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Happy Birthday! Field Marshal William “Bill” Slim – One of Britains Greatest Generals! (Bet you never heard of him either)

He fought in WWI and then in the Kyber Pass area with his beloved Ghurkas. When WWII came he fought in the Ethiopia and East Africa campaigns.

He was then moved to Burma in 1942. Where he saved his Corp from utter defeat. Then he was made Army Commander & proceeded to reorganised and trained a beaten army (The 14th “Forgotten Army”) Where he made them into the army which gave the Imperial Japanese Army their biggest defeat (up to that date) in the battles of Kohima and Imphal, battles in which the IJA suffered 60%+ fatalities.

He then launched attacks into Burma and defeated the IJA repeatedly.

In some battles the IJA casualties were reportedly 100 dead Japanese per 1 Allied (mainly Indian) Army casualties.

In other words WHAT STUD OF A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
He died on 14 December 1970.

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