had a single undescended testicle and was regularly injected with bull semen to enhance his virility. Regardless of whether that stuff was true or not, by his own admission, he did hear voices others could not. That makes him schizophrenic by definition.

People get called crazy all the time. Adolf Hitler, by contrast, was the real deal.

The term “crazy” is mightily overused these days. So are comparisons of contemporary politicians to the unhinged Nazi Fuhrer. In the alpha lunatic Adolf Hitler, however, we see just how deep man’s capacity for darkness can become. No matter how you slice it, that guy was a lunatic.

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Marc Lépine, Militarized Misogyny, and the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre by WILL DABBS MD

I personally think girls are the greatest of all God’s many manifestly amazing creations. Sadly, Marc Lépine felt otherwise.

Some may take umbrage with my assertion, but I would propose that the human female is the most complex organism in the known universe. Stealth bombers, robot Mars rovers, and quantum computers don’t even come close. After a literal lifetime of study I can honestly say that I have no idea what makes girls tick. I am deeply thankful for the fairer half of the human population, but I will never consider myself an expert in the field of female relations. My wife would likely rate me a solid marginal. I think I should get an “A” for effort.

Marc Lépine, shown here alongside his younger sister, was dealt a fairly sordid hand in life.

Despite whatever challenges I might have interacting with women, Marc Lépine was far worse. Born in 1964 as Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi in Montreal, Quebec, Marc was the son of an Algerian immigrant named Rachid Liass Gharbi and Canadian nurse Monique Lépine. He had one younger sister named Nadia. For a variety of very good reasons, Marc had daddy issues.

This is Monique Lépine. Her son was a monster.

Monique was a former Catholic nun who rejected all religion after leaving the convent. Rachid was a non-pious Muslim. Mom later described Marc as “a confirmed atheist all his life.” Rachid started running around on Monique while on business trips, and things spiraled from there.

Marc Lépine just never seemed to get a break.

Rachid was a vile, violent, overbearing man who physically abused both his wife and his kids. He and Monique divorced, but things didn’t get much better. Rachid defaulted on his mortgage, and the family lost their home and most of their possessions. When he came of age Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi changed his named to Marc Lépine to spite his reprobate father.

Marc Lépine’s upbringing was hard and chaotic.

In his youth, Marc was described as reserved, quiet, and uncommunicative. His sister Nadia mocked him mercilessly in public over both his acne and his inability to secure a girlfriend. This precipitated a deep-seeded hatred. Marc once dug a faux grave for her in the backyard of the house where they were staying. He was thrilled when she was remanded to a group home for drug abuse and chronic delinquency. Nadia died of a cocaine overdose in 1996 at age 28.

Early on Marc Lépine vented his frustrations on the local pigeon population.

To make things worse, there were rumors that Marc might have been molested as part of a Big Brother after-school program. Along the way he acquired an air rifle and slaughtered pigeons wholesale in the neighborhood where he lived. He developed a fascination with World War 2 and openly praised Adolf Hitler. In 1981 at age 17 Marc applied for a position as an officer cadet in the Canadian military but was rejected. A subsequent statement from the Canadian Army explained that he was “interviewed, assessed, and found to be unsuitable.”

Behold the face of evil.

So here we have a kid with some suboptimal raw material raised in some of the most ghastly conditions imaginable. He hated his family and distrusted most everybody else. All the male figures in his life were beastly animals, while the women were abusive and distant. This was the perfect milieu to precipitate Something Truly Horrible.

The Setting

École Polytechnique was the site of an epically horrible mass shooting.

Bless his heart, Marc tried to make something of himself. He attended a variety of technical schools wherein his academic performance ranged from exemplary to absent with everything in between. By the late 1980’s he had set his sights on École Polytechnique, a respected engineering school in Montreal.

For reasons known only to him, images like this just sent Marc Lépine over the edge.

Marc had to complete a couple of classes to qualify for admission, and he pursued these prerequisites in fits and starts. During a 1989 meeting with an admissions officer, Marc complained that women were taking over the job market, displacing men from their more traditional roles. He was particularly bitter about female engineers and police officers. Somewhere along the way, Marc Lépine just snapped.

The Ruger Mini-14 was Lépine’s weapon of choice.

Lépine planned his vengeance over a period of months. In August of 1989 he made formal application for a permit to purchase a Ruger Mini-14 semiautomatic rifle. His application was approved in October of that year. He actually purchased the gun on November 21, 1989, from a local sporting goods store. This should address any lingering doubts you might have had concerning the effectiveness of waiting periods.

The Shootings

Marc Lépine was a self-described anti-feminist. Of all the dark twisted causes around which to wrap one’s dysfunctional life, this one strikes me as stranger than most.

On December 6, 1989, Marc Lépine walked into a second-floor classroom of the École Polytechnique with his Mini-14. He methodically segregated the men from the women and directed the roughly fifty male students to leave. Once he had thusly winnowed the crowd he opened fire, killing six women and wounding the rest. Before leaving the room to continue his rampage he took a moment to scrawl a scatological reference across one of the female student’s project depicting his displeasure with its quality.

Marc Lépine focused his rage on the entire female population. In the sordid aftermath of the attack, several survivors have also taken their own lives. In two cases, their final thoughts attributed their own suicides to survivor’s guilt over this horrible attack.

Lépine then went mobile, wandering the halls, classrooms, and cafeteria shooting mostly women but a few men as well. His 14th and final victim was wounded and cried out for help. In response, Lépine stabbed her to death with his hunting knife before turning the rifle on himself. The entire ghastly attack spanned some twenty minutes. In addition to the fifteen dead, there were another fourteen who were badly injured. Lépine was 25 at the time.

The Suicide Letter

Humans have a weird compulsion to capture their final thoughts on paper prior to self destruction. Those of Marc Lépine were fairly nonsensical.

Lépine left behind a suicide note written in French. Here are a few excerpts drawn from the translation—

Forgive the mistakes, I had 15 minutes to write this. See also Annex.

Please note that if I commit suicide today 89-12-06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political reasons. Because I have decided to send the feminists, who have always ruined my life, to their Maker…I tried in my youth to enter the Forces as an officer cadet, which would have allowed me possibly to get into the arsenal…They refused me because asocial [sic]. I therefore had to wait until this day to execute my plans. In between, I continued my studies in a haphazard way for they never really interested me, knowing in advance my fate…Even if the Mad Killer epithet will be attributed to me by the media, I consider myself a rational erudite that only the arrival of the Grim Reaper has forced to take extreme acts…Being rather backward-looking by nature (except for science), the feminists have always enraged me. They want to keep the advantages of women (e.g. cheaper insurance, extended maternity leave preceded by a preventative leave, etc.) while seizing for themselves those of men.

Thus it is an obvious truth that if the Olympic Games removed the Men-Women distinction, there would be women only in the graceful events. So the feminists are not fighting to remove that barrier. They are so opportunistic they [do not] neglect to profit from the knowledge accumulated by men through the ages. They always try to misrepresent them every time they can. Thus, the other day, I heard they were honoring the Canadian men and women who fought at the frontline during the world wars. How can you explain [that since] women were not authorized to go to the frontline??? Will we hear of Caesar’s female legions and female galley slaves who of course took up 50% of the ranks of history, though they never existed. A real Casus Belli.

Sorry for this too brief letter.

Marc Lépine

It’s Will again now–Wow. That guy was a piece of work.

The Gun

The similarities between the Mini-14 and its larger .30-caliber brother are obvious.

The Ruger Mini-14 was developed by James Sullivan, one of the original designers of the AR15, and Bill Ruger. Introduced in 1973, the Mini-14 was a scaled-down .223 version of the M14 battle rifle. While the two weapons are intentionally similar externally, their operating systems remain quite different.

The Ruger Mini-14 is one of the most highly customized weapons ever built.

The Mini-14 is offered in a variety of configurations in both stainless and blued finishes. This gas-operated rifle feeds from detachable box magazines and could be had from the factory with both fixed and folding stocks. The Mini-14 is one of the most widely accessorized firearms ever produced, and it remains in production today. In the hands of sensible folk it is a reliable utility tool.

The Aftermath

Poverty does a lot of bad things, but it doesn’t automatically make you a psychopath.

Psychiatrists have pored over the details of Lépine’s case, attributing his psychopathy to a broad spectrum of influences ranging from genetic to political. They affixed a variety of psychiatric diagnoses to the man in retrospect. Some of the labels include personality disorders, “extreme narcissistic vulnerability,” and fantasies of power combined with excessive self-criticism. It has been postulated that he had suffered brain damage at some point. Some delusional commentator even claimed that Lépine’s egregious behavior was simply the result of having been raised in poverty. Were that the case you would expect places like Burundi and Niger to be populated solely by serial killers.

Gun control via legislative fiat is a fool’s errand in Information Age America. With some 440 million weapons already in circulation, that ship has sailed.

There are 440 million firearms in America. Marc Lépine invested four months obtaining his gun through legal channels. In modern-day America it is not humanly possible to prevent monsters like this guy from obtaining the tools they want to commit their heinous crimes.

You really don’t have to look very far to find a good reason to pack a gun these days.

I don’t carry a gun every day because I am paranoid or insecure. I carry a gun because my family and I share the planet with homicidal lunatics like Marc Lépine. If you feel differently then good for you. Do whatever you want, just leave me alone to make my own choices. There was exactly one thing that could have stopped Marc Lépine on that horrible day in 1989, and it wasn’t some ill-conceived piece of feel-good legislation. It was a good guy with a gun.

Cops Some Sick Puppies!

Flamethrower vs SWAT Team (Popo Breakdown)

Some Sick Puppies! Well I thought it was neat!

Connor Betts, Pistol Braces, and the Dayton Shooting by WILL DABBS

The USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio, is Mecca for an airplane nerd.

I used to be an Army pilot, and I maintain a small plane today. In early August of 2019, one of my adult kids and I flew to Dayton, Ohio, to spend the weekend walking around the Air Force museum. Theirs is likely the greatest collection of vintage warplanes in the world. As quality time with the family goes, it was epic.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a superb concealed carry pistol. With 13+1 onboard and unflinching reliability, the Hellcat represents the current state of the art.

In the evening we went into Dayton for dinner and a movie. These were the days before Covid, so we could just wander about taking in the sights without worrying about contracting some ghastly disease. Ohio enjoys concealed carry reciprocity with my home state so I packed a nice carry gun, in this case a Springfield Armory Hellcat charged with fourteen SIG SAUER 147-grain V-Crown 9mm hollowpoints. The trip was great, and we made it home without incident.

One Week Later…

Connor Betts, shown here on the left alongside his sister Megan, was a full-bore psychopath.

One week after we had been strolling around the Oregon Historic District in Dayton, Connor Betts was hanging out in a nearby bar with his 22-year-old sister Megan. He had been texting a former girlfriend earlier in the evening and seemed to her to be fairly normal. After a couple of hours in the club, Betts disappeared. He returned in short order wearing body armor and some kind of creepy mask while carrying an AR15 pistol.

Betts is shown here outside the Ned Peppers Bar just before Dayton’s finest shut him down. Even today nobody is really sure what set him off.

For reasons that are not well understood, Betts then opened fire on the revelers in the street outside Ned Peppers Bar. In thirty seconds he fired forty-one rounds. In that half-minute, he killed nine people and injured another seventeen. One of the dead was his sister Megan. One of the severely wounded was his best friend Chace.

 Ned Peppers was the site of a horrible shooting in the summer of 2019. 

At the first sounds of gunfire, the partiers in the streets fled indoors through any handy doorway. People streamed into establishments around the neighborhood trying to avoid Betts and escape his rampage. Betts made a beeline for Ned Peppers, now packed with terrified people.

The cops were unbelievably efficient. Their fast action saved untold lives.

There were several Dayton police officers nearby when Betts opened fire. They responded immediately, running to the sounds of battle. Miraculously, the cops engaged Betts a mere 32 seconds after he fired his first shots. An autopsy determined that Betts had been hit by thirty rounds fired by police. He collapsed at the threshold of Ned Peppers and died at the scene.

The Gun

 Betts’ gun was a fairly typical low-end AR pistol with some inexpensive accessories.

Much hay has been made over the details of Connor Betts’ firearm. A no-frills Anderson Arms AR15 pistol with an 11.5-inch barrel and unremarkable round forearm, the gun featured a flat top upper and a red dot sight. Betts fed his gun via an imported 100-round drum magazine. Betts’ AR also included a Shockwave Pistol Stabilizing Brace (PSB).

Prior to his unprovoked rampage, Connor Betts had seen his share of trouble. However, his behavior had not risen to the point that he could not pass a background check.

Betts had no criminal record and bought the gun legally from a supplier in Texas. The weapon transferred to him via a local FFL. When Betts was gunned down by the Dayton cops he dropped a thirty-round magazine onto the ground.

The Shockwave PSB slides over the buffer tube on an AR-style pistol.

PSB’s are curious things. Initially developed by Alex Boscoe of SB tactical to aid disabled shooters in running heavy handguns one-handed, these accessories have spawned an entirely new genre of firearms. By including a PSB on an otherwise unremarkable AR or AK pistol, these short-barreled weapons become easier to operate despite their stubby barrels. These weapons also transfer like regular handguns rather than heavily regulated short-barreled rifles. PSBs have subsequently been fitted to shotguns and pistol-caliber weapons like the CZ Scorpion EVO and SIG MPX as well. There are estimated to be in excess of four million brace-equipped handguns in circulation in America. At the time of this writing, Connor Betts’ shooting was the only example I could find of a PSB having been used in a crime.

The media fixated on the particulars of Connor Betts’ firearm. It seems to me it might have been better to fixate on Connor Betts.

One subsequent headline screamed, “Dayton Shooter Used Gun That May Have Exploited an ATF Loophole.” The presupposition on the part of the less durable members of society that a guy who would willingly undertake mass murder might somehow inexplicably be motivated to adhere to gun laws seems utterly bewildering to me. However, in the aftermath of the Dayton shooting the loudest voices on the Left were screaming not about the psychopath Connor Betts but rather for enhanced restrictions on firearms. There was relatively little furor over what might have been practically done to stop the deranged shooter himself.

The Shooter

Connor Betts was a fairly troubled young man. 

Connor Betts never was quite right. A bully in high school, Betts was bipolar and carried a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He also admitted to hearing voices, though apparently he had not been formally diagnosed with schizophrenia at the time of his crime.

This is Connor Betts and a former girlfriend. Apparently Betts held a mean grudge.

Betts took rejection poorly. While at Bellbrook High School he kept a list of girls who had spurned him and anyone else he perceived to have slighted him in some way. He told friends he intended to rape the girls and kill the boys on his list as the opportunities arose. He also told fellow students he intended to shoot up his school. Betts was suspended for a year as a result in 2012 and subjected to a police investigation. He worked at a local gas station as well as Chipotle.

 The Antifa supporter Connor Betts was also a Satanist. His life was unfettered chaos.

Betts was an avid supporter of Antifa and regularly retweeted posts espousing extreme left-wing, anti-police views. He was a vocal supporter of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. He was tepid toward Kamala Harris based upon her historical connections to Law Enforcement. On his Twitter bio he described himself as a “Metalhead Anime-fan Leftist.” He wrote, “I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.” He often used the hashtag #HailSatan.

 Here’s a shot of Connor Betts’ band, the Menstrual Munchies. In our enlightened age apparently a Shockwave pistol brace is a big deal while these guys are not.

Betts was the lead singer in a pornogrind metal band called Menstrual Munchies. His lyrics orbited around violence, gratuitous gore, and necrophilia. His music glorified sexual violence.

Connor Betts looks pretty normal here with his family. He wasn’t. His poor parents lost both their children that night.

A former classmate of Betts had this to say about him, “Connor Betts was a psychopath…I remember when he threatened to shoot up our school and had a hit list of people that he wanted to kill. I’ve worked with him, too, and he scared the employees on a daily basis.

 Betts shared a photo of this receipt with his girlfriend. Apparently he found the final total somehow gratifying.

“Everyone who knew him knew he had issues. I would tell people all the time to just stay away from him because he’s threatened to kill people. When the customers didn’t tip him, he would threaten to go to their house and kill them. I thought he was just all talk but then I would be at work by myself with him and hear him chanting things that sounded like he was worshiping the devil. I would be calling his name for him to stop and he wouldn’t answer.”


Satan worship was apparently a central part of Connor Betts’ worldview. Everyone who knew him well seemed to have seen this coming, yet the problem was his pistol brace.

This devil-worshipping Antifa loser exhibited all the hallmarks of a dysfunctional mass shooter from an early age. He was aggressively investigated by Law Enforcement fully ten years prior to his murder spree. He was being treated for serious mental health issues and was the lead singer in a band that screamed about killing women and then copulating with their corpses. And the primary problem is that he had a pistol brace on his firearm? As a society could we really be that naïve?

The media is awash in cop-bashing narratives. However, when Dayton police risk their lives and stop a mass shooter less than a minute after he begins his rampage that story is not widely disseminated.

Hating the cops is both in vogue and in the news these days. However, Connor Betts’ final moments were captured on surveillance footage from outside the Ned Peppers Bar. The Dayton PD simply could not have been any faster. They were on-site and engaging less than a minute after the first shots were fired. They killed this guy literally seconds before he made it into a bar packed with terrified humanity.

All of us want to stop these senseless mass shootings. However, laws that only impact law-abiding citizens are counterproductive.

When Betts was shot he presumably had 59 rounds left onboard his weapon and carried his next 30-round magazine ready to go. I think this may be the finest example of tactical police work I have ever seen. It is literally impossible to determine how many lives were saved by the bravery and selflessness shown by Dayton’s finest that fateful evening. And yet the Left persists in denigrating police in general while minimizing the importance of the services they provide.

Connor Betts’ life was inexplicably all darkness and hate. The pain that he unleashed on the world would be tough to quantify.

I was walking these same streets with my child a week prior to this event. But for the grace of God, we weren’t there when Connor Betts detonated. There are some 400 million firearms in America. If all guns were outlawed tomorrow under pain of death, psychopaths like Connor Betts would still be armed a century from now.

This cute little guy, shown here along with the sister he would ultimately murder, was a monster in the purest sense.

I don’t carry a gun to prove anything. If I’m doing it properly nobody will ever know. I carry a gun because my family and I share the world with anarchist Satan worshippers who are lead singers for pornogrind bands that celebrate murdering people and then desecrating their corpses. Some people study the Dayton shooting and see a desperate need for more gun control. I narrowly miss experiencing the same thing and give thanks that I live in a place where I don’t have to walk among such predators unarmed. Had I been there that fateful night I likely would have been killed along with the rest of them. However, I would have nonetheless had the means, the skill, and the will to fight back.

Connor Betts was quite vocal about his malevolent worldview online. America doesn’t have a gun problem. America has a people problem.
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Los Angeles summed up

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Barbarians!! You idiots do that with the Savage not the Winchester!