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Fierce Firearms and the MTN Reaper — SHOT Show 2023 by RILEY BAXTER

The MTN Reaper is a lightweight hunting rifle made by Fierce Arms. This gun comes in Long and short action models.

If you haven’t heard about Fierce Firearms, don’t be alarmed because they are relatively new. Still, they produce some very high-end products.

Many of their firearms are hunting-focused, with accuracy and lightweight portability in mind. Best of all, these rifles carry an incredible 1/2 MOA guarantee with quality ammunition.

New for 2023 though, Fierce introduced their new MTN Reaper rifle at SHOT Show. This rifle is a tweaked version of their already proven Reaper line.

The new MTN Reaper has a different folding stock mechanism, a magnesium alloy framed chassis, ARCA-Swiss rail on the handguard, an updated grip design, and a titanium action.

The MTN Reaper has a redesigned 7075 aluminum hinge for the folding carbon fiber stock.

The MTN Reaper is offered in seven popular calibers but can be custom ordered in whatever caliber you fancy. These calibers come in two different barrel-length options and the weight of the rifle varies from 5.8 lbs to 6.5 lbs between a short-barreled short-action model to the long-barreled long-action model.

Because you have options, MSRP starts at $3,399.00 and goes up from there. Estimating that the chassis is worth around $1,000, the action $1,000, and the barrel with the muzzle brake is $1,000, we are quickly in the $3,000.000 price range.

If you were to build a similar rifle yourself, you’d easily find yourself over this price once the machine work and assembly are factored into the cost.

Keep in mind, I didn’t include the grip, trigger, and optics rail in this spitball math. I think the MTN Reaper could be a fantastic plug-and-play option for hunters and shooters looking for a great rifle off the shelf.

The action is Cerakoted Titanium while the bolt is DLC coated. this makes for a slick feeling on this 70-degree bolt throw.

Possibly, the area with the most weight savings to gain is the action. The MTN Reaper has a titanium action, which helps cut back on weight due to the fact that titanium weighs approximately half of what stainless steel weighs.

An inherent problem with titanium is its porosity making actions feel gritty or sticky when you work the bolt. Fierce Firearms solved this issue in their titanium 2-lug Rival Action by Cerakoting the receiver and DLC coating the bolt.

On the show floor, the action felt slick and smooth even without oil. Other significant weight savings was had by making the chassis frame out of magnesium alloy instead of the aluminum construction that is found on the original Reaper rifle.

Carbon fiber is used everywhere that is acceptable, including the buttstock, barrel, handguard, and cheekpiece.

One feature I was especially fond of was the ARCA rail section located on the back-end of the handguard.

This ARCA rail allows the rifle to be sturdily attached to tripods, bipods, shooting bags, and other attachments. The rifle ships with a short ARCA rail made from aluminum which can be upgraded to a long carbon fiber ARCA rail for approximately $200 extra.

Learn more about the Reaper MTN HERE.

The ported muzzle brake is self-timing. The set screw that you see has a polymer tip and tightens down against the carbon fiber barrel, keeping the muzzle brake timed without it being tightened down to a shoulder.

Specifications And Features:

  • Model: MTN Reaper
  • MSRP: > $3,399
  • Weight: SA 18″ barrel = 5.8 Lbs / LA 24″ barrel = 6.6 Lbs
  • Titanium Rival 2 Lug Action
  • 70-degree bolt throw
  • C3 Carbon fiber barrel
  • NIX Muzzlebrake
  • 1/2 MOA guarantee @ 100 yards
  • many calibers offered,
    • 6.5 Creedmoor
    • 6.5 PRC
    • 7MM PRC
    • 7MM Rem Mag
    • 308 Win
    • 300 Win Mag
    • 300 PRC
  • 1-3 lb Bix’N Andy Dakota trigger (Remington 700 compatible)
  • fluted, DLC coated bolt
  • detachable Accurate Magazine
  • Limbsaver Butt Pad
  • C3 Carbon fiber Barrel
  • 5/8×24 TPI threaded muzzle
  • A look at the bolt release and 0 MOA optics rail.
    The carbon fiber Ergo grip features a thumb shelf for maximum ergonomics.

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