All About Guns Well I thought it was funny!


Could you be afflicted with the Curse of the Wheelwolf? With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, we offer this simple test.

1. If you have ever been known to say, “If you can’t do it with six, you can’t do it at all …”

2. If you have ever been heard to utter the phrase, “Six for sure …”

3. If you carry an autoloader as a primary sidearm, but pack a revolver for backup just in case.

4. If you ever thought, “That cowboy action stuff really looks fun.”

5. If you have ever caught yourself thinking of speedloaders as “rotary assault drum magazines for revolvers.”

6. If the phrase “wheel guns are real guns” strikes a responsive chord with you.


Dr. James Williams, revolverthrope, with a five-screw S&W 1955 Target in .45 ACP.


How many yeses did you answer to the above questions?

Zero: Get outta here, plastic gun boy. You got no sense of tradition.

One to two: You may be young, but there is hope for saving your character.

Three to four: You are proof that the 21st century is a time for a return to the old values.

Five: Clint Smith and Mas Ayoob won’t give you free scholarships for their schools … but they would probably be inclined to if they could.

Six: For you that moon is always full, and somewhere Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan are smiling.

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