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CBP officer Jacob Albarado runs into Uvalde school with barber’s shotgun to save daughter

Friday Cartoon: Texas' 'Lone Star' - CBP Officer Jacob Albarado – RedState
Hero CBP cop rushed to Texas massacre school with shotgun after teacher  wife texted him: 'Help' | Daily Mail Online
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Special Forces Sniper vs. Pro Shooter – Head to head!

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Ballsy Maxine

Maxine Feldstein & Nicholas Lowe: 5 Fast Facts | Heavy.comMeet Maxine Feldstein and Nicholas Lowe. Maxine always wanted to play cops and robbers, and recently she was able to try both sides of the coin.

Maxine Feldstein’s boyfriend, Nicholas Lowe, was at the Washington County Detention Center on July 27 with a hold for criminal impersonation out of Ventura, California.
Feldstein, who had bonded out that day, called Washington County jail staff and identified herself as deputy “L. Kershaw” with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. She also provided a forged VCSO document releasing the agency’s hold on Lowe.
Jail staff learned of the forgery and accidental release two days later, when a VCSO deputy called to say he was on his way to pick up Lowe.

Wow, Maxine is both ingenious and ballsy. And yes, I would probably hit it like the side of a tree on the forest moon of Endor.

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Gun Violence and the Wild West by Miguel A. Faria, MD

There is actually a real misconception of the Old West that truly needs correcting. That is the notion of an uncivilized Wild West, where antisocial and violent behavior was the norm, and where citizens were afraid to leave their homes, afraid of rampant crime and in fear for their lives.

This savage perspective turns out to be incorrect—false assumptions of the Old West based on sensationalist press, the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show of the 1880s and ‘90s, and subsequently cowboy shows and Hollywood movies. Bands of working cowboys and good citizens did not go about town in their leisure time challenging, outdrawing, and shooting each other in a systematized orgy of violence and gunfights as portrayed in the movies.

Bad men and violent outlaws did kill each other, but almost always left the good people of the towns alone. The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona, in which Wyatt Earp, and his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, with Doc Holliday, killed three of the outlaw “Cowboys,” became a celebrated incident not only because of the unique circumstances but also because brother lawmen killed brother outlaws in a historic shootout. Even then it was newsworthy and certainly not a daily occurrence.

Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier by historian Roger D. McGrath

In his book, Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier, historian Roger D. McGrath has corrected the historic record with substantive scholarship. After studying the Sierra Nevada frontier towns of Aurora and Bodie, McGrath found that those mining towns, where audacious young men and gunmen roamed freely packing either Colt Navy .36 six shot pistols in Aurora or Colt double action “lightning” or “peacekeeper” revolvers in Bodie, were peaceful towns, except for the quarrels in the carousing and gambling saloons. Otherwise, both towns carried on well, and everyone not interested in whoring, drinking, and gun fighting were left alone.

True, the homicide rate was high among those carousing and looking for fights in the saloons, but in the rest of the populace, the old, the ladies, and those not willing to pick fights, homicides were rare. Likewise, robbery, burglary, and rape were rare. Murder was confined to the “drunkards upholding their honor.” The homicide rate for Aurora and Bodie were 64 and 116 per 100,000, respectively, compared to Washington, D.C., at 72 per year in the 1990s. Likewise, the burglary and robbery rates were 6 and 84 per 100,000, respectively, for Bodie; compared to 2,661 and 1,140, respectively, for New York City in 1980.

The townspeople, although they might have carried guns, respected each other, and townspeople did not even bother to lock their doors at night. Similar observations have been made by other researchers studying the supposedly violent and crime-ridden Lincoln County, New Mexico; the Kansas towns of Dodge City and Wichita in the 1870s; and the Texas frontier towns from 1875 to 1890.

Returning to the issue of the possible confiscation of American firearms in the current era, consider the practical obstacles, not to mention the constitutional protection. Trying to blame, register, ban, and confiscate (one step usually follows the other) over 300 million firearms owned by Americans would bring about a tinder box situation, at least an order of magnitude worse than Prohibition, for Americans obey just and moral laws but not capricious or tyrannical laws, and a veritable police state would be required to enforce the draconian gun laws that would be necessary to carry that out.

Thus, politicians who sadly continue to use the latest tragedy (and the emotionalism and the passions elicited in its wake) to push for the usual round of gun control—while ignoring the accumulated objective research published in the social sciences and the criminologic literature—are not sincerely lamenting the deaths of the innocent or sympathizing with their families, but attempting to score political points, political points at the expense of the victims or good citizens.

They are also further polarizing America and tearing apart the fabric of this great nation by using emotionalism rather than common sense to bolster their unwise, political actions. Let’s stop demonizing guns and end the shootings by incarcerating the criminals and identifying and healing the mentally ill, for much work needs to be done in the psychiatric and mental health arenas and in the task of reducing violence. Sensationalization of violence day after day by the press, the electronic media and the internet—heaped upon impressionable individuals subject to our increasingly dumbed down, popular culture and public education—is having a malevolent effect that needs to stop.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, Jr, MD is a retired professor of Neurosurgery and  Medical History at Mercer University School of Medicine. He founded Hacienda Publishing and is Associate Editor in Chief in Neuropsychiatry and World Affairs of Surgical Neurology International. He served on the CDC’s Injury Research Grant Review Committee. This article is excerpted, updated, and edited from his book, America, Guns, and Freedom: A Journey Into Politics and the Public Health & Gun Control Movements (2019).

This article may be cited as: Faria MA. Gun Violence and the Wild, February 28, 2022. Available from:

Copyright ©2022 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D

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The breeding-ground for “woke” District Attorneys and politically correct prosecutions? – Stolen from Bayou Renaissance Man

The New York Post says the problems originated at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Ground zero for woke district attorneys is a left-wing think tank in the heart of the Big Apple.

The soft-on-crime approach espoused by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and other progressive prosecutors in troubled Democratic cities has been nurtured and advanced by a policy center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, no less.

. . .

The Institute’s symposiums and issue papers hold forth on topics such as race, officer-involved deaths and bail reform — all in a concerted effort to change the role of the prosecutor to be more proactive and less punitive.

“No one should be defined by their bad conduct alone,” the Institute’s “Vision for the Modern Prosecutor” declaration says about the accused.

Its position papers endorse charging accused criminals with fewer serious crimes or keeping them out of jail entirely. And it recommends that offenders not be called as such, but rather something that respects their “humanity.”

The Institute’s paper on “Creating a Culture of Racial Equity” suggests that a hotline be created for district attorneys so “whistleblowers” can turn in “internal obstructionists” not on board with their boss’ woke policies.

Another treatise on “How Prosecutors Can Support a Reimagined Police Response” bizarrely suggests celebrating times “when prosecutors exonerate someone.”

. . .

The institute says in its 2020 primer on “Prosecutorial Culture Change” that the job of the head prosecutor “is not to ‘win’ cases, impose long sentences, or ‘beat’ the defense. Instead, it is to promote safety, accountability, healing, trust, and empowerment.”

. . .

One CUNY professor called the Institute elitist and said it operates with “a smug sense of righteousness and smartness.”

“All of this unravels when you take it into communities, when you deal with victims,” the professor said. “This kind of rigid ideology does not survive the battlefield of reality in the community.”

Thomas Kenniff … said fair treatment was a noble objective but “can’t be a code word for abandoning the traditional role of the prosecutor — which is to assign consequence to crime.”


There’s more at the link.

Yes, I’d say that’s the problem, right there.  When you turn “woke” scholars loose in an academic ivory tower, divorced from the problems of the real world, it doesn’t take long for the iron to enter their souls – and rust there.  They lose sight of the effects of their nicely theoretical policies, and blather on about “equity” and “fairness” and all that stuff.  Meanwhile, those of us who have to live every day with the criminals they set free to continue their lives of crime . . . we see it rather differently.

When I worked as a prison chaplain, I used to say to opponents of private ownership of firearms, and concealed carry permits, that I wanted them to come and spend just one day at work with me, surrounded by felons of the worst kind (I was stationed in a high-security penitentiary).  I told them that when they left the place that evening, they’d do so permanently convinced of the error of their former attitudes, because encountering such felons “in the raw” is an eye-opening and life-changing (not to mention frequently very frightening) experience.

They didn’t believe me, of course – the convinced liberal seldom, if ever, allows the real world to challenge his or her preconceptions – but I knew the truth, and they didn’t.  I’d learned it the hard way.  They’d been shielded from that.

That’s the problem with these professors.  They think they understand reality.  In fact, they understand only a very limited subset of reality, the liberal cocoon in which they’ve lived most of their lives.  They’ve never had to live in fear of a violent felon kicking down their doors and assaulting, robbing, raping or murdering them – but that’s a daily reality in many of our inner cities.

Instead of siding with the victims, as they should, they see only the liberal shibboleths that elevate the offenders onto a pedestal of victimization, deprivation and circumstance.  “They couldn’t help it!  They’re products of their environment!” scream the liberals.  Yeah, right.  So are their victims – but there are a lot more victims than perpetrators, and none of the former developed the habits of the latter.  That argument fails in the face of that logic.

Criminals gonna criminal, to coin a phrase.  It’s been that way since Cain killed Abel, and nothing’s changed since then.  Nothing will ever change, because human nature is the same as it’s always been.  Prosecutors and District Attorneys who fail to recognize and deal with that reality are putting the rest of us at risk, and should be dealt with accordingly.

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A real hard ass, who seen and done a lot of very hard things. I think that this is 1941 and the liberation of Ethiopia from the Italians. But I could be wrong! Grumpy

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Alexander Prokhorenko: The Russian Rambo by WILL DABBS

Don’t let the goofy youthful demeanor fool you. Alexander Prokhorenko was a stone cold warrior.

Author’s note: I penned this piece months before the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be a proper world-class villain, the story of the young Russian soldier depicted here remains nonetheless poignant. My prayers are with the brave people of Ukraine.


Why do soldiers fight? The movies and government propagandists would have us believe it is for grand causes. Young folk go to war to free people from oppression or defend their homeland against soulless invaders. To a degree that is true. Soldiers may indeed go to war for such stuff as this. However, what keeps them in the suck is invariably their friends.

The military wields misery as a tool to catalyze human behavior.

It’s tough to capture in prose the nature of the relationships you develop in the military. The Army is really, really good at this. As an institution the Big Green Machine takes young impressionable people, makes them collectively miserable, and then subjects them to some corporate threat. That threat can be a city full of bloodthirsty terrorists, a miserable protracted field exercise, or some sadistic drill instructor. This time-proven technique is what turns a mob into a tribe. A mob is a chaotic ineffective rabble. A tribe can become a shockingly efficient killing machine.

The brotherhood of warriors is a truly amazing thing. Young soldiers will do some of the most extraordinary stuff for their tribe.

This process is indeed timeless. Whether it is Leonidas’ Spartans arrayed at the Hot Gates or an SAS team on a Scud-hunting mission in Iraq, once you are part of the family there is literally no limit to the sacrifice some members of the tribe will make on your behalf. It’s actually quite the beautiful thing up close.

There’s no way old guys like me could be cajoled into doing stuff like this. When we were young, however, we were all over it.

There is a reason young people make the best soldiers. Old guys think too much. However, when you’re nineteen your entire world can be your friends and the moment. That can lead to some of the most extraordinary stuff.


This adorable little guy grew up to be a legit Russian military hero.

Alexander Prokhorenko hailed from the village of Gorodkhi in Orenburg Oblast. He completed secondary school in 2007 and was accepted into the Orenburg Higher Anti-Aircraft Missile School. A year later the Missile School closed and Prokhorenko transferred to the Academy of Military Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation where he thrived. He graduated with honors and assessed into the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Federation as an advanced aviation gunner. Alexander Prokhorenko was a Spetsnaz operator.

The Air Force JTAC is the guy with the direct line to the Close Air Support assets. These guys wield chaos on a whole different scale.

Prokhorenko was likely what we might call a JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) for tactical aviation. In the US military organization, organic forward observers are artillery troops whose mission it is to call for and direct artillery fire at the whim of the ground force commander.

Back when I wore the uniform there were also Brigade-level ALO’s (Air Liaison Officers). I have no idea how they do it now, but in my day ALO’s were typically Air Force pilots who, for some unfathomable sins, were assigned to Army units to help coordinate air support for ground troops. One of the most effective I ever knew was actually a B52 pilot. The JTAC is the guy on the ground with a radio who talks the strike assets onto targets taking care to avoid hitting friendly forces. Everybody loves the JTAC. They are the guys who bring the serious pain.

Modern combined arms operations are better choreographed than a Broadway production and more destructive than toddlers with chainsaws.

Modern combined arms military operations are incredibly complex. To be maximally efficient the overall commander synergistically employs armor, rotary-wing fire support, fast movers, artillery, and a dozen other major components of the overall whole to close with and obliterate the enemy. During Russian military operations in Syria in 2016 Alexander Prokhorenko played a part in one of these overarching missions.

The Setting

Syrian troops like these are engaged in ongoing combat operations.

I’ll not attempt a detailed explanation of the geopolitics behind Russia’s involvement in Syria. Part of that stems from the observation that this is a complex region characterized by alliances of both convenience and blood that reach back millennia. More importantly, however, is the fact that I don’t understand it well at all myself.

Despite his cherubic benevolent visage, Bashar al-Assad is actually an old school despot.

Bashar al-Assad is a really bad guy who has even used chemical weapons against his own people in a ruthless bid to remain in power. Oddly, Bashar al-Assad is trained as a physician. His title is President of Syria, but he’s really a king. He inherited power from his father, Hafez al-Assad, in 2000 and has since done literally whatever it took to retain his throne.

This is the guy who was supposed to rule Syria, but he had the bad grace to be killed in a car crash.

Bashar went to med school in Damascus and did a residency in Ophthalmology in London. His older brother Bassel was being groomed for the dictatorship but died unexpectedly in a car crash in 1994. This unfortunate turn of events forced young Bashar to give up a promising career in eye surgery to join the family despot business. The Russians are aligned with al-Assad’s regime.

Behold ISIS. In a world bereft of proper Nazis, these guys are the alpha villains.

Arrayed against them, among a few others, was ISIS. There were and are scads of revolutionary splinter groups trying to throw off the al-Assad mantle of tyranny, but ISIS was the 400-pound gorilla in the room. ISIS hates pretty much everybody. They are the agents of chaos. They just want to watch the world burn.

If your dark god is telling you to murder innocent people or burn folks alive for political advantage it’s a fair bet that you’re worshipping the wrong one.

Interestingly, one of the reasons ISIS is just so bloody horrible is that they want to see the entire planet turn against Islam. This seems counter-intuitive, but to their warped corrupt calculus the more persecution they can foment against Muslims the more Muslims they can radicalize to their dark satanic cause. Like the Japanese fanatics against whom we fought during the island campaigns in WW2, the most efficient way to address ISIS combatants on the battlefield is just to blow them away and be done with it.

LT Moaz al-Kasasbeh was a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS and subsequently burned alive for propaganda purposes.

You really don’t want to get caught by these guys. ISIS has a nasty habit of publicly decapitating their POWs or, for truly special occasions, burning them alive in cages to create gory snuff films for their adoring audiences back home. When he deployed to fight in Syria with Russian Federation forces in 2016, Alexander Prokhorenko knew all this.

The Event

Russian attack helicopters like this Mi-35M are heavily armed and armored airborne pain dispensers.

Syria is a simply ghastly place. I’ve never been there myself, but I have friends who have and to a man they agree. In March of 2016 the Syrian Arab Army launched an offensive to retake Tadmur, a strategically significant town near the ancient ruins of Palmyra in central Syria. While Syrians were doing most of the dirty work during this tidy little bloodletting, Russian air support is what kept things lively. Alexander Prokhorenko was tasked to keep the Russian ground attack assets cycling in support of Syrian Army troops.

Alexander Prokhorenko voluntarily chose death over surrender.

Prokhorenko was set up on high ground doing his job when he was discovered by ISIS militants. Surrounded, low on ammunition, and out of options, he called in an airstrike on his own position. Prokhorenko was killed along with his attackers.

The details of LT Alexander Prokhorenko’s sacrifice spread around the world.

There was a purported transcript of Prokhorenko’s final transmissions that made the rounds on the Internet. This has since been reliably discredited. The Russians are notorious propagandists. However, this in no way diminishes Senior Lieutenant Prokhorenko’s selflessness and dedication.

The Weapons

Those early AK74 rifles featured wooden stocks and orange polymer magazines.

The story of the Kalashnikov rifle should be holy dogma was anyone reading stuff like this. While the AK47 and subsequent 1956-era AKM did indeed reflect the state of the art for their day, by the 1970’s the Kalashnikov and the relatively heavy 7.62x39mm round it fired were getting a bit long in the tooth. The answer was the AK74 and the 5.45x39mm cartridge.

The 5.45x39mm round fired by the AK74 is indeed a diabolical rascal.

The 5.45x39mm round fires a long, skinny 53-grain bullet to around 2,900 feet per second. While the Russians have fielded a variety of rounds in this chambering, the 7N6 is likely the most common. This bullet includes a small mild steel penetrator followed by a lead core all wrapped in a jacket made from gilding metal. Gilding metal is a form of brass that is much higher in copper than zinc. The manufacturing process leaves a small air space in the nose of the projectile underneath the jacket.

The 5.45x39mm was the Combloc answer to the American 5.56x45mm.

The aggregate effect is to place the center of gravity well to the rear. This causes the bullet to tumble viciously upon impact with a soft target and creates simply epic wounds. The Mujahideen who first faced this round in Afghanistan after the 1980 Soviet invasion thought the bullets contained explosives.

The AK74M, shown here mounting a GP-34 grenade launcher, is a mature and effective infantry combat weapon.

The most common assault rifle used by the Russians in Syria during this time was the AK74M. A modernized version of the original AK74, the AK74M featured a side-folding polyamide stock and a variety of tweaks to the original design to include a smooth top cover. The AK74M in Spetsnaz service frequently sported an underbarrel GP-25, GP-30, or GP-34 grenade launcher. These launchers were philosophically similar to the American M203 but loaded from the muzzle.

The Rest of the Story

The Kurdish YPG is currently estimated to field some 50,000 fighters. YPG literally translates “People’s Protection Units.”

Kurdish YPG forces eventually recovered Prokhorenko’s body more than a month later. There is a rumor circulating that the Russians traded several captured fighters for Prokhorenko’s corpse. The young warrior’s body arrived in Moscow on April 29, 2016.

These images are simply heartrending. War is undeniably horrible.
Like literally countless soldiers who had come before, Alexander Prokhorenko had his entire life ahead of him.

At the time of his death, Prokhorenko was married, and his wife was pregnant. A street and school have been renamed in his honor in Orenburg. In 2016 musicians from St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theater orchestra played in the Roman Theater at Palmyra in Syria. ISIS had used this same site to execute Syrian soldiers before they were crushed by the accumulated combat power of pretty much the entire planet. The concert was dedicated to the hallowed memory of Alexander Prokhorenko.

The Russian Federation has rightfully venerated LT Prokhorenko.

Admiration and accolades poured in from around the globe. Prokhorenko was posthumously awarded the Hero of the Russian Federation, Russia’s highest award for gallantry in combat. In September of 2017 a marble statue of Prokhorenko was unveiled in the Park of Honor and Dishonor on the shores of Lake Vagli Sotto. Prokhorenko’s legacy will no doubt motivate young Russians to go off and fight and die in their own wars for generations to come.

LT Alexander Prokhorenko exhibited the patriotic fervor characteristic of most young warriors.

I get it. There is little I would not have done had my country asked back when I was young and full of fire and vinegar. Above all else this is the reason our politicians must make sober responsible decisions concerning the application of military power. Our young soldiers are indeed our most precious assets.