The Green Machine War You have to be kidding, right!?!

Typical BS – This Is Why the U.S. Air Force to Retire the A-10 Warthog

The US Air Force has always hated doing close air support. The A10 was made with the Air Force Generals kicking and screaming that it should not be built. And they have tried to shut it down at every opportunity even trying to cut the budget for ammunition.

In Iraq the Air Force tried not to deploy the A10 when Iraq had 5000 soviet tanks. General Schwarzkopf said to the Air Force, “Where are my A10’s?” The A10 cleaned house and destroyed more tanks than all other planes combined and even some missile silos.

The air force conducted a misinformation campaign to prevent the public from knowing about A10 amazing contribution in Iraq. Instead they emphasized the stealth aircraft bombing but ignored the A10.

The Air Force generals excuse to retire the A10 is that it is old. The Air Force should have already started developing the next gen A10 by the mid ’80s. That is their fault. Their behavior is reprehensible.

They forget that they are part of the US Armed forces as a whole and if they weren’t adults they should be lined up and spanked. At least a reprimand from Congress and the President of the USA is in order or better yet a few Generals be cashiered!

I think the A10 should be literally ripped out of the hands of the Air Force A10 haters and put in the loving arms of the US Army & the Marines along with all money that would normally be budgeted for the A10 program.

Yes all necessary money should follow it. Clearly a next gen A10 is in order and be in the hands of the Army. Then the Air Force can stick to their air to air combat and bombing that they so love to do and the Army can have their close air support needs properly met. There needs to be a price paid for this kind of short sightedness and selfishness. This is ridiculous behavior

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