A Remington Model 141 The Gamemaster Pump Action Rifle in caliber .35 Rem with a 24″ barrel

With Marlin and Winchester dominating the market for lever action rifles, Remington was looking for a separate niche to exploit. They first attempted this with the Model 8 semi-automatic rifle and while sales were decent, the gun ultimately proved wanting. As a result, Remington developed a separate action altogether, a pump action rifle chambered for large caliber rounds. In 1913, Remington introduced the Model 14 Pump Action Rifle ( also referred to as a slide-action rifle) in four chamberings: .25, .30, .32 and .35 Remington.

Two design features that were particularly novel were in relation to the spiral magazine tube which both prevented the point of one bullet from resting on the primer of the next cartridge and concurrently moved with the fore-end. Remington designer G.H. Garrison reviewed the Model 14 rifle in 1935 and implemented a number of improvements with barrels extended and stocks improved.

The upgraded rifle was christened the Model 141 “Gamemaster”, and a rendition of a brass cartridge head for which the rifle was chambered was embedded in the receiver on the left side just like the original Model 14. These rifles proved quite successful and popular. This specimen has wear typical of an older rifle, but it remains nicely preserved with strong mechanics.

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