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The all-new Nosler SR-30K — more popularly referred to as a K-Can — was designed with hunters in mind. The K-Can, derived from the German word “Kurtz,” meaning “short,” is two inches shorter and two ounces lighter than the SR-30AlTi employing a proprietary baffle stack design for maximum performance in a minimalist package.

At less than 6 inches in overall length and 7.2 ounces in weight, the K-Can is easier to maneuver than a full-size suppressor making it ideal in a treestand, blind or on longer rifles. The lightweight, diminutive footprint provides superior handling characteristics and offhand balance.

The K-Can (MSRP $729) incorporates the same attachment system as the rest of the Nosler suppressor line and can be mounted either over a brake or direct-threaded to the muzzle with the use of the included adaptor.



• Weight: 7.2 ounces

• Length: 5.834 inches

 Diameter: 1.740 inches

• Color: Black

• Thread Pitch: 5/8×24

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